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Friday, 13 December 2013

Raffles Resto, Gallery & Catering, Taman Safari

The next morning we woke up early. Went downstairs to have breakfast to have breakfast by the pool

I had a last minute "swimming". Lovely lovely view from the pool side. Can see the mountain and hill behind.

Very soon Papa's friend came over and said the cab had arrived. We planned to travel from Bogor to Bandung by car with some stops in between.

Papa said gonna bring me to feel the animals.

It was a long journey....if there is traffic jam . I looked at some scenery and then I sort of doze off. Time to recharge my battery before the fun begins ma.

A long the way Mamarazzi saw many interesting sights. Road side hawkers selling food, drinks and fruits. Mangoes were abundance there. Would have love to try out but just no place to keep the mangoes leh when travelling

Being typical "auntie"she noted that there were some shop selling cooking gas. Eeee.... got mini gas tank leh. Don't seems to have seen it over here in Malaysia

As we near the Safari Park, there were many vendors selling Bananas and bunches of carrots. Some kids who are younger than me also selling leh.

Papa asked the driver to stopped for awhile to buy some Banana and carrots to feed the animal. Two bunch of Banana and three bunches of carrots was 15,000rupiah...Agak-agak around RM5 in Malaysia?

Not far from where we bought the Bananas and carrot, we stopped again . This time it was at Raffles Resto,
 Gallery & Catering for a toilet coffee break.

Phewitt!! Got play ground here leh . Thought the sun was up high but I don't feel hot coz of the cooling weather.

Mamarazzi show me how to "swing" on this swing. left right left right....

Found load of Pine Cones. Asked the people at the restaurant whether I can take home or not. They were darn surprised. Of course can. They even give us a plastic bag to put it in.

No problem bringing these cones home. Immigration did not stop us. Now they are hanging my my Christmas tree lor.

What is that? 

Eh eh...found my friend here. Everywhere I went she followed. Very tame. Must have belongs to the restaurant staffs

Heard the fruit juice is nice. I wanted orange juice 

But when Mamarazzi's mango juice came, I found that I like the mango juice too.

Hey!  I found your friend the girrafe there\

There was a stall selling carrots and bananas here.


Papa bought another great big branch of Banana to feed the animals. The guy throw in some carrots too after some bargaining. If not mistaken, the total for these were around RM10. Super cheap leh considering the big branch of bananas.

Next stop...the SAFARI...errr.....but no promise when that post will be up as Mamarazzi is having the Big Bad Wolf Books sale fever right now. She kept stalking their Facebook and their event page to see all the delicious boxes of books being opened daily. Hence posting and blog hopping has been erratic for the past week. Hopefully will recover by next week as the last day of the BBWS is on 15 December 2013, till 9pm


  1. I can't wait to see the animals! I think your favorite drink must be orange juice? Gosh, that is a whole lot of bananas! I would love to see your tree with these pine cones on it!

  2. Got mini gas tank here!!! But I've never see the colorful gas tank before!!! =]

  3. How long was the journey from Bogor to Bandung? Few hours? Wah if in the middle of the journey wana pangsai (or lausai) then how? But lucky it was a cab la.. Only few of you and you all kenal each other.. The driver can anytime detour into the petrol station or somewhere safe for toilet breaks, hehe..

  4. Wow, gas tanks so colourful one ahh.. The colour so cute leh..
    Wah, in your last photo, such a BIG bunch of banana only RM10? Eh mamarazzi or paparazzi got curi makan the pisang mou?
    The pisang looks sweet leh.. Like pisang emas..

  5. Good morning,
    small kucing meets another small kucing..hehehe
    Have a great weekend!

  6. wah, so enjoy lah, having breakfast by the pool.. and that is indeed a very nice pool, infinity pool with such a great view over the mountains!! so relaxing, Uncle SK loike~~

  7. aiyoh, sleeping throughout the journey to Bandung ah?? Uncle SK usually will try to keep myself awake because there may be a lot of interesting view and things to see along the journey not to be missed.. but of course if too tired, will doze off a bit but not for long lah.. those gas tank so cute, so colorful and the small ones, errr, i've not seen before too..

  8. wow, your trip sounds so interesting. I still haven't thought of these places yet. Will do it one day.

  9. Lots of fun for small kucing.... very cheap bananas.. so much for RM5 only!

  10. oh, surprise Bandung has cooling weather?? hmmm, like that nice lah, i thought it's quite warm there just like in KL dei.. phiak me!! look at Small Kucing, found so many friends there, got Meow got Marty got Melman also.. sure veyr happy right?? :p

  11. wah, Paparazzi bought such a huge branch of bananas?? hahaha, can finish feeding the animals or not?? or maybe the little "Monkey" felt hungry halfway and Mamarazzi also use the bananas to feed him?? hehe :p

    1. How come no keep some for Auntie Lina????


  12. Wah! Very syiok week la!

    Auntie Lina so jeles look at all the photos. Can lepak pool, can stay hotel, can visit places.

    Small Kucing is blessed. :)

  13. I just read today that mangoes can give out stimulant and make you feel exuberant or something.

    So, Small Kucing feel extra happy and bouncy or not after drinking the mango juice? ;)

  14. Wow, so many things going on in this post, the awesome food, place and pictures of your little one. For sure worth exploring and the colored gas tanks are something we don't get over here plus the mini size too.

  15. Good day mamarazzi and J!
    Looks like J likes water and swimming huh? Next time can play with Aden already, haha xD

  16. Wah, so fun ah, you went on an overseas trip. :)
    I wonder what you saw at the Safari.

  17. Sounds like a super fun road trip.... now, what are you going to do with those pine cones? We make all kinds of crafts with them here.

  18. Looks like everyone has a nice time, including the animals (being fed carrots and bananas).

    May Mamarazzi enjoy herself to the fullest at the BBWS!

  19. What an interesting trip you had with photos showing all exciting activities! I love the gas tank that came in many colours. Does that means your stove's fire will burn in various colours too? Muahahahaha

  20. I love that swimming pool the most. So heavenly.

  21. I never see so many colourful gas tanks before. Haha.

  22. Okay, now I know where to get pine cones! :)


    This place looks so fun, thanks for the writing, we'll have to put this on the list of places to go to for a vacation! :D

  23. Ok...must ketuk kepala HB jor..the pinecone.ahahahha

  24. Wah, your cooking gas so colourful one ah?? Ours come in only blue those days, but I don't use them for many years already....

  25. Kucing really have fun there ! Never mind , get some books at that book sale.

  26. Hey!!! How come I missed this post? Anyway, go to Indon, did not want to come to Sibu...I no friend you liao. Tsk! Tsk!

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