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Monday, 16 September 2013

Borders Warehouse Sale at Citta Mall, Ara Damansara

Happy Malaysia Day! Going any where special today? maybe head over to Citta Mall?

Last week, Mamarazzi saw many banner along Subang Airport Road highlighting that there will be a Borders Warehouse Sale at Citta Mall from 13th September 2013 to 22nd September 2013.

Hence on Saturday, we heads over to the sale after a few hours of playing with mud. 

There was quite a crowd when we arrived. I followed Papa while Mamarazzi went hunting.
Not that big scale . The usual books. Mostly 70% off and if have Maybank Card or is a Borders member will get and extra 5% off.

Hmmm...Maybe Big Bad Wolf Books can do that too? Extra 5% off for members ? Hehehehe.....*wish upon a star*

Mamarazzi too pampered by BBWBS already. Though at 70% off, she still needs to think twice as she is saving her "bullets" for the coming sale.

 Being "stingy", she immediately heads over to the RM3 section. There were some "lengchai" (handsome boys) keychains, calenders , CDs audio books and books.

Then she thought....huh? that's all? no more lah?  That was when she spotted there is another section to the sale.

There was some pretty nice books and stuffs here. Some hand phone casing, power banks, paintings and etc

 There were toys too for the kids. Saw a big box of blocks...Lego like for RM80 only but Mamarazzi didn't buy for me.

 There was some musical books priced RM20 and above. Again she didn't buy any for me as the condition of the books was not that good There were some wear and tear on the books. Guess, early birds got all the worms gua. The good stuff have been grabbed by those who came earlier than us .....

 In the end, Mamarazzi bought 5 books only. Three from the RM3 section.

A hardcover at RM30 plus. Original price was RM98 plus. She saw pretty good rating in Goodreads and this book was nicely wrapped, unlike others.

Hmm...she only bought ONE book for me.

This book. Original price was RM16 plus but at 70% discount....

I wonder if they will keep on replenishing their stock like what happen during BBWBS. If yes, then it would be terrific.


  1. HAPPY MALAYSIA DAY to mamarazzi, paparazzi and small kucing!! another day off, so where will the cat's family be going?? and what will the cat's family be eating??

  2. awww, books warehouse sales!! surely we will not see mamarazzi going to miss any of such events!! cool 70% off for all items and as low as RM3?? quite attractive, but too bad huh?? seems like mamarazzi wasn't borong-ing a lot that day..

  3. Happy Malaysia Day!
    Me not going anywhere, just spend it like ordinary.. Boo~

  4. That's so many books! Such a nice place for those book worms! ;))

  5. haha, i think cannot fight with BBWS lah, that one is the biggest one if i am not mistaken, and the name also suggest that wat, hahahaha!! and seems like this Borders warehouse sale didn't only sell books, but a lot of other accessories and toys and CD, not bad also lah, more varieties mah~~

    1. sure cannot fight lor ...see price already lo....

  6. hahahaha, that was a very fierce looking small kucing huh?? only one book for him?? this was just an appetizer lah, i am sure mamarazzi is going to borong more books during the BBWS warehouse sales tour.. errr, moved to a new and bigger house, sure got more space to stock up the books dei~~

    1. Ya lor...kena "scolding" LOL...but after McD ok liao

  7. I see you enjoying a drink!

    You got a book!

    Happy Malaysia Day!

  8. Haha. I'm being stingy as well. Save the best for the last. Hehe.
    Last nite went to the book fair again, borong Mary Higgins Clark. Muhuhu.

  9. Ya, why she bought one for you only? So bad! Come, come...I will buy you lots here!!!

  10. Well---sounds like Mama got a few good deals --even though there wasn't much that she liked.... At least, Small Kucing got ONE new book!!!!!

    How is the new home?


    1. Waiting for the other sale. This one not bad la but have to budget

  11. So sikit borong books this time?

    BBWS sure waits for your participation and boronging la, Mama Kucing. LOL

  12. Oh, Borders still surviving in M'sia? Too bad they closed down here :<

  13. Mama needs a bigger room for her books soon!

  14. wow, some of them are really cheap, good bargain for those who like to read!

  15. Is that an angry look on Small Kucing's face in the photo above? Did Mamarazzi ask you to pretend to be angry for her to take a photo?

  16. Love Borders but ours is quite aways away frome me and the bookstores that are near are really, really small. Lucky you!

  17. I love that angry face of yours with signature botak head!!! Anay like X 100 times!

  18. The daughter of Heaven book... Anay like!.... *Wink *Wink @-@ Hint! Hint!

    I also have very strong liking for non fiction books on the lives and struggles of China folks who have migrated overseas. China is so damn huge and you could see the countless visits I have made there......shows how I am fascinated with the lifestyle and history which never failed to raise my eyebrows.

    1. wait ah...Mamarazzi finish reading the lend you :P

  19. Maybe can drop by this week after sending small E to school.


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