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Friday, 29 November 2013

Weird Looking Fruit Found On The Beach of Pulau Belitung, Indonesia

Just a short post today.

Gonna give you a puzzle to solve..*penyakit jangkit from Ah Boy*...only that we have no idea what is the answer.

Found plenty of these along a beach in Pulau Belitung, Indonesia. I have no idea what fruit is this. Even Uncle Anton who stays in the island doesn't know. Some sort of coconut?  Square coconuts?

Can anyone one tell me what fruit is this?

Thursday, 28 November 2013

I Picked Up A Message in The Bottle From The Big Bad Wolf of BBWBS

Just got home late last night. And today we received good news from The Big Bad Wolf. We were invited to pay a visit his Pirate Island.

While in the island guess what we picked's a message in a bottle.

I wondered what message is it...The Big Bad Wolf S.O.S -ing for help ? The Big Bad Wolf Pirate ship rosak? guesses were is a special invite for me to attend the Preview on 5th of December !!! Hoorayyyyyy!!!

For those who doesn't know it, The Big Bad Wolf Books Sale is THE largest books sale in Malaysia. New books are being sold at a fraction of the retail price. . Average its only RM8 /book for fiction.

The Big Bad Wolf Books Sale will be held from  6 - 15th DECEMBER 2013. Venue : Hall A-C, Mines convention Centre (MIECC). Starts 7am on 6th DECEMBER till 9pm 15 DECEMBER is gonna be open 230hours straight! No problem if you feel like a bit of midnight shopping. 

I heard rumours that this round sale will not confined to books only.....

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

A Surprise and A Holiday

Greeting! can you guess where I was?  No prize in getting it correctly.  Nah...just a short note to say that there will be no posts for the next few days. i was away for a surprise holiday.

Last week was Papa and Mamarazzi's wedding anniversary and Papa arranged a surprise holiday for us.

Today is the last day of our holiday. On the way home lor. But i guess Mamarazzi will need time to sort out the photos..I have loads of them.Will post up once she is free  . I'll be home soon. See ya!

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Home made Baked Ipoh Salted Chicken

Mamarazzi found a packet of the Iingredients for Ipoh Baked Salted Chicken in the fridge. She had always steamed the chicken using this but never baked before.  Thought it is good to try to bake pulaK.

She put aadditional goji and dong guai slices for the extra herbal taste.

Add the powder in.She let it marinate in the fridge for three hour before putting it in the oven to bake for an hour


Jeng jeng..the end result

Hhmmm...toooooooooo salty....mamarazzi put way too much of the powder. worries...she found a way to save the dish. Take the meat and wrap in popiah style. Not bad

Monday, 25 November 2013

How To Make Ciku (Sapodilla) Ripe Faster

Do you like to eat Ciku (Sapodilla)? I like.

The other day Mamarazzi found some Ciku being sold in a supermarket and they were quite cheap. The down side is that it was prepacked. She can't choose like what she did in wet market or night market.

Hence some of the Ciku in the packet were ripe while some were not.

What she did was, she put the unripe Ciku in the container of rice. In a day or two all of the Ciku had ripe.  The whole rice container smell very sweet.

Yummy Ciku ready for consumption. 

Do you have any tricks to make Ciku ripe faster? Mind to share?

Friday, 22 November 2013

Hijacked Kampua

Last week Uncle Arthur sent me a parcel. It was a surprise.

What is it? 

Oh My Kucing! ...It's Sibu Kampua Noodle!!! So long had not have Kampua. Lucky the noodles was still okay. Not broken to million pieces.

The noodle was sent to me under "care off" Papa. Habis la......kena Papa "hijacked" He immediately asked Mamarazzi to cook two packet of these Kampua noodle though he just had breakfast.

The sauces were enclosed.

House no vegetable. Mamarazzi's newly planted Spring Onion become the first kena "botak".

Nice or not the Kampua. Mamarazzi didn't put enough ingredients but at least can lepas gian la.

Thank you very much, Uncle Arthur for the delicious Kampua!

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Baking -Yok Kon(Dried Meat) Bread

 The night before we balik kampung last round, I helped Mamarazzi to make some Yok Kon (Dried Meat) bread/bun to bring back for Ah Mah.

Mamarazzi used the bread maker to prepare the dough.

Alamak...too much water or what..the dough was very soft and sticky. Put some flour first so that it won't stick to the board,

The Yok Kon was very oily so Mamarazzi had to pat off some of the excess oil. idea on how to "wrap" so pakai hentam la.....

Like this okay gua? Can see Mamarazzi "kiasu" or not? Put two pieces of Yok Kon in it instead of one.

 There was some excess dough. Well Let not waste it. Opened up a packet of Meat Floss. Make Meat Floss buns.

 The buns and the bread are ready to be stuffed into the oven. Ugly hor? 

 But after baking, they puffed up quite nicely leh

So happy to see the buns and the bread looked so nice.Smell heavenly too.

Recipe ah...tarak recipe wor.. Mamarazzi agak agak punya.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Madam Lim's Kitchen @ Tesco Setia Alam

Feeling super grumpy. Walk and walk...feet tired liao leh . What to eat? Don't really feel hungry as I was tired.

The good news is that I got two Heros toys from the redemption counter. Buy above RM50 get one sticker. With 5 stickers can but one of these toys for RM4.90. 

Then can't even choose the toys leh. It's in a sealed box. I wanted Woody and Buzz Light Year, instead i got these.

Mamarazzi was think ...what la...rm250 + RM4.90 for one toy...and cannot choose so more? Felt kinda weird la. 



What did I had? I had the Mun Farn(Gravy Rice)-RM7.90

Two Heroes guarding my rice. 

Papa had Nyonya Ice kacang.  RM5 a bowl.

Mamarazzi had the Penang Hokkien Mee(Prawn Noodles) Doesn't look appetiting but surprisingly taste good to her. RM7.50

Papa was brave. He had the Nyonya Curry Noodle RM7.50. 

I didn't finished my rice. maybe too tired gua but was not too tired to play at the Playland in front of the restaurant leh.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Dumex Mamil All ‘N One Unveils ‘Give Me 5” Campaign With Hi-5

Last Friday I was very excited as Mamarazzi told me that we were invited to a Talk about the importance of the 5 food groups by Danone Dumex(M) S/B and I would be participating in a Dance Workshop.

  To top it off, I heard my idols, the Hi-5 group, will be there

Who doesn’t know Hi-5?

I was impatience. Kept hurrying Papa and Mamarazzi. We got there early so we hang out at Starbucks. 


Why does the time go so slow? It is time yet?


Finally……registered and off we went. Got lenglui offered me Dumex Mamil milk leh…


Uiks….got photo session wor...can snap wacky photos….hehehe…I tried….


Mr Money-Come


While waiting for the talk to begin, Mamarazzi “forced” me to pose for some photos. I was reluctant coz I wanted to meet my idols.


Finally the Emcee start off the programme . It makes a good impression on Mamarazzi when the Emcee start off with Safety Briefing. It made her felt that the organiser and the company care for our well being instead of just advertising value.


The Marketing Manager of Danone Dumex(M) S/B, Mr Christiaan Uittenbosch briefly explained the reason we were invited there …how the company realised that Malaysian  children are not consuming a balance diet and the Danone Dumex is committed to improving awareness about balanced nutrition for all children in Malaysia. 

Yada ~yada~yada~ and I confessed that I was loosing interest.

My ear perked up when Mr Christiaan announced that 3 participants of the Dance Workshop would win 4 tickets to the Hi-5 Concert this coming December. Mamarazzi told me I will have to work very hard for the ticket but even then not necessary that I will win it. 


The most “kan cheong“  moment arrived when my idols the  Hi-5 group bouncing into the hall and rocked the house the the “5Food Group” song and dance.

It was a catchy song. Stevie, Lauren, Mary, Ainsley and Dayen each were wearing a T-shirt bearing each food group - of carbohydrates, protein, dairy, fruits and vegetables and healthy fats and oils!

Wow ! Wee!  It was fun! Mamarazzi guess Danone Dumex  did right when they  team up with Hi-5 will help educate children about healthy eating habits from a young age with their 'Give Me 5' Campaign. Kids like me will learn in a fun way on healthy eating habits

The good news doesn’t stop there. It seems that Danone Dumex   will be working with their official buddies, Hi-5 over the course of the next year as well to reach out to as many children – and their parents – as possible! 

Then we, the children, were ushered out of the hall for our Dance Workshop to begin

As for the Mommies who stayed behind, they were “educated” about the “5 Food Groups”.


There was a Chit Chat Session with Christiaan and Hi-5

One of the questions were how the members of Hi-5 kept energetic always? The answer was so simple…..coz they ate well balance meal from the 5 Food Groups!

Gosh ! Lauren was super strong. To show it , the naughty mommies demanded 10 push up from her which she did without a problem Everyone cheered her on.


“It’s great to be part of something educational for kids,” said Stevie Nicholson of Hi-5. “The ‘Give Me 5’ campaign is a worthy effort as it’s spreading a really important message about nutrition, which will have lasting effects on children’s health. It’s a real privilege to set a positive example as role models for young children and our young Malaysian fans, and we do take this responsibility very seriously.”

After the Q & A session, we  were ushered in once more and here we performed for the Mommies and Hi-5  .

Cheeky Stevie cheering us on 


Then it was time to announce the winner…..dup dap dup dap….Everyone did so well. The Judges had a hard time choosing

Then Christiaan said …the first winner is……..J……

I was frozen on the spot. Thought why they called my name.  

Then there was a slight confusion….another boy have a similar name with me…did they call his name of mine….the judges finally figured out . It was for me. 

Was so stunned that I forgot to shake hand and say thank you.

A group photo with the Hi-5. 


Then individual photo with the Hi-5.

Still can’t believe it. Checking the tickets to see if I was dreaming. 


Don’t despair coz you can still win free tickets to the exclusive opening show of the ‘Hi-5 House Party’ concert brought by Mamil All ‘n One on Friday, December 27 at KLPAC!  there is still a few more days left to the closing on November 24 - simply purchase any pack of Dumex Mamil All ‘n One 500g or 900g today and answer a simple question via SMS.

And while the kids have the chance to watch Hi-5 perform, the biggest and more exciting prize is the opportunity to perform live with this popular group on stage - through a nationwide talent search, 5 lucky Malaysian children will have the opportunity to perform the new hit song ‘5 Food Groups’ with Hi-5!

What’s more, the ‘Give Me 5’ campaign will continue to leverage on young fans’ interest into 2014 with other exciting Hi-5 collaborations!  Stepping up its efforts to help more Malaysian children think about the 5 food groups and eating well, families can expect to enjoy a brand-new line-up of other cool Hi-5 premiums, events and activities next year.

Danone Dumex has always championed the importance of nutrition for children across all their formative years, and the ‘Give Me 5’ campaign is part of an on-going effort to increase awareness among parents and children that proper nutrition is the foundation for a healthy future. The Dumex Mamil All ‘n One formula which contains key nutrients from the 5 food groups is developed in line with the efforts to provide a formulation that helps children get the daily recommended nutritional intake, along with 3 main meals.

To find out more about Dumex Mamil All ‘n One and Hi-5 activities, click on the ‘Give me 5’ app at the Dumex Mamil Facebook page [] or call Danone Dumex Careline at 1800 38 1038.


La~la~la~ my mood “high” liao. Session ended and it was refreshment time. 

Had something from the 5 Food group and last round of photography before we go off.


I insisted Mamarazzi to pose for me Hi-5!

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