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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Juaadahs Chinese Muslim Cuisine, Bandar Puncak Alam

After moving, Papa and Mamarazzi was super duper tired. No mood to cook. Moreover the kitchen was still in a mess.

Saw a Chinese Muslim Cuisine Restaurant. Hentam and try la

 We had Ginger Fish Fillet RM15

 Sizzling Taufu RM10

 Kailan Dua Rasa, top was fried till like crunchy seaweed  while the stem they boil it. RM7

 Super hungry.....senduk two sudu at one short can eat faster and eat more la.

 My bed have not arrived. Need two weeks to arrive. Meantime, Mamarazzi pushed the sofa beed into the Master Bedroom so that I can sleep with them. Scared leh to sleep alone in a "strange" house.

 The next night we went there again to have dinner. Too tired to think. I had seafood noodles.

 Mamarazzi had Salted Fish Fried Rice. 

Hmm....what did Papa had ah? Char Keoy Teow I think....forgotten to snap photo. 

 Mamarazzi saw they have Beef with Baby Kailan ...ordered one plate. 

 Third still in a mess though the cabinets were in already....makan same place lor.

 This round Mamarazzi had Petai fried rice RM12 I think.

a lot of Petai leh ...there was like 15-20 petais there....unlike one famous shop in a famous shopping mall which have 3-4 tiny pieces of Petai at a similar price.

 I had Yee Mee

 Stinky Ketiak...Mamarazzi said.  Nah...I was waiting for the Noodles to "cool down" a bit before eating

 I "Bodek" Mamarazzi. Gave her the squids and prawns. I don't wanna sleep alone leh....and I don't wanna go daycare again....boring la....always makan, do homework, sleep, makan and do homework in daycare. Now I can speak to my friends in Mandarin lor but i refused to speak in Mandarin to family. Pretend tak tau.

Papa had Fried Tanghoon....hmmm dunno the taste....I was Zombiefied

Here is the address if you should be passing by this place :

No 77 &79 G-Floor Jalan PPAJ 3/1, Pusat Perdagangan Alam Jaya, 42300 Bandar Puncak Alam, Selangor.


  1. Luckily the food at the restaurant is not bad, else susah to eat there for many days in a row. Small Kucing must be glad to not have to go to day care anymore.

  2. Mouth watering.... hehehe...
    Kailan dua rasa? Looks tempted. hehe

  3. Hahhhh!!!! Chinese say...bad people scared-y cats!!! Nice yee mee! Looks good!

  4. Three days dinner at the same place...can see the food is not bad lo!!! =]

  5. the petai fried rice looks yummy :)

  6. petai fried rice looks yummy..
    yea, it will take some time for you to actually sort out everything..
    luckily you have the time to do it.
    As for me, I took longer time to sort out things the last time when I shifted as I was working.

  7. Awwwww!!! I think you know about my craziness of petai, kai lan dua rasa and all those typical Malaysian dishes. Hope you are settling down well in the new home.

  8. You had Chinese Muslim Food! I am curious if the chefs are from China?
    The first time I ate Chinese Muslim Food was in China itself and their food was oily.

  9. Wow! You have a long nice kitchen! How to keep all your barangs inside?? So many boxes!

  10. This is the first time I heard of this word Zombie in past tense - ZOMBIFIED! You are bombastic lah!!! Muahahahaha

  11. fulamak, look at the kitchen!! don't mention about being exhausted after moving, packing and unpacking.. even not exhausted at all, see your messy kitchen already don't feel like cooking~~ haha!! :D

    1. Pening leh...wanna vomit blood at that time together with all the endless dust

  12. wow, looks like this restaurant not bad at all woh.. got so many choices, mamarazzi one whole family went there for three consecutive days still can try different dishes.. good lah, a convenient place to go when mamarazzi is lazy to cook.. :)

  13. adui, poor small kucing had to stay in the day care center, and only eat sleep do homework whole day for three days!! and then gotta sleep on the sofa bed for two whole weeks before his bed arrived.. but seems like he was happy, because can sleep together with paparazzi and mamarazzi~~ :)

  14. the fried rice actually look good huh?? got lots of petai, and also got lots of salted fish give, "lork juk liu" really though the price is slightly on the high end lah.. that "yin yong kai lan" looks good too, i've tried this somewhere else and i like this combination.. :)

  15. Chinese Muslim cuisine, very interesting!

  16. Long time din't have petai fried rice liao, miss it!

  17. The Beef with Baby Kailan looks so good. Never had it that I know of but I am sure I would like it.

  18. Must say the salted fish fried rice looks awesome!

    petai fried rice? yummeh...not many places serve it!

  19. Wah! Repeat visits kah?

    The shop owner must be pleased at you all. LOL

    1. yes repeated but lazy to blog three times...hentam all in one la

  20. How come took so long for the bed to arrive?

    So specially made one ke? ;p

    1. not la order from shop. Takes time wor they say

  21. so after that, Mamarazi got bad breath o not ah? :P (bcoz after makan petai ma)


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