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Monday, 2 December 2013

Pumpkin Bread Recipe

alo alo. Sorry ya no post on the vacation yet. Mamarazzi's Picasa photo editing software kaput. too many photos or what la. Crazy la Mamarazzi. Kept asking me pose  and pose and pose. I also fed-up liao. No wonder the Picasa crashed. Anyway, while waiting for it o be re-built. She had to use back some of her ahem ahem cold storage idea la. Hope won't bored you too much.

As mentioned before , we had a new bread maker as a gift from my Kaw Kaw.  Well, always making "bird seeds bread, Mamarazzi wanted something different pulak. 

First round she made the pumpkin bread she didn't refer to recipe. Eksyen. Pandai Pandai went and blend the pumpkin and put into the bread maker.

Then when she mentioed to her friends, Auntie Chee Yee and Auntie CC, they said no. The pumpkin should be steamed.

Okay lor...second round of making the Pumpkin bread she follwed their advice. Cut the pumpkin slices. Steam it.

Mash it. 

Put water, then add the mashed pumpkin, flour. and some Chia seeds

End result, one fluffy pumpkin bread

Thank you to Auntie Chee Yee and Auntie CC for the tips and especially Aunie Chee Yee for forwarding her recipe to Mamarazzi

Here is the recipe should you wish to try out this pumpkin bread.

Ingredients :

High Protein Flour 3 cups

Salt 1 tsp
caster sugar 1 tbsp
Red Cap Instant yeast 3 1/3 tsp
milk powder 1tbsp
cold water 1 cup
pumpkin 100gm
1 egg
butter 45gm
Chia seed 1 tbsp


  1. steam and mashed the pumpkin .
  2. Pour 1 cup of water into the breadmaker
  3. add the egg
  4. add the butter
  5. add the pumpkin
  6. add the flour
  7. add the Chia seeds
  8. add the salt
  9. add the sugar 
  10. dig a hole in the middle of the flour and add the yeast.
set the bread maker as normal bread.

Hmmm...this is Mamarazzi L-Licence recipe and method la after some modification. As usual , the disclaimer is try at your own risk  (LOL)


  1. hahaha.. mamarazzi must has been exhausting her picasa software until it also wanna mogok already.. but then from the developer's point of view, maybe mamarazzi is a good user, because she can crash the software and hence provide a good case sample for them to improve and find out the flaws~~ :p

    1. Good for the developer but not good for user lo. Google and found ppl hv been asking about this error since 2012. Still not solved. Only way is to rebuilt it

    2. hehehehe.. i truly understand the developer's situation cos i've been through that also.. :p

  2. fuyoh!! LOIKE!! as i said many many times already, just like the way mamarazzi hantam things following her heart in the kitchen.. haha!! i wonder how did the first pumpkin bread tasted like?? i mean without steaming it and mashed but just blended it raw - something like between "char siew pao" and "sang yoke pao"~~ :p

    1. Blend it not as aromatic as the one with the mashed pumpkin.

    2. patut lah, steamed jor and mashed surely more aromatic lah.. raw ones tarak the taste right??

    3. This Mamarazzi is like an expert Chef and know how to clown with her ingredients to suit her style. I salute her dei.

  3. Yummy pumpkin bread! So how did the bread turn out the first round when the pumpkin was blended when it was still raw?

    1. First Round was edible. Only not as aromatic as with the mashed pumpkin

  4. Auntie Chee Yee and Auntie CC sure very helpful.. so if pumpkin bread is done this way, i think potato bread and sweet potato bread and even yam bread are also done the same way huh?? hey, mamarazzi, nice idea to try the other flavors?? :p

    1. Yea auntie chee yee say can use fir sweet potatoes bread. She made the purple one. Turned out nicely

    2. ok, next round mamarazzi will try to make the purple sweet potato bread already!! great!!!

  5. aiyoh, that last photo.. Small Kucing so cheeky lah, hahaha!! Uncle SK wonders if he is laughing at mamarazzi's L-license recipe, or is he laughing at readers who wanted to try mamarazzi's L-license recipe?? kekekeke :p

  6. I always buy pumpkin bread slices at lavender bistro. This looks good !

  7. Dijamin sampai hari esok? Hehehehehe!!!!

  8. My Picasa crashed sometime too!!! =[

  9. Eh, this is not cold storage idea, or cold storage post la, hehehe.. I like to read cooking and baking post also leh...The pumpkin bread looks moist, soft and good.. So J boy eats with what? Eats just like that or put kaya/butter on it?

  10. I saw in some bakeries hor, they have this black "charcoal" bread.. Can this breadmaker do the same? (I suppose so, coz it's also bread ma, kan?)... But I am wondering what ingredient they use to produce this "black" dough...Or is it some kinda flour already "pre-mixed" with "charcoal" thingy?

  11. So..from now on, no more Gardenia, Masumo.... or any outside bread!! hahahaa... All HOME made.. lagi khasiat!

  12. I haven't hands on to try any bread recipe yet. Your pumpkin bread looks soft lar...

  13. Nowadays Taiping people greedy over Tesco breadmaker. During offer time, RM199 and right now already abck to normal price which is RM350. Many of my colleagues had invest one...we have homemade bread most of the time in the office.

  14. Hmm, next time can try others like smashed sweet potatoes as well.

  15. Its fabulous and the bread maker is worth the investment. We seldom eat bread, therefore I don't see a reason of buying it.

  16. The bread looks great! Can already tell it's fluffy just from the picture. Well done mamarazzi!

  17. wow...very creative! Has anyone ordered the breadmaker??? can set up franchise :)

  18. Wah, pumpkin bread looks yummy and very healthy!!

  19. wah, it sounds so easy to bake. I want to try too but I couldn't find the right time.

  20. I love pumpkin bread, pumpkin soup, pumpkin pie.... I think I just love pumpkin.

  21. I love pumpkin bread too! I first tasted it when carrefour baked them to sell for the first time and attracted so many customers everyday! I remember seeing long line of people waiting for it to pop out of the ovens inside carrefour. I was one of the buyers la. It is nice, soft and healthy bread.

    Your bread maker is well used so far!

  22. Well, if you want to have fun, even though it is healthy and not worry too complicated cooking process, then home bread machine will be perfect for you. our site


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