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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

A Surprise Trip To Indonesia - Dinner at Dapur Kuring, Jakarta

Yay! Papa fixed the Picasa liao. Mamarazzi managed to sort out some of the photo. As I have said earlier , Papa surprised us with a trip to Indonesia when a forthnight ago.

He had meeting there so we sort of tagged along.

While waiting for the plane we sorta hang out at Marry Brown. Adui...the place was packed with people. Guess, many are going for vacation too.

After having lunch we kinda shy to "monopoly" the table any longer so off we went to the shop next door.

Pretending to be hardworking, reading a book from last year's Big Bad Wolf Books Sale.

By the way, this year's Big Bad wolf Books Sale will be starting this Friday Yipee!

Papa got me a Sundae. If not mistaken it's about RM3 only but a LOT leh. Can't finish. Papa had to help me finish it.

One of the "ugly" way of the travellers. Rubbish bin is just a few steps away and yet the just litter here when they were about to board the plane.

Dunno why but I seems to be famished that day. Finished my Nasi Lemak. Spicy and yet wanna eat. Still not full. Papa had to ordered a Cup Noodle for me.

Arrived Jakarta at a wrong timing. Arrived around 5pm but it took us hours plus to reach the hotel padahal the hotel was just about 30 minutes ride away.

Yup....the famous traffic jam.Checked in Hotel Ibis Slipi, rested awhile before headed out food hunting

Nah...we didn't go far. Went to the restaurant next door to the hotel. The restaurant have a unique name "Dapur Kuring".

Papa ordered Orange Juice with Coconut for me. Here they called it Ais Jeruk Kelapa

It doesn't taste like orange juice that I have know. Mamarazzi said it's made of sweet green orange. If not mistaken Malay call it Limau Madu. Last time Uncle Arthur bought some for us when we went Sibu.

Service was fast. 

First time tasting Sayur Asem(Sour vege?). Nice .

Fried Tauhu which Papa ordered for me. I love it.

Papa ordered Telor Ikan(Fish roe) for Mamarazzi. spicy but nice leh....lucky the tea there is free refill.

Normal stir fried Kangkung but they added Cili padi(birds eye cili)  

Ayam Bakar(Roasted Chicken?) with a lot of cili aste. Mamarazzi tasted and it taste a bit like our Rendang Ayam.

Fried Squid....yum...the sauce on top was sweet sauce. 

Adoi...I should have wore long pant. Here I eat, there they having a feast on me .

Saw these pudding and Papa tapau-ed some for me to eat in the hotel room. Nice. Got Papaya pudding. I like.


  1. Small Kucing must be very excited to be sitting in a plane - that's why so hungry. What a nice surprise trip. Hope all of you enjoyed yourselves!

  2. wow, lovely to tag along. How long were you there? I haven't been to jakarta yet. It looks like a nice place to visit. It should be on my travel list.
    I would love the papaya pudding. Something new to me. Is it nice?

  3. Marybrown is such a 'famous' spot for waiting the flight. ehehehe...
    Bestnya... got surprise. hehe.

  4. So nice. Instant millionaire. Me, no money to go anywhere... Sobssssss!!!!!

  5. We do not have orange juice and coconut here, I wish I could taste it! I would have shared the sundae with you, it looks SO good!

  6. Yay! Finally the story and pictures arrive liao.. Oohh, paparazzi went there for a meeting izzit? Ala, can tag along also "hokomo" (better than nothing).. Better than me, few years didn't go travel liao, ever since having Kenzie and now, Baby G. The last trip I been to was Guangzhou in year 2010, then stop til now. Passport expired liao didn't bother to renew also..

  7. Yeah, come come go go just that few place to eat + sit in LCCT.. Sure packed..
    Aikks? J boy can eat so much ahh? Good mood kot coz can go for holiday.. After Marry Brown, sundae pulak.. Then nasi lemak and cup noodle? Aiyoyo.. But it's good kids can eat..We as parents kiasu ma, must see them eat a lot only we are happy hor.. Hahaha..

  8. Aiiks? Apasal it took you guys 1 hour+ to reach the hotel padahal it was just half an hour away? Taxi driver no GPS ahh? Kekekeke...
    Wah, that was a lot of food for 2 adults and 1 child wor..Vege, taufu, fish, chicken, sotong...Pudding somemore... Champion, haha..

  9. OK, let's start reading and drooling over your first day trip to Indonesia! Their fried tau foo looks good too... crispy! Sedap, sedap... now very hungry liow!

  10. Nice trip to Indonesia. Shiok right? can enjoy food with papa and mamarazzi.

  11. I would love to have that ayam bakar - looks like ayam rendang to me.

  12. J you are very clever to finish all the nasi lemak on the plane. *Thumbs Up*

  13. Look forward to more post of your Jakarta trip...

  14. Good morning.
    Reading this brighten the gloomy rainy morning! D:

  15. I thought that is the famous ayam penyet?

  16. wish I ate all that good stuff!!!!!!
    ALOHA to YOU
    from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral
    =^..^= <3

  17. Kucing eat and eat but still kurus. Good.. no worries about getting fat. Lol

  18. awwww, so sweet lah Paparazzi arranged a surprise trip for Mamarazzi on their wedding anniversary, and of course Small Kucing gotta tag along (and not ditched him with Ah Mah while they both go for their sweet sweet honeymoon)..

  19. took AA to Jakarta?? cos i guess Marry Brown is only in LCCT right?? hey, they also have Happy Meal?? i see the box and also the toy, nice or not compared to McD?? i think usually i choose to go Marry Brown in LCCT lah, cos really not much choices, and McD is always super packed with people..

    1. I ate Marry Brown there and it was very crowded too! I wonder why their outlets closed down in Klang Valley??

  20. wah, that RM3 sundae from where?? really a lot lah.. so much until it seems like going to tumpah out from the pathetically tiny cup, haha!! maybe the staff ter-press the nozzle too hard and cannot stop it immediately so that huge amount?? luckily lah Small Kucing untung~~

  21. aiyoh, this is the first time Uncle SK see the trash on the bench!! i mean seen before, maybe just one bottle but never seen one whole lot of trash at all!! crazy lah, those people, and the first thing that came into my mind are the people from the C country!! only they can do such things in my opinion..

  22. wah, nice dinner lah.. and this time Paparazzi was the one ordering.. "Papa ordered Telor Ikan for Mamarazzi. spicy but nice leh".. hehehe!! of course nice lah, even though spicy, but i think Mamarazzi already sweet sweet in her heart, because Paparazzi ordered that for Mamarazzi mah~~ :p

  23. fuyoh, what happened to Small Kucing that day ah?? ate non-stop!! having good appetite or maybe the food there were really nice?? hehehe~~

  24. So syiok la get a surprise trip from Papa Kucing and traveled all the way to Indonesia. :)

  25. Aiyoh, don't say at the airport. Here in the office also people are so uncaring.

    Got this external auditors, leave a whole stack of staples that he pried out from some documents left strewn all over a cabinet. Never bother to clear also. Who to clear? AM really mad la. :(

  26. Wah in the taxi for so long? Really bad traffic jam or macet there eh?

  27. Anak kucing syiok makan banyak that day. Lunch, tea time (nasi lemak tu, consider tea time la, right? hehehe) and dinner. Fuh~

  28. Small Kucing - you are such a lucky boy to travel overseas at such young age!!! I believe Papa Kaldip will always find ways to let you tag along in his suitcase.

  29. I have never stayed at Hotel Ibis but I noticed all their chains showed very nice & modern Boutique Hotel concept. I will definitely look out for Hotel Ibis next time.

  30. I am looking forward to see all your coming photos esp the one swimming in the heavenly pools!! Adoi jeles!!

  31. I am loving the spread of dishes, quite similar to Malay style of cooking which will always be my fav. Once you start traveling more, you will realise that its not only us who face traffic jam. Its a world wide issue. I discovered that long time ago.

  32. Jakarta looks nicer than I thought!~

  33. Wah J so hang fook la! Aunty here never been to Indon also, though so near to us only..

  34. Those traveller so out of manner…=.=!!! Just leave the rubbish there!!! =[

  35. Lucky for you that you got to go along on your fathers business trip. So much fun going new places.

    My Hubs would love the squid....

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