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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Fish Head Noodles at Win Soon Cafe, Bandar Puteri Puchong

Was around Puchong area around lunch time. Mamarazzi thought of having Fish Head Noodle. Google and found this highly recommended Fish Head noodle restaurant. Adei....again kinda hard to find a parking space here.

 I want to have......

 Sea-coconut drink....a bit too sweet for Mamarazzi but I like it just fine...

 My bowl of plain Fish head Bihun...

 Papa's bowl of Fried Fish Head Bihun

 And Mamarazzi's Fish Paste bihun without the milk. 

 Had to ask for a separate small bowl for me coz the "bihun" suck up the "soup" very fast

 Mamarazzi kept asking me to eat faster . 

 Found one of the secret recipe here....definitely non-halal. Crunchy Pork lard. No wonder the soup taste different a bit.

For us, taste wise okay la. Portion quite big. Hmm... wondering why the portion of the "noodle" in Fish Head bihun are bigger than other type of noodles. Is it to justify the price?

Well, here is the address if you wish to try out the noodle here.

Win Soon Cafe Sdn Bhd
No. 16-2A, Jalan Puteri 2/6,
Bandar Puteri, 47100 Puchong,


  1. I like fish head bihun too..

  2. Why did Mamarazzi ask Small Kucing to eat faster? There is another outlet in Kuchai Lama.

  3. Fish head Noodles again!!!! What is wrong with Mamarazzi or Kaldip?

  4. I really cannot tahan anymore and need to eat a bowl of Fish Head Noodles tomorrow. It is 2am and you made me hungry. Yeeeer

  5. Looks tasty lo, will go try it someday!!! =]

  6. Not a fan of this milky one - fish head, I'd go for the assam curry with rice.

  7. Chinese likes big portions... more worth the money... but for me, I sure end up taking half of the Big.. :)

  8. oh dear, is my comment missing again? I have to comment two times before the "comment will be published"

  9. Aiyoh! Then Auntie Lina cannot go makan there lor! Hahaha :P

  10. I like the milky and creamy texture of the broth after adding evaporated milk, sadly those fish noodles here in Penang don't add in any :(

    1. Ooo yhey don't hv milk in penang? Yay...mamarazzi love

  11. fuyoh, mamarazzi is a fish head noodles fans?? the day before baru posted about fish head noodles, today hentam once again?? hehehe.. actually i also quite like that lah~~

    1. No leh...mamarazzi just "discovered" fish head hoodles..minus the milk of course

  12. oh sea coconut drinks, at first i thought it's honey preserved lime.. haha, because i like that drink more than sea coconut.. sea coconut too sweet and always make the throat uncomfortable, but the honey preserved lime is better, cooling and refreshing..

  13. everything must have pork lard then only more delicious?? hehehe, now we all know mamarazzi's taste lah, very simple to make her say the food is nice~~ tambah "g yao jar" boss!! :D

  14. haha, i know fish head noodles more expensive than normal soup noodles lah, but i don't really find they are usually served in bigger portion woh.. maybe true also lah, they give you bigger portion (or maybe by default give you large one if you did not specify you want small one) so that they can charge you more..


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