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Thursday, 31 October 2013

Tappers Cafe, Kuala Trengganu more least till next year. Gotta relax and play hard. After play hard must have so massage mah....right? Grrr grrr grr.... syokaligam...

yeah yeah yea....someone gonna laugh...KL got Tappers tarak go but go to the one in Trengganu. Hmm...maybe such "branded" Cafe sprouting up around the town leh. Secret Recipe la...Uncle Chua la..Famous Amos la....this and that...

This Tapper is located in Kampung Cina next to the Pasar Payang(Payang Market)

Very nice decoration. All white. Service also fast and friendly

Papa had Chicken Chop. RM12.90. Not bad. Portion was quite big with roasted Potatoes and Carrots. Sweet.

I wanted Milo Ice. I wonder what Pink drink Papa is having.

Mamarazzi had Ice Lemon Tea. One glance it look like those that comes out from a premix packet but a sip later Mamarazzi discovered that it's freshly brew tea. Nice. She likes it very much.

Nasi Lemak? nope . It's Kung Po Chicken Rice. Funny they put a fried eggs on top. Papa had the egg. Mamarazzi had the rice and Chicken. Hmmm....the chicken pieces what fried till very puffy and crunchy. The sauce was just nice for her. Portion was a bit big. Can't finish all the chicken meat. Price was RM11.80.

My Spaghetti Cream Carbonara RM12.50. Got kids meal but I wanted this. End up didn't finish.

That night, I "bathe" Mamarazzi with this and Milo. I was coughing badly that night. Coughed till WEKkkkkkKkkk..... The blanket and Mamarazzi stinky like Hxxx. Tu lah...coughing don't drink ice drink don't wanna listen.....

Here is the address of the Tappers Cafe should you happens to be there and wish to try out the food : No 73, Jalan Kampung Cina, Kuala Trengganu.

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

A Surprise After Examination

Yea yea yea...another basi(stale) post.

My examination was two weeks  back. Worked "hard" for the examination...errr....rather more of whining and trying to delay in doing revision. The next day exam, that night I baru did revision. Hmm...I wonder I followed whose example leh....

Anyway, examination was finally over on Friday. I got a surprised when Papa and Mamarazzi came to pick me up from the Kiddy. 

We were not going home. Instead we are heading over to Ah Mah's house! Yipeee!!!

 Took a very long time to arrive. Not many cars on the road but it was mostly cloudy and rained some.

Ah mah's not cooking that evening. We went to Restaurant Ocean for dinner. was under renovation.

No more seaside liao. Land reclamation. How looking out the window, I can only see roads. 

 Slight fever so I had young coconut to "cool" down my body.

Food took very long time to arrive as it was a weekend over there . The place was crowded plus renovation...well...understandable lah

 Had the sweet sour pork for dinner. Nice.

 Sizzling Tofu....that night it was not up to the usual standard.

 But for me I mostly drank the salted vegetable with Tofu soup.

Me tired? No way... still full of energy. When arrived Ah Mah's house, she was surprised that I was still in my uniform . Stinky me!

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Petrosains Science Festival, KLCC

 Last Sunday was driving around KL. Don't know where to go. Mamarazzi spotted the Twin Tower and teased me say go KLCC la . She knew I wanna go KLCC.

Then Papa teased me "But someone didn't wear underwear. How To go KLCC" to which I answered "Security guards won't check underwear lah".

When we arrived, we notice loud noise. Headed toward the noise.

Uiks... Petrosains was having Science Festival at the Concourse area. There were performance and lots of games to play. But i didn't get to play that many as some have "closed" due to the performance.

 I managed to "learn" what is the correct way to petrol. And what not to do when pumping petrol

I've got a it "crazy" with this "Tag" game. Gotta be fast and press the buttons that light up at random. The abang (brother) sitting there and some Jie Jie helped me with the buttons that are too high for me to press. My average score was 15 for a 30 seconds game. Not bad....

Spotted this Google Maps car. Saw some cool gadgets inside of it. Too bad it was locked due to the performance on the stage.

Rocket science?

 There was a booth by The Star newspaper. The Uncle stopped me and as if I would like a personalised Badge. One for myself and one with Mamarazzi. Free of Charge. Hey...why not?

No need to wait long ...just a few minutes...the uncle uploaded the photo into the Laptop. and done! so fast!

 My own personalised badge. Next I want to "drive".

 Had to queue up quite a long time to play this game as it's popular.

 In the beginning I kept "langgar tembok". But then the Petrosains Abang(brother) came and help me.

 Mamarazzi said I "muka serius"(had serious face) here. 

 Next played the puzzle. Easy peesy lah.

 Ah...I love this ....

 There was this remote controlled robotic thingy....the arms can go up and down and "kiap" ...

 Naughty me...I directed the robot to chase after Mamarazzi and "kiap"(snap) at her.

But too soon Papa and Mamarazi said it's time to go off. I was reluctant to go as I wanna play some more.

On the way back, i kept asking if we can go again another day but Mamarazzi said its on for 25-27th October only....Hmmm...maybe next year they will have it again?

In the car, I told Mamarazzi that I wanted this badge. She asked why . And I replied coz when Mamarazzi not around, I can see her face which she replied that she will have to paste her photo in the bathroom la so that I won't be scared to go to bathroom on my own......

Monday, 28 October 2013

Coca-Cola ~ #lenglui

Kiasuism to the max. Mamarazzi saw SK posted this . At first she thought this is just one of those fake thingy going in Facebook or online. She asked SK and it seems that it's not a prank.

 Well, ngum ngum that afternoon Papa had to meet some friends in Bonjour Garden, Bukit Jelutung.

While we were there, I was hungry. Had my dinner there. Papa bought this!  #lenglui Coca-cola.

 Fuiyo...drink liao can become Lenglui ka? Or maybe only Lenglui can drink? So should I drink or not? 

 Guess penyakit kiasuism is catching. I saw this being sold in Jaya Grocer there and insisted Mamarazzi to buy it. Why? Coz of the tumbler la. I want the tumbler mah.

Lucky Mamarazzi didn't notice any of the #lenglui Coca-cola being sold there else she would be "borong" a few carton of that home. Kiasu oh kiasu....

Friday, 25 October 2013

I Found Playskool at BookXcess, Amcorp Mall

 Where there is a will there is a heir way. Mamarazzi and Green Tiger talked non-stop till I rudely interupted them say I want to go to the Toy section at BookXcess.

The two "aunties" finally paid the bill and heads over to Bookxcess but before that Green Tiger bought a packet of delicious egg cookies for me. Yums....

Off we went to BookXcess' Curious Corner and Non-Book Products Section. I was VERY excited . My first time there. Mamarazzi was too busy chasing after me . Worried that I might break some of the fragile stuffs.

There were SO MANY stuffs there which I would love to buy but Mamarazzi said NO!.

Finally she relented and asked me to choose one. I had a hard time deciding whether to get the Playskool or the Truck...Mamarazzi said the Playskool is too young for me....But guess that made me decided on the Playskool la.

In the car I straight away "konk-out"...high feverand exhausted

Came home, Mamarazzi checked....

 But then that did not deter me from "opening ceremony" of my new toy leh. RM44.90 for this...minus cash Vouchers and some discounts, Mamarazzi only paid RM20 plus. Cheap or not ah?

So syok playing leh

 Building tall towers , cars and houses.

Play till tired liao...lay down yet wanna play ...Mamarazzi said no not like someone who have high fever leh. Guess that is the benefit of being a kid. Sick also no fuss. Unlike Mamarazzi if a bit sick aje will make whole load of noise.

 Apart from that Mamarazzi also got this for me. School holiday "homework"

And a coloring fun CD for me...Not sure whether it's any good as Mamarazzi had not let me play yet. Said wait for school holiday for "opening ceremony".

Gosh...I simply love BookXcess'  Curious Corner and Non-Book Products Section. So many things to see!

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Restaurant Haeun Khon. Amcorp Mall

 How was your weekend? Mine....adui....manyak susah mau cakap....dunno why on Friday ...or rather Saturday 3am I suddenly had fever.

Saturday afternoon, Mamarazzi had appointment with Green Tiger and another friend at Amcorp Mall. I "die die" also wanna follow Mamarazzi go.

Arrived there, they decided to have late lunch at this restaurant. Heard good review from some friends that the food here is nice.

First time here. I told Mamarazzi I don't wanna eat anything though they have quite an extensive Menu. Got Japanese Food, Korean food and even Malaysian  delights.

 Sorry for the poor quality of the photo. The lighting in the restaurant was quite dim. time I can bring Girlfriend come here and "pak tor"(dating). Food was a bit slow to arrive. Just nice for lovey-dovey talk with my girlfriend(s) la.

But when sitting with Mamarazzi and her friend, boring la. They talk and talk non-stoip. No girl girl to play with me.

Mamarazzi finally fed-up with my pestering and hand me her phone to play. *bad mommy*

Anyway, food finally came. Mamarazzi had Beef Teppayaki @ RM16.90 a set. Hey! good leh.....Very BIG portion of beef. Well marinated. It was accompanied by salad of cucumber, cabbage, tomato, papaya and orange slices.

Side dish includes Taufu, Fried Anchovies, Two slices of orange, soup and a bowl of rice.

 As for Green tiger, she Bolgogi Juk Sik a.k.a Kerean BBQ Beef la....RM16.90. Also not bad leh. Generous portion.

Wah lau eh...hers got extra one dish leh...that was the Kimchi.

 Aiyo...I see both of them wallop syok syok...I also beh tahan la. I shyly asked Mamarazzi "You want some more your rice or not? If you don't want, I eat ah." That's my sign lah saying I want to eat too. here nice least ngum we eat la. Can't say for others. You wanna try? Here is the address  Lot 336, Third Floor Amcorp Mall, No. 18, Persiaran Barat, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Sonray Technology - Kulcar Solar Powered Car Ventilator to the Rescue

Last time when Mamarazzi used to fetch me home from school she had to park under the blazing sun while waiting for my class to end. To save petrol , she would turn off the engine and wait for me outside my school.

When I got into the car, I would sweat like mad.

This was the temperature when Papa fetch me home from school the other day. Am sure it's not good for the car. The interior material would spoilt fast. 

Papa and Mamarazzi likes to takes plastic bottles of water when traveling. Surely it's not good as I noticed sometimes these plastic bottle had gone out of shape.

There was once the windscreen of the the car broke too. Could be due to parking under the hot sun and the heat in the car was just too high.

Mamarazzi was thinking how nice it is it someone could come out with car cooler that would efficiently lower down our car's temperature and at the same time extending the life span of our car's interior material as we know that under high heat they are prone to release all kind of harmful fumes, wear and tear faster.

It was like a dream come true when she read Terry's blog. Terry of My Journey With Candida Blog introduced this terrific solar car cooler named Kulcar. This device harvest solar energy which  is environmental friendly.
She left a comment wishing for one too and Terry had put her in touch with Sonray Technology Inc.*Thanks, Terry!*

A few days later, we received Kulcar Solar Car Cooler from Sonray Technology Inc.

Kulcar Solar Powered Car Ventilator came in a neat box with instruction attached.

From Sonray Technology Inc website, she gathered that Kulcar Solar Powered Car Ventilator :-

  •  patented design internationally registered
  •  Made In Taiwan
  •  Kulcar Solar Powered Car Ventilator 5 V high efficiency solar cell
  •  Twin Turbo fans each with 17.3 cfm capacity
  •  90sec total air replacement for average car
  •  Reduce fuel consumption
  •  Reduce hazardous fumes emitting from plastics under high heat
  •  Added Comfort to passengers
  •  Maintains car interior in like new condition
  •  Kulcar Solar Powered Car Ventilator pivotal design for easy installation and storage
The temperature inside a sealed car under blazing sun can quickly exceed 89~90 degree Celsius.When the temperature exceeds 65 degree Celsius, harmful fumes will like methyl, acrolein, butanone, toluene, benzene, propyl benzine,etc.,are released from a car's interior materials.These compounds are all known to be cancer causing poisonous chemicals.

Careful testing has proven that the TVOC level of these compounds can exceed 12 times the cancer causing hazardous warning level when a car is parked under a blazing sun for only one hour. Cancers of unidentifiable origin have been the top killer for 31 consecutive years.

Volvo, a world leader in car safety has ensured that all new cars are equipped with the CZIP system as of 2013. When a car is parked under the sun, the CZIP system automatically pumps out the hot and hazardous air inside the car prior to the driver entering.Leading car makers are now concerned with not only driver safety,but also passenger health and safety.

She can't wait to install the solar cooler in our car. Here is the strip of rubber which Mamarazzi trimmed according to the size of our car window.

It's easy to install Kulcar Solar Car Cooler. Even a 5 year old kid like me can do it...with a bit help from Mamarazzi.

Here is how it looks from inside the car


The solar car cooler sure does it job well. Once the solar panel was under the sun, the fans immediately start working.

Mamarazzi purposely attached a strip of paper on the Kulcar Solar Car Cooler to show how strong is the wind coming from the fans.

Keen on this cool device? You can get more information from their website , or you can visit their Facebook at and Kulcar's Facebook at

Disclaimer: Our opinions are solely based on our own experience and may differ from others.

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