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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Happy Healthy Home with method - Perfume Counter Fresh Bathroom (Part 1)

STOP! If you just had your meal or is going to have your meal soon, do not proceed further. Close this window and come back later. Gross photos ahead!

Degil(Stubborn) ya? Wanna read ya? Wokay! don't say I didn't warn you.

Ah Mah and Ah Kong is coming again middle of nextmonth.  Time for "spring cleaning" again. Didn't have much time to clean these few weeks for obvious reasons

Mamarazzi thought this would be the best time to spin off the first post of the "HAPPY HEALTHY HOME" project by method malaysia. There will be 6 post all together over the span of 6 months period. 

Mamarazzi will be trying out various method's non-toxic and environmental friendly products. She will be the maid "rejuvenating" three rooms in our home. So let's follow our cleaning journey and there might be something good waiting for you at the end of the journey.

For starter, Mamarazzi had chosen the Bathroom.'s super unhygienic.

Every morning I would brush my teeth and rinse my mouth at the bathroom sink. All the toothpaste "bubbles" spattered here and there all over the sink.

For this, she used Method Bathroom Cleaner for natural tub and tile to clean the sink. Spray and leave it for 5 minute. Mmm.....she love the eucalyptus mint scent that emits from the bottle when she spray it.

Okay...let me tell you something lah. Mamarazzi really not environmental friendly person leh. Usually she will take the short cut and pour bleach on whatever place that is dirty. Gosh...the smell of it...can makes ones faint not to say it's also not environmentally friendly

Here is the result after using bathroom cleaner for natural tub and tile to clean the sink. Top is before and bottom is after.

You can see there is still a bit of stain there . Oh well, you can't expect dirt from eons ago to magically disappear in 5 minutes after using bathroom cleaner, right?. I bet with frequent use, the dirt will come out sooner or later.

Spray spray onto the bathroom wall tiles....see! pretty clean ya.?

Nice or not? So clean ah? Not bluffing have not been photoshop...hmmm.. only reduced the size of the photos so that the blog can load easily.

 Tell you a funny story......Mamarazzi saw this at the method Blogger Tea Party and was wondering how to shower using this. Luckily the people there told her it's a cleaner for the shower. Not for her to shower with.

Otherwise Mamarazzi would be spraying it on to her body. That's the trouble with Mamarazzi...speed reading...never read properly and simply assume.

 As our Guest bathroom doesn't have a divider, Mamarazzi try out this product on the mirror in the bathroom. was kinda dirty with water marks and all.

One spray and the whole bathroom smell of Ylang Ylang scent. in the perfume counter leh.

Wipe it with cloth and the watermarks were gone. Squeaky clean.

I came home from school so happy.....fuiyoh...bathroom become sooooooo clean already...I can now "spray painting" without worry liao.

Mamarazzi just need to spray the tiles with method shower cleaner and wipe off the "bubbles" easily.

Nevermind la, if the spray finished Mamarazzi can get some more from method online store mah....

Were you wondering why some of the photos were so "yellowish"? Coz of the light la....Dunno why Papa and Mamarazzi installed this yellow light in the bathroom....bathroom also wanna romantic ka?

Got this photo from method. Yup! HAPPY HEALTHY HOME.... with non-toxic cleaner!

Stay tune for our next post....

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Restaurant Yi Poh, PJ Old Town

Last Saturday the doctor said Por Por can be discharged before noon, but the very last minute she ordered blood test to be done. Adoi...already said can discharge wanna do blood test again ah?  Ding dong here and there, payment , took med  and then sent Por Por to Nursing Home for 24hours doctor and nurses care, by the time everything done, it was nearly 4pm.

We were at PJ old Town area. Mamarazzi's mind was blank as to what to eat. Me hungry pulak. Then Mamarazzi said buy McDonald for me to eat la as she had no appetite.  But as we were cornering wanna go to McD PJ Old Town, Mamarazzi spotted this.

UIks....saw this shop in some blog leh...where ah?? Papa saw the chair is nice and sturdy. Okay la...abolish plans for McD. Makan(eat) noodle la.

Here is where I "eksyen"...I said I want Ice Cream. Mamarazzi said the shop doesn't have Ice Cream and I pointed to the Menu...There! Ice Cream.

Mamarazzi looked...'s written there "Cham Ice" la.... Mana ada Ice Cream......a case of 老师书, 老师猪 . Errrrr.....Mamarazzi Mandarin translation correct ka?

 In the end I had Soya Bean Milk while Mamarazzi had Three Layer Tea. 

Papa Bowl of noodles. Mamarazzi forgotten what it was called coz mind was elsewhere at that time. Think it was Wan Tan Noodle.

 My bowl of Hakka Noodles.

Mamarazzi didn't feel like eating much so she just ordered a bowl of dumplings.  Not sure what cutting of meat was that coz it was unlike any other pork dumpling which Mamarazzi had before. It was soft but not mushy kinda soft. Got lotsa pepper in it. She quite like it coz it woke up her taste buds.

Initially Mamarazzi thought wanna share my bowl of Hakka Mee but she saw I ate so syok, so she didn't try la. I polished off the whole bowl all by myself. 

Don't know why for the past week I kept feeling so hungry. Kept eating and munching non-stop.Mamarazzi said am growing again.

Wah....this shop very "laku" oh...4pm still full of customers and there were some more customers coming in ...lucky we got there 5 mins early else we don't get to eat lor coz after that Mamarazzi heard the staffs there said noodles finished already.

Sorry I don't have the address of this shop. Papa asked the Boss for name card but he doesn't have any yet. Newly opened. About 3 weeks old.

But don't worry la. It's easy to find. It's right at the junction between Jalan Pasar 1/21 and Jalan 1/10, PJ Old Town. Do you know Public Bank Berhad PJ Old Town? Well, it's same row as PBB ....right at the other end of the row.

Monday, 29 July 2013

My Week of Many "Firsts"

Alo alo...sorry ya . M.I.A to suddenly last week. Got family emergency. Por Por suddenly collapsed and was admitted to hospital.

My "first" time got pulled out from class while class was ongoing. My "first" time doing homework at the hospital bench. Well, homework gotta be done, right? Better do something rather than sitting there waiting

My "first" time going into Emergency Room. Hmmm.....sure like they said wor....the E.R Doctor darn handsome leh. All the nurses crowd around him like flies to dumspters bees to honey.

My "first" time encountering "Specialist" Doctor in ICU who is more interested in marketing her products rather than saving life. When asked what caused the collapse, she can't answer and switched to medical jargon. The killer phrase was "bla bla bla.... so what do you want me to do?". Wah lau eh....if Mamarazzi know what the heck she was talking about then maybe not so many mushrooms coming up from her head la. are the doctor are suppose to advice...not throw all the medical jargon to the family members and scare the hell out of them leh.

Another killer shoot by the doctor..."...bla bla...don't worry if she needs XXXX, I am the spcialist here. No need to find other doctor". Alo......the report not even out yet how can you go market for your product ler? E.R says severe lung infection leh. Why divert from answering about the cause?

My "first" time being dumped put into daycare for two days. Mamarazzi was amazed that I managed to complete my homework in such a neat and tidy manners when I was in daycare. I was fed, bathe, homework completed and "napped" when Papa and Mamarazzi came to fetch me.

My "first" time not being nagged by Mamarazzi to memorize and practice my "ting Say"(Spelling for Chinese). Since Mamarazzi got negative report from the Principal, she had been kicking my arse nagging me to do "ting Say" till I sleep also slept with the book.

My "first" time seeing so many tubes going in and coming out from a body and people getting slapped.

Oh well... Por Por was given the green light and was discharged last Saturday. Hope things will go smoothly from now on.

Oh ya...another one of my "first"....found a nice restaurant to have noodle....but that will be tomorrow's post.

Thank you for all your well wishes and kind words in FB, whatapps and messages. 

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Hunting For Sheong Tong Lala at Kedai Makanan Laut Kebun Kelapa, Pandamaran

 Found this little Grasshopper on Papa's car. Am not afraid of it. 

 Grasshopper! oh Grasshopper! where can I find good and tasty Sheong Tong Lala?

Huh? Pandamaran? so far....

 Okay lor.....I will follow you~ Vrooom vroom me and my little car. It's so far. Arrived thirsty...ordered coconut drink to cool down.

The last time we were here the food was good.

 Finally Sheong Tong Lala....!

 Wait......Don't eat...I snap photo first.


Adei...there Papa "kacau" pulak

 Ordered wrongly...Mamarazzi wanted something with gravy for me so the Boss suggested "Taufu Kang". *faint* Sheong thong Lala was soupy and this one also soupy.....too tired from the long journey to think straight

 Dragon Leaves vegetable. First time eating this was in Seremban. Hmmm ...these were young and crunchy. Taste great

 Some fried sotong(squids) . Not that nice. Was a bit chewy.

For me...I love the Sheong Thong Lala . No for the soup coz Mamarazzi had forgotten to ask them not to put cili padi

 I like it coz of the Lala shell

 Wash already, wanna bring home and play. Want some?

Here is the address if you wish to try out the food here :

Kedai Makanan Laut Kebun Kelapa
1354 Jalan Nipah 4, Kawasan 10, 42000 Port Klang, Selangor
Tel :  03 3168 4451

Monday, 22 July 2013

Restoran Abdul Briyani Power Batu Pahat, Sg Buloh

Back in early June, Papa pening, Mamarazzi pening....what to eat? Papa said let's go look for Nasi Briyani. Papa said he read somewhere that there is a good Nasi Briyani in Sg Buloh.

Found it using GPS. It's behind The Store, Sg Buloh.

Mmmm...we were quite early. Not many people yet.

These dishes comes with the Nasi Briyani. The Cucumber Acar and some sort of gravy. Mamarazzi did not like the Cucumber Acar coz the cucumber was not crunchy. She likes the crunchy type of acar.

Papa like the dish of gravy.

Ordered one Briyani Daging (beef) and One Briyani Ayam (chicken).

The Briyani ayam was supposed to be for me but Papa had forgotten to ask them to put the Chicken on a separate plate.

hence ordered one more plate of Nasi Briyani

Adoi....something spicy in this plate of Briyani. Mamarazzi said I must have bitten a clove or something la.

For me, I didnt't like the Nasi Briyani. Most probably coz I accidentally bitten the clove. For Mamarazzi it was okay la. Papa likes it. 

Here is the address if you wanna try out their Nasi Briyani

 Lot 119-4,5,6,8 Medan Selera Utara Fasa 4, Bandar Baru Sungai Buloh, 47000 Sungai Buloh, Selangor, Malaysia

Friday, 19 July 2013

Funtime at KLCC Park in My Undies Again.

 Yay! Yay! Am going to the park! Really "paiseh" coz I've never been to KLCC park before though many people told me about this place.

Look at the map first

Follow me guys! It's this way!

Better fold up my pants least it get wet.Actually no need to fold up also can coz the pants is getting too short for me.

Kept asking Mamarazzi to buy new pants for me but she kept dilly dally say no time or lazy to shop.

See! Am not a toddler anymore leh.

Tsk Tsk Tsk...if lazy to go shopping then just go Zalora lah. Zalora Malaysia is an online shopping destination  for men, women and kids what....Just a click or two everything will be delivered to doorstep.

Finally arrived at the pool area. Saw a sign says must take out shoes. There was a lady guard there too . She would whistle loudly if she sees anyone wearing shoes  near the pool area.

Wahhhh....such a big play ground here....and also a big big pool...not deep but just nice to cool my body down after running around the play ground.

oh boy...It's sure cooling over in here....

Was having fun playing water in my undies when Mamarazzi asked me to pose for the camera. Haiz...kacau betul.

Pretty soon, it's time to leave.  Going int KLCC hunting for dinner.

Hoping it's not something spicy else I'll need to bring along this fire hydrant lor.
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