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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

10 Things You Never Knew Can Harm Your Child

Unbelieveable. Time flies.  We are two weeks into school holidays and only four more weeks to go before school starts.

This school holiday I spend it mostly at home. Playing with my toys, watching television and doing some revision * blerk! Hate it*.

As I spend most of the day at home, Mamarazzi  tried to detox our home to make it a healthier place for me.

  1. Air in the house. 

Did you know that the air inside the house is more polluted than the air outside? No? Just think, most houses nowadays are shut up tightly with all windows and door closed due to security reasons and the weather.

The air in the house can’t circulate and become stale

Yes, many household uses all sorts of aerosol spray be it to kill mozzie or some nice scents to make the house smell nicer .

With all these chemical floating in the air, it’s no wonder that we fall sick more often than not.

Best way is to open the windows to let the air circulate and put a few plants in the house to boost up the oxygen level

Mamarazzi purposely put two boxes of mint plant in front of the glass door. Refreshing air. Yeah and got the chance to re-used the Styrofoam boxes for something good instead of just throwing it way

2. Floor

Carpet may look nice in the house but they are also health hazard hotspot leh…dust mites and if buy those ciplak carpet , they can off-gas chemicals into the air.

Wood would be the best choice but it’s just too expensive to re-do whole house with wood. Hence, second best choice would be tiles

3. Surfaces.
Dusting. For the shake of my bum bum, I have always hated feather dusters and antistatic duster. Okay okay…this one may not be made of feather but it’s still hazardous to my bum bum.

Feather duster is not trapping any dust. It’s just moving the dust from one area to another while antistatic duster are made of plastic and you know what happen to plastic after it go thrown away la.

Best for me is microfiber cloth. Not only that it’s safer for my bum bum but I get to “play water” too when I “help” Mamarazzi in cleaning.
4. Food Preparation

I love the buttons on the microwave. Can press press here and there and it goes beep beep but for once, Mamarazzi is glad that our microwave had gone to microwave heaven.  Not to say that she worries about me getting electrocuted but of course she worry about that too.

The reason she not keen on microwave is that there are a lot stories that how people put plastic containers into the microwave and it melted. Yeah, she knows well enough not to use run-of-the-mill plastic containers to reheat food in the microwave .

It’s much better to cook it fresh than to let me have frozen food reheated…though I won’t mind if it’s ice-cream.

5. Cleaning


Organic vegetables….but clean with pesticide???

I know Mamarazzi. She likes to take short cuts. See some cleaning products for the kitchen tops, pots and pans that claim can clean effectively she will wanna buy. Don’t she know that some of the cleaning products are bioterrorists?

You know or not in order for chlorine bleach to kill bacteria, we have to soak the object in it for 30minutes. Maybe am over reacting but counter top soaked in pesticide for 30mins and it won’t work effectively if the surface is dirty? Errrr……logic or not ah?

If wanna clean, maybe Mamarazzi better find other solution like getting naturally derived products and clean more often leh. With that she won’t even need anti-bacteria products.
6. Bed

Who doesn’t like snacking in bed? I didn’t know that dust mites likes to feast on the crumbs that feel on the bed. I thought only ants does.

Guess, I will need to ask Mamarazzi to vacuum my mattress and change the sheets more often

This is one thing I sure follow….”Don’t make your bed”.

Why? Coz it airs out the mattress. Open the bedroom windows. Let the moisture evaporate from the mattress. Less moisture, Less dust mites. 

7. Bed sheets & Clothing

Gotta remind Mamarazzi to be careful when getting bed sheets and clothing.

She likes to get no-iron clothes and beddings for me. Don’t she know that those no-iron clothes are often treated with a formaldehyde resin. It can release Formaldehyde during their use.

So what wrong with that?  Coz Formaldehyde exposure can cause insomnia in some people la. So don’t blame me if I refuse to sleep at night eh. Maybe I fall under that category?

Anyway, The International Agency for Research on Cancer had classified Formaldehyde as a known carcinogen…Yikes!

8. Toothpaste

Mamarazzi always nag me to brush my teeth cla bla bla about brushing teeth to ensure heathly gums and teeth.

I love toothpaste that is sweet and not “pedas”(hot) but Mamarazzi said it is important to find a toxic free one. A lot of toothpaste and mouthwash contains triclosan which is a pesticide.

Gotta get some natural toothpaste. Hmm…heard in the old days people used “arang”(coal) to brush their teeth…..I wonder…..hope no need.

9. Toys

Mamarazzi gave me a “pet project” to do. Said I had to sort out my toys. Gotta ditch those plastic toys that are made of PVC as it is a type of plastic that is made of Phthalates.

Phthalates are implicated in reproductive disorders and respiratory problems.

She asked me to find those toys with the magic number 3, If see a triangle wih the number 3 in it, it’s PVC. And those with the letter V, under th recycling symbols.

10, Laundry

Stinky! Not the clothes but the stuff that Mamarazzi uses when she tried to get ride of the tough stains when I accidentally “tumpah”(spills) drinks or food on my clothes.

Kena Papa scold. No scold me but her. Don’t play with chlorine bleach. Poisonous. Can kills. 

 Mamarazzi had better find an alternative method to get rid of the stain. Something that is non-toxic.

By the way, do you clean your washing machine? Have to clean every now and then leh coz when you used the machine long time already all those icky stuff from your clothes and the detergent that you used can build up inside your washing machine leh.

It will be like throwing your clothes into dirty machine to wash instead. How clean will they be then?

How to clean your washing machine? Just pour a cup of white vinegar into the washing machine and run it on a normal cold water without clothes. You will see some black thingy floating out. Yucks

Wah lau eh…today super long post. Sleepy already? Aiya…coz Mamarazzi was reading up this book la. Got to know some really interesting stuffs. Many thing she thought would be good for us but actually it had the opposite affect.

Well after all consideration, Mamarazzi came to a conclusion and that is  just use Method, because toxic cleaners won't do!

Okay….here is the highlight of the post…GIVEAWAY!

There will be 3 prizes consisting of a full-sized body wash and full-sized hand soap each, sponsored by method Malaysia.

Here are the rules :

  • Participants need to comment on what they fear most about the toxins in household products
  • Contest begins 3rd December 2013 & ends on 9th December 2013 at 12am. So hurry!
  • This Giveaway is only Open to Malaysian Residents.
  • No notification will be sent to winner. Better pop back here to check for the winning announcement, okay.
  • If you wanna make life easier, just Follow This Blog Via Email (right-hand side of the blog). Key-in your e-mail address and have the announcement delivered right into your mailbox...if it doesn't goes into SPAM *LOL*!
  • Those who won will have 48 hrs to acknowledge his/her winning in the comment box. Otherwise another winner will be selected.



  1. Mamarazi very loh sor today ! Lol ....

  2. These are all important things to let people know!!! And a cute way t learn them while looking at YOU! I only use glass or paper in the microwave. Something else that is a big deal here is BPA in plastic things, many are now BPA free. There will be a label on it to say. I am always afraid to clean things and wash vegetables with bleach, because he bleach could be just as dangerous as the dirt!

    1. true what you have said. Many doesn't know about this

  3. wow, this post is very interesting! I used to be home-cleanliness consciousness too. But due to work, I have neglected it. I need to get back on home healthiness! Toxins are indeed everywhere even at our own home. What I hated most was the dust around my home. I need to spring clean my house as soon as possible but I need time!

    1. sometimes the prducts we use are the ones that is toxic

  4. Great tips Kathy. Ok, opening the windows and doors is a must, have lots of plants at home and the rest which are a must for clean environment. Btw, I am still up sorting out my blog and you know what, it can be done via google apps, which means my blog certainly will be renewed. I learned that experience is the best lesson, tiring with work also killing me.

    1. Hope your blog will be up again soon. It's a bad experience :(

  5. My room ready? When can I come over?

  6. Wow, a long post and good tips.. Now I know some things which I didn't know before...
    1) I always air the house and open all windows everyday. I don't shut tight everything and on the aircond, coz wana jimat aircond ma, hehehehe...
    2) Oh this one no problem, I hate carpets.. It will "collect dust and mites" inside wor.. It looks nice only, but actually, you don't know what's "living" inside, hahaha..
    3) No offense, but I always feel using a feather duster to clean the furniture is a silly thing to do.. Imagine you "sou" the feather duster on your furniture, the dust will keep "flying" back around you right?
    4) Erm, I still use the microwave on a daily basis, hehehe.. But I makesure the plastic containers which I use is microwavable la..
    5) I don't clean my fruits and vegetables with any cleaning detergent.. I just soak vegetables in salt water..
    6) Whoa, being an OCD, I don't allow snacking in bed (and in the car).. I will scream if I see anybody snacking on the bed.. Even if they snack while walking around, and the crumbs drop everywhere, I think I can faint..
    7) Errr, I also always buy no-iron clothes wor.. And I didn't know we have to iron bed sheets, haha.. Usually I just wash, then after dry, I keep it, then I re-use it back a week later (coz I wash my bedsheets every week)..
    8) Hmmm, Kenzie boy not yet start brushing teeth leh..
    9) Wah, plastic toys also need to take note now.. Good tips, thanks for sharing about the no. 3 and V
    10) I only use bleach to soak my own white clothes, before dumping into the washing machine to wash together the next day.. If baju got stains (milo, vomit, etc), I just rendam for a day and wash the next day, but yeah, the stains are still there nomatter how many times I wash it.. Maybe Method can really work magic wor..
    But thanks for sharing on the washing machine.. Yes, my washing machine is full of those black stuffs la.. Always stick on my clean clothes after washing leh.. Ok, will use white vinegar to wash it this weekend..

    1. LOL....long reply. So what do you fear the most about toxin in household products? :)

    2. Question: What do you fear most about toxin in household products?

      My Answer:

      Be it skin allergy or eyes allergy or whatever allergy, you name it.

      I am very concerned about chemicals or toxins in detergents when it comes to washing the laundry. I have mild OCD, so I usually wash my bedsheets every week and normal laundry everyday. There's only 2 adults, 1 baby and 1 toddler in the house, but yes, I wash clothes everyday. I always want to see the washing machine empty, haha!

      There was a few times Baby G developed rashes all over his body after I changed my brand of laundry detergent. I then switched back to the normal laundry detergent, and his rashes subsided. Ever since, I am concerned on the brand of detergent I use.

      Then recently, my hubby developed "fong mok" on his body too, but I guess it's not due to detergent this time. We recently sent the sofa cover to the dobi, and when we put on this cover into the sofa, my hubby started having this "fon mok" ever since. So again, I guess it must be some toxin or chemicals used to wash the sofa cover in the dobi.

      Since you guys have been talking about this Method products, I am really interested to try this product and hopefully, somebody will courier the goodies to my doorstep soon. Haha.

  7. I have been cleaning my vegetables in Grapefruit seed extract. Suppose to kill all the bad bacteria. I also grow aloe in the house, hopefully it helps clean my air.

    1. Grapefruit seed extract? Hmm it's a good way. Yes, Aloe is good. Can add more oxygen and aloe can be made into drinks too

  8. I keep thinking outside air is more polluted...

    Thanks for sharing...

  9. Yes Method are good products! Very effective for my house too!

  10. Good morning,
    Thanks for sharing so much info..definitely learn something new --- wash my washing machine..hahaha.!

    1. LOL....I didn't know too till I read the book

  11. Snacking in bed ke? So lucky. Raimie parents never allow snacking in bed. Later semut gigit birdie :-P

    1. hehehehe.....naughty semut :p

    2. Semut gigit birdie!!! Muahahahaha Siapa kena before at your home?

  12. whoah!!!
    Small living talk serious about home environment today. Bravo :-)

  13. What a lovely and interesting post today. I am always a strong supporter in hygiene and cleanliness around my house, from the floor to ceilings and food on the table.

    What do I fear most from the toxins in household products?? CANCER will be the ultimate fear as the toxins in many household products often contained various harmful chemicals that could penetrate our skins or through inhalation without our knowledge. I have helped HOSPICE for years and seen too many types of dreadful cancers that took away many lives sadly. Skin and Lung cancers from such toxins are painful. I know I sound scary but this is true.

    Since I have read METHOD's articles blogged by Small Kucing and 3 other bloggers, I am glad I found this brand that offers very safe and effective cleaning products that uses natural ingredients.

    I have bought 5 bottles of METHODs for my home. Yay!!!... Anay & Letchumy dancing around the dining table!

  14. Nice sharing.

    I wash my washing machine with wash drum detrrgent once every 2 months. It helps prolong the life span.

  15. Such a long post today!
    But very great infor, thanks for sharing~

  16. wow wow wow!! this is indeed a very informative post from Mamarazzi, i guess she has spent some time to compile the information and write such a long "encyclopedia" post for today.. pat her shoulders, well done, i like!!! :)

  17. i was reading the post and was really impressed with the information given, those terms i have not seen or heard before, are now right in front of my eyes thanks to Mamarazzi for doing the research.. this is indeed very helpful.. for example:

    - air inside the house is more polluted than the air outside
    - carpet can off-gas chemicals into the air
    - chlorine bleach takes 30 minutes to kill bacteria
    - plastic that is made of phthalates are implicated in reproductive disorders and respiratory problems
    - a lot of toothpaste and mouthwash contains triclosan which is a pesticide

  18. oh, a giveaway contest!! hey, i have always wanted to try out METHOD products since Mamarazzi has been using and praising the wonders they could do to her house!! okay, here's Uncle SK's entry..

    What I fear most about the toxins in household products??
    CANCER for sure.. i always tend to associate toxins with cancer, and we have also heard a lot about cancerous toxins in things we eat and use everyday.. we may not realize how the toxins can affect us, because most of the time we thought we are just exposed to a small quantity which may not be hazardous enough to cause any harm.. but do think twice, once a small quantity but use them often and they accumulate - the effect could be fatal.. and when we hear the word "cancer", we always find this scary and threatening lives, that makes me fear most about cancer-causing toxins.. thanks to Mamarazi's post, at least we learn about the toxins, and when we buy household products, probably it's beneficial to read the composition of the content, what they contain and are made of.. glad to know that METHOD products are toxins-free, so why wait?? just grab them from the shelves in supermarket and start a safe and healthy household cleaning experience before it's too late!! :)

  19. What I fear most about the toxins in household products?

    The number one killer of women..Breast cancer! I heard some personal care products contains parabens. It is an ingredients found in common toiletries such as toothpaste and shampoo..Yikes..

    Please send me some method Body Wash!!

  20. lol on the picture 10..
    the baldie looks like 張衛健

  21. LOL when i was a kid, i like toothpaste to be pedas, i like the refreshing sensation after brushing teeth using the pedas toothpaste xD

  22. For me, mosquito spray, does it count? Don't know cause around my housing area has the denggi problem, so have to use it, but my sis said the smell is terrible...


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