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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Happy Healthy Home with method - Living Room (Part 1)

Last week received another parcel. Yea, been receiving quite a few parcels from various friends. Really paiseh as have yet to post up to thank everyone for their thoughtfulness.

This round it's "method products". There is the  :-

- method Squirt + Mop Hard Floor Cleaner in Lemon Ginger Scent
- method All-Purpose Natural Surface Cleaner in french Lavender scent
- method for wood goods polish with Almond scent; and 
- method Glass + Surface Natural Glass Cleaner in mint scent.

Mamarazzi can't wait to try them out.

Actually we have been using method Squirt + Mop Hard Floor Cleaner in Lemon Ginger Scent for quite some time before this. Even before we moved.

It was of great help to us when we were shifting. This photo was taken in the old house before shifting.

See the thick layer of dust and dirt gathered at the corner...How many of you out there can say you sweep and mop all those corners behind the cabinets and television?

Well Mamarazzi is one of those who turn a blind eye on those corners. As a result...stubborn dust and dirt gathered behind those corners. Just imagine all the scrubbing needed to scrub out those dirt. *sweat*

 I saw Mamarazzi was going to mop the floor and I offered to help. She "squirt" and I mop.

To the left and to the right....Behind all those cabinets, table and sofa.

Mamarazzi love the well designed shower-nozzle spray. Just squeeze and it covers large portion of the floor area. No puddling.

No worried about slipping on a puddle. 

 Jeng! Jeng! Clean or not? Sparkling right?  Okay la...there are still some smudges on the wall. Mamarazzi lazy to wipe the wall lah. After all, method Squirt + Mop is for floor and not wall. *Turn blind eye syndrome*

Super exhausted. I helped with the cleaning, packing and carrying heavy boxes to stack up at a corner leh.

At the new house, Mamarazzi continued using method Squirt + Mop Hard Floor Cleaner for the whole house....from kitchen to dining room to living even the stairs were not spared.

Actually they have Method Squirt & Mop Wood Floor Cleaner but since we don't have wooden flooring....oh well....

Finally finished one bottle of it. No...I don't mean that it takes a bottle of this each time to clean the floor. That would be too much.

Anyway, this is abnormal circumstances. We were shifting and needed to clean the old and new house. Hence uses a lot. Actually the bottle was already half gone from daily use before we shifted.

What Mamarazzi loves about this that she doesn't need to bend down a lot when using this. Just squirt and mop. No danger of slipping over wet floor too. 

 We have this glass coffee table. From far it looked clean.

But nearer inspection, there were smudges,  dust and grease. 

Best way to clean it would be using Glass Cleaner.

But many glass cleaners contain ammonia, which is a great grease cutter however Ammonia is toxic. Ammonia can release dangerous fumes that should not be inhaled in high dosage as it can cause lung damage.

Alternative non-toxic way to go about it is to use vinegar and water but that would leave a nasty smell. It would takes long time for the smell to go away.

I guess many houses nowadays have tinted windows, right? Mamarazzi didn't know until recently Ammonia based cleaners cannot be used on tinted windows cause ammonia  dry out plastic and rubber. 

As the new house windows are tinted, we have to look for  glass cleaner that is “ammonia-free” or “safe for tinted windows"

 Last Friday,  Mamarazzi tried out method Glass + Surface Natural Glass Cleaner. Spray on the coffee table. 

Nah...not doing the windows yet coz lazy to climb/still clean in her opinion/dust not thick enough  she wanna start with small project first.

 Some would use an old cloth or this more advance microfiber towel  but Mamarrazi uses old newspaper. Sure to be squeaky clean. No streaks or chemical stank. Sure love the refreshing minty scent.

Keen to see the world through bright-green colored glasses with method? You can find it in Jaya Grocer, Ace Hardware, Cold Storage and even online from . WMS Marketing offers free delivery for purchases over RM20(West Malaysia) and RM40 (East Malaysia).


  1. Sparkling..... sure or not? Lol

  2. We use Method, too, and we love it!!!! You are such a god worker, very helpful to your mom, you deserve a treat or reward!

  3. My father had an office cleaning business. I grew up working on weekends, or after school different arrangements over the years. I am better person because I know about work,doing a good job, being worth my pay. And I do not overlook any person doing a humble job for my building, or myself. You become a greater soul every day. It is a privilege to see.

    Aloha from your Honolulu 'auntie':-)

    1. Agree with you there Cloudia. Never look down on the little people

  4. Ok, now that you're done there...come on over to my house - it sure needs cleaning too! ACTION SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS. LOL!!!!

  5. Seeing is believing! Yes, Method does wonders....

  6. I try the Squid Floor Cleaner too... That's a great helper.

    1. Squid. LOL

      Sorry. Suddenly the image of Squidward cleaning popped up. :-D

  7. wow wow wow!! actually i wowed not because of the cleaning but because of mamarazzi's super duper dirty floor, hahaha!!

  8. awesome Method products, can really make that super duper dirty floor turn squeaky shiny clean!! and also leaving a nice fragrance behind.. nice!! :)

  9. hehehe, good boy small kucing for helping mamarazzi with the cleaning, packing and carrying of heavy boxes.. so exhausted and can straight away fall into sleep on the floor?? :p

    1. Slept on the bed la. Half way cleaning he went "missing". Found him like this on the bed

  10. Mama Meow,
    I will move fuenitures that are not fixed to the wall/floor and clean the area behind. :-D

    1. Salute u la. Tak larat wanna move those heavy cabinet leh :) good excuse lol

  11. Wah! Small kucing such a good, hardworking buy la.

    Eih! No show kaldip cleaning also ka? :-P

    1. ops! Typo!
      I mean boy not buy. :-P

    2. Lalala....penyakit jangkit ni

      Kaldip hv to go meetings ma. So only two lo

  12. Such a good boy, i rarely help my mom with her housekeeping *blush* xD

  13. Rajin la small kucing, sampai pengsan tolong mop rumah. hehehe.
    I use the method glass cleaner at home since we have a lot of glass furniture, and I love how it made my glass surfaces clean and shine! :)

  14. Why so many parcels sent to your house?? Sure your Mamarazzi cannot finish using them. So please send to me!!!

  15. Waaah! Why need to tint your windows? i suspect Kaldip like to dance tarian bogel at home. Muahahahaha

  16. Kesian to see your little one exhausted to the maximum. Lovely product and I simply like the lemon scented products.

    1. They have all sorts of cleaning products and scents

  17. Good product making work easier..

  18. Wah, Small Kucing is so helpful. Next time Mamarazzi no need to clean at all, Small Kucing kau tim all with method!

  19. What a good little worker! I like those method products too.

  20. What a good little worker! I like those method products too.

  21. Wow. You have a very good helper around. Can I hire him to help me clean my house sometimes? Of course I pay him by treating him to a sumptuous meal. lol

  22. I use that natural product :)


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