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Thursday, 12 December 2013

ANNOUNCEMENTS : Winners for the "10 Things You Never Knew Can Harm Your Child " Contest

First of all, a big THANK YOU for joining the "10 Things You Never Knew Can Harm Your Child" contest.

and the winners are ...****DRUM ROLLS****

1. LOUIZ YEE with her comment  :

Question: What do you fear most about toxin in household products?

My Answer:

Be it skin allergy or eyes allergy or whatever allergy, you name it.

I am very concerned about chemicals or toxins in detergents when it comes to washing the laundry. I have mild OCD, so I usually wash my bedsheets every week and normal laundry everyday. There's only 2 adults, 1 baby and 1 toddler in the house, but yes, I wash clothes everyday. I always want to see the washing machine empty, haha!

There was a few times Baby G developed rashes all over his body after I changed my brand of laundry detergent. I then switched back to the normal laundry detergent, and his rashes subsided. Ever since, I am concerned on the brand of detergent I use.

Then recently, my hubby developed "fong mok" on his body too, but I guess it's not due to detergent this time. We recently sent the sofa cover to the dobi, and when we put on this cover into the sofa, my hubby started having this "fon mok" ever since. So again, I guess it must be some toxin or chemicals used to wash the sofa cover in the dobi.

Since you guys have been talking about this Method products, I am really interested to try this product and hopefully, somebody will courier the goodies to my doorstep soon. Haha.

2. Twilight Man  with his comment :-


What a lovely and interesting post today. I am always a strong supporter in hygiene and cleanliness around my house, from the floor to ceilings and food on the table.

What do I fear most from the toxins in household products?? CANCER will be the ultimate fear as the toxins in many household products often contained various harmful chemicals that could penetrate our skins or through inhalation without our knowledge. I have helped HOSPICE for years and seen too many types of dreadful cancers that took away many lives sadly. Skin and Lung cancers from such toxins are painful. I know I sound scary but this is true.

Since I have read METHOD's articles blogged by Small Kucing and 3 other bloggers, I am glad I found this brand that offers very safe and effective cleaning products that uses natural ingredients.

I have bought 5 bottles of METHODs for my home. Yay!!!... Anay & Letchumy dancing around the dining table!

3. SK with his comment :

oh, a giveaway contest!! hey, i have always wanted to try out METHOD products since Mamarazzi has been using and praising the wonders they could do to her house!! okay, here's Uncle SK's entry..

What I fear most about the toxins in household products??
CANCER for sure.. i always tend to associate toxins with cancer, and we have also heard a lot about cancerous toxins in things we eat and use everyday.. we may not realize how the toxins can affect us, because most of the time we thought we are just exposed to a small quantity which may not be hazardous enough to cause any harm.. but do think twice, once a small quantity but use them often and they accumulate - the effect could be fatal.. and when we hear the word "cancer", we always find this scary and threatening lives, that makes me fear most about cancer-causing toxins.. thanks to Mamarazi's post, at least we learn about the toxins, and when we buy household products, probably it's beneficial to read the composition of the content, what they contain and are made of.. glad to know that METHOD products are toxins-free, so why wait?? just grab them from the shelves in supermarket and start a safe and healthy household cleaning experience before it's too late!! :)

A big congratulations to all winners . Please e-mail me ( within 48 hours of this post to acknowledge your winnings. Please also provide me with your name, contact number and address in order for me to forward to the company.

Thank you again to everyone who joined the contest. 


  1. Congrats to all winners. So nice la, get free method products to use.

    It is a very good product. I wish I can get them thoo... :P

  2. We have the Method here and it is really good! I am looking at your baby pictures on the sidebar, you were so CUTE!! And still are, of course...

  3. Already drop you an email!
    A good motivation for me to continue to blog (and go blog hopping) :)
    Thanks for all your support and comments (you know who you are) to get me started and going.
    Ooh, I am so happy right now ! Got free goods wor, who doesn't like? Wakaka..

    1. You should visit all the bloggers and say Hello. You never know when they will drop freebies to you from the skies!

    2. yeah, LouizYee must be so happy and she laughed till farting so much~~ :D

    3. "you know who you are" ahem ahem....sound like the person is......

    4. Anay...but even if visit all blog but also have to comment kena pada tempat mah...if people writing about A then comment about B...kan waiting to kena cekik :p

      ni Louiz very hard working blog hopping already leh. soon will be more popular than ah boy lo

    5. Uikks, "you know who you are" = refers to all the bloggers that supported me, viewed (yes, even viewed) and commented on my blog lah.. Altho they did not comment in my blog, I know they viewed my blog, because I saw my post views a lot leh everytime for each post..

  4. Whoooaaa!!! I am so happy to see my name! I will hug the free bottles to sleep when I receive them.

    Thank you Small Kucing's mummy! I will always use the right METHODs to live safely and clean!

    1. woi! don;t do that ah...later Letchumi come and cekik me...wanna hug then hug letchumi to sleep la..what for wanna hug method bottles.

  5. hip hip horray!! i have been anxiously waiting for the results to be announced!! and OMG, just cannot believe my eyes that i am seeing my name here!! i've never been lucky in all kinds of contests, but the lucky star is with me this time!! thank you Mamarazzi and thank your METHOD for the prizes, love it!!! :)

    1. Could be your four leaf clover ah...but then again your answer is very good answer la

  6. Oh? Got contest kah? Don;t think I joined, not into contests. Me, no luck one, will never win. :(

  7. Congratulations to all 3 winners!!

  8. Oopps missed it... haha, anyway, congratz to all winners :D

  9. I am very particular about hygiene to the extend that my other half says that I am paranoid about it. Congrats to the winners. Interesting to read through and in the end, we all agree how important hygiene is.

  10. congrats Louiz, TM and SK! All of you deserve it! Method is indeed a good product.

  11. Congrats to Louiz, TM and SK!!! = ]

  12. Congratulation to the winners!!! Good for them.


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