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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Don't Run Away My Ginger Bread Man

 Ho! Ho! Ho! Christmas is just around the corner. Thank you "Santa" for sending me nom nom and "Mrs Santa" for sending me pressie. You know who you are Mr Santa Anonymous and Mrs Santa. The nom nom opened already and the card is on my Christmas Tree. And Mrs Santa's pressie is under my Christmas Tree too. Christmassy mood. This morning Mamarazzi and me were in a baking mood.

 A little bit of this and a little bit of that......chop chop here and chop chop there.

 And we have Ginger Bread Man and Christmas Trees.

 Mamarazzi asked why my Ginger Bread Man no eyes and I replied so that he can't run away. No eyes cannnot see so cannot runaway lah.

 First round and first time baking this.....haiz...have to wait so long geh to decorate it with icing. Mamarazzi said have to wait for it to cool down before I can decorate or else the icing will melt.


Taste...I had two...errr....okay "sprinkle" on the plate...don't waste.....kiasu...put on the cookies and eat

Mamarazzi saw Betsy posted lovely Ginger Bread "deer" in her Facebook . It was made out of upside down Ginger Bread Man.It was very cute.

She also wanna try la but under her clumsy hands this ugly "deer" was the result....Mamarazzi should have bake this for Halloween  . *LOL*

She was not satisfied with the result of the first round baking. The cookies were too thick and the decoration were too ugly.  Mamarazzi baked one more round. 

Hmm......second round turns out not bad. Better than the first round. She even managed to make "Patrick" and "Spongebob" with Papa's help...though they don't really look like Patrick and Spongebob. Can you spot which one is Spongebob and which one is Patrick?

Many thanks to Mamarazzi's old chum, Hillary for forwarding her the recipe for the Ginger Bread Man

Here is the recipe if you wish to try out :-

Ingredients :

350g Plain Flour
3/4 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp ginger powder
1/2 tsp mixed spice
1 tsp cocoa powder
88g sugar                       }Mamarazzi changed to 80g brown sugar
87g dark brown sugar     }
50g egg
20g molasses } Mamarazzi changed to 1/4 cup golden syrup
60g water      } Mamarazzi didn't add any
115g butter     } Mamarazzi hentam 120g coz her "toy" weight machine is by 115g *LOL*


1. sift all the dry ingredients together
2. add butter and mix it till sandy
3. add egg, molasses and her case it was egg and golden syrup
4. roll out and cut into shape
5. preheat the oven and bake at 180C for about 13 minutes


In the beginning she used store bought icing but she taste it and didn't like it. Hence she hentam look for recipe online. Here is the one she followed with some modification.

-2 egg whites beat till stiff foam/peak then add 300g icing sugar gradually. Continue beating till stiff peak formed.

-Divide into 3 portions. One portion add green coloring, one portion add red coloring and one let it be white. Put into fridge and later scoop into plastic bag .

-Cut a tiny hole at the bottom of the plastic bag then can start "decorating".


  1. Love this post… There's nothing better than Mom and Child baking at Christmastime…. You both did GREAT. Love your Gingerbread man, your Christmas trees AND I love your Reindeer!!!!!!!

    Merry Christmas.

  2. We don't watch Spongebob and do not have Patrick here, but all the cookies turned out wonderful! I could not have done better, I LOVE the upside down man that is a reindeer!!

    1. LOL...thanks ....That idea I got it from Betsy

  3. Hopefully the poslayu man will come tomorrow. Dijamin sampai hari esok. Wink! Wink!

  4. OMG! I love those gingerbreadman cookies !! They look so cute and adorable.. Too cute to eat leh.. I will "mm seh tak" eat wor.. Altho I don't fancy ginger cookies, I really adore gingerbreadman cookies coz like you said, ada itu Christmas feel lor..

  5. Oh yeah, was gonna ask you about the store-bought icing, since I saw J boy picit the icing in the picture..Not nice? Means? Too sweet or?
    Wah, ended up Mamarazzi sendiri make home-made icing, divide 3 portion, add colour.. Rajin wei !!

    1. Hmmm...all icing is sweet co make from suggar and egg white bought less messy but the moire expensive . Home made one more work lo

  6. Very clever already this Mamarazzi.. the ginger bread men are too good to be eaten... so nicely decorated! Pandai, pandai!!

  7. haha... Small Kucing reply is so cute, hehe...

  8. Good morning
    Your cookies looking very good! Wishing you and family a Blessed Christmas and Happy New Year

  9. christmas is around the corner and santa claus is coming to town.. so are mamarazzi's ginger bread men!! i always love to read mamarazzi's cooking and baking post lah, really fun with her very uique "style"..

    aiyoh, small kucing very cute lah in the very first photo!! was that a santa hat in purple?? haha.. can send this photo to contest lah, and then get all the little kittens to drool over this handsome boy~~ :D

    not bad woh the gingerbread men mamarazzi made!! got nice shape and also very colorful icing and candies for decoration.. even small kucing ate two without complain, and tarak wasted the crumbs also, means very delicious lor.. :p

    now i know the candies are baked together with the cookies in the oven and won't melt!! amazing, i always thought they are added last as decoration leh..

    the second batch very nice woh, decoration also looks more refine.. errr, thanks for pointing out you made Spongebob and Patrick, else i also won't notice them, haha!! can lah, if you mentioned the names, we could find them already lor.. haha!! good lah, can pack them nicely and sell them at RM3.99 a piece, i think the bakeries and supermarkets also selling at this price.. extra income, how about that?? :p

    1. Yalah Mama Kucing can sell it for sure! :)

  10. Awesome!!!! This post made my day. In fact I am smiling over here with joy. Nice ginger bread and your little man did a great job.

  11. Wahhh...looking good. I very malas to make the icing even though is quite fun to decorate them...

    Watch out! Make sure there is no run away gingerbread man.

    Merry Christmas!!

  12. The ginger bread man cookies looks good!

  13. Oh I want some of your gingerman cookies, because I didn't make any...

  14. Small Kucing, ask mamarazzi send some over to aunty Rose. Tq

  15. Wow pandai nya, can bake gingerbread man!

  16. Practice make perfect. I can see second round look better !

  17. Nice! Gingerbread men! I've always wanted to make some! :D

    Looks very nice Kathy!

  18. Good attempt for Mamarazzi and Small Kucing. So much fun baking and decorating and best of all, they can be eaten later.

  19. wow, yummy looking ginger bread men.

  20. Becoming a pastry chef soon? haha, Merry Christmas to you and your family :)

  21. I love Gingerbread Cookies.... Wish they would turn out as good without using sugar as when I used to use it. I just haven't found the right recipe for myself yet.

  22. I saw Patrick. hehe. well done dear!

  23. So fun! Are you sending me some too?? I love Gingerbread Man!

  24. Wah .... I also want! Gingerbread not cheap leh !

  25. Very nice! Merry Christmas to you, your mama and your papa!

  26. You baked it very nice and it looks even prettier when it is decorated. Wishing you and your family a very merry Christmas.

  27. Thansk for sharing the gingerbread cookies recipe. Will bookmark this next year.

  28. I love to snack these ginger bread man and watch TV. Can give me some ah?


  29. Way, finally I can access your blog again....cos I'm out of China at the moment hehe.

    Very nice Gingerbreadman cookies. I miss making these with my SIL. Fun to make, nice to eat :) Belated Christmas wishes to you and family!

  30. Wow, this post remind me about my childhood.....
    we never use any pasta cutter instead of finger as a pattern, then the ginger bread shape always hillarious!!!
    what a fun post.....
    Merry christmas and happy holidays, God blessed you all the way then!

  31. Wah, so cute lo, I like all of those decorations!!! =]

  32. Meow, your ginger bread men look awesome la! Well done to you.


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