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Monday, 25 November 2013

How To Make Ciku (Sapodilla) Ripe Faster

Do you like to eat Ciku (Sapodilla)? I like.

The other day Mamarazzi found some Ciku being sold in a supermarket and they were quite cheap. The down side is that it was prepacked. She can't choose like what she did in wet market or night market.

Hence some of the Ciku in the packet were ripe while some were not.

What she did was, she put the unripe Ciku in the container of rice. In a day or two all of the Ciku had ripe.  The whole rice container smell very sweet.

Yummy Ciku ready for consumption. 

Do you have any tricks to make Ciku ripe faster? Mind to share?


  1. I learned the method of leaving fruits in rice to ripen them from my mum. Still practice it and yet, the the fruits does scent the rice in the container.

  2. I've never heard of ciku. I sounds very good.

  3. I have never seen these before, it is some kind of fruit?

  4. Yes, you didn't know? Should have asked me. Just bury in the rice. Hehehehehehe!!!!

  5. Don't know how le, but I know ciku, my mom would prepare for us if she managed to buy some from the morning market!!! =]

  6. Wah, canggih oohh, Sapodilla pulak.. I didn't know the "scientific" name for ciku is Sapodilla.. I just know how to eat only.. hehehe..

  7. But I guess it works the same for every kind of fruits, no? Like mangoes, for example? I also put in the rice container if I want it to ripen faster.. But for some fruits like papaya, leave it alone on the kitchen counter also it will ripen in 2 days liao..

  8. I loves this, but didn't eat it for very long liao, miss miss it...

  9. Thanks for sharing the tips. I always waited for them to ripe itself.

  10. I know only for kiwi. In order for kiwi to ripe faster just put in together with red apples. Same it takes 1- days. Then you can smell nice fragrance from the kiwi.

  11. ciku ah?? errr, okay okay lah, never too fond of and never hate it, just neutral, haha!!

  12. awww, mamarazzi so clever lah.. i think if just keep them inside airtight container they will ripe by themselves.. putting in the rice surely makes them ripe faster.. last time we also used to put them together with "smelly electric / electric rocks" (calcium carbide)..

    1. Wah, both mamarazzi and SK also canggih oohh, use scientific terms timmmm... Calcium Carbide pulak..Ok, I also wana be scientific here.. Short form for it: CaC2.. Hahahaha..

      Where can you get this calcium thingy? What's the purpose? Now still got people use this method mou? Won't cause any reaction?

  13. I cans see the ciku is very sweet.

  14. Something new to me!

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral
    =^..^= <3

  15. Actually not just ciku, other fruits can be ripen faster this way too!

  16. i've never heard of ciku before, but this sounds so good.

    your blog is very cute!

  17. Ciku is nice and sweet but gotta watch it because when they are too ripe, there may be worms - white ones.


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