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Friday, 10 May 2013

Ikan "James Bond" at Mail Ikan Bakar, Kuantan

Lunch time Mamarazzi tapau-ed Chicken Rice and Tomata Sauce Pasta from the Hotel Cafe. Seems that Mr Wolf wanna make sure that his citizen wont go hungry.

The Hotel have a stall nearby the hall selling these . RM5 per packet. Not too bad la considering it's hotel food.

Tomato sauce asta....hmmm....chicken rice taste better to me.

After lunch....I followed Mamarazzi to BBWS for the 3rd round coz a friend asked Mamarazzi to get some books for her kids.

Fuiyo....quite a crowd. I also managed to grab one or two books for myself la.

Came back to the hotel room I was so "high" that I refused to sleep. When it's time to go out to hunt for food, I felt super sleep.

Haiz....I woke up here.....Dont know how I sleep-walk here.

It's Mail Ikan Bakar at Tanjung Lumpur. Mamarazzi wanted to have Ikan Bakar(Grilled Fish). Googled found that this Mail Ikan Bakar is quite famous.

Fist of some cool coconuts drinks...

Super hot leh....must cool down my body first.

Popcorns!......eerrrr not....looks like popcorns coz its light yellow color. Actually it was Fried Sotong(squid).

Papa ordered Two Sotong. Mamarazzi found that one was too chewy but the other was just nice.

 The dip for the Sotong.

Some mixed vege to go with the rice.

Some cockles. Papa loves this.

Cockle cockle cockle...want some?

Fried eggs for me ...

Finally came the Grilled fish. Papa choose Ikan "James Bond". It's actually Ikan Jebong but sound a bit like James Bond, right? It's meaty and not much small bones. It was lavishly "coated" with Sambal paste. Fulamak........delicious.

The spicy and sourish dip for the fish. Truly enhance the taste of the fish.

Got a bit of shock looking at the "teeth". Pretty big and sharp. A bit like human teeth.

This little kitty very persistent leh. Kept asking for food from Mamarazzi. Even jump on the chair and pat Mamarazzi lap to ask for food.

Total damaged to Papa's wallet ...RM80 plus. Hmmm ....not exactly super cheap but it was reasonable la. Moreover the service here was good . Unlike the other one that we have been to two years ago.

Sorry, I don't know the exact address but found from Foursquare it's : 
Perkampungan Tanjung Lumpur, Jalan Tanjung Lumpur, Kuantan, Pahang 26060, Malaysia


  1. Does Small Kucing eat cockles? The teeth on the fish is very scary lah!

  2. oh my gosh...those teeth!!!!

  3. Tony Roma's Setia City Mall
    Yes we went there .
    But Tony Roma's Mid Velly Garden has excellent service by Mr. SADIQ slimly face
    The service delicious than the food, even Tony Roma's food always nice
    All the customers can enjoy hospitality there in Tony Roma's Mid Velly Garden special sever SADIQ.
    All the thing comes with details and fast
    My opinion new out let need for good staff if possible bring him to Setia city Mall others also can learn from him and develop your business and mangers I think also ok la .
    If possible we can have the general manger Email
    Thank you Tony Roma's with time out promotion.

    1. ???

      Thank you for leaving comments about Tony Roma's service in this restaurant Mail Ikan Bakar post.

      However, I do not represent Tony Roma nor related to the restaurant.

      Any suggestions or feedback it would be best that your redirect to Tony Roma website.

      Thank you

  4. Wow so many nice food. Kesian Small Kucing, sampai terlelap atas meja. hehe. I think the fish needs to go to the dentist. lol!

  5. Ahhhh!!!! The fried egg done the way I like it!!!! Eeeee...I don;t want the fish, scary!!! LOL!!! Melissa che-che would love the sotong...and the cockles.

  6. did u share some food with the little kitty?

  7. well firs tht first meal loiks great but then
    i liked that spaghetti even more, oka im being bias
    it's just my favorite

  8. drinks seems refreshing, but though
    fresh coconut juice tasted great
    i think i would love to have some sweetened version of it
    with milk ofcourse

  9. the fish was kinda scary! it reminds me
    of that piranna movie argh

  10. have a gre day and happy blogging small kucing
    take care always and god bless you too

  11. Eat while still can... Now i got refrain from so much food... No fun

  12. Aiyoh! Terkejut Auntie Lina when she saw that fish's mouth.

  13. The fish teeth are so scary!!!! The hotel food looks pretty nice, but you are SO cute when you are asleep!!!

  14. the chicken rice at RM5 per box is okay wert not expensive at all, but then the what tomato pasta?? hmmm, doesn't really look appetizing at all.. i will prefer the chicken rice too..

  15. wah, so how many rounds did mamarazzi went to the BBWS?? and how many books in numbers and in ringgit did she grabbed from the sales?? no wonder need to have big coconut to cool down, haha~~

  16. i see two coconuts and two glasses of syrup.. one coconut for mamarazzi and small kucing each, and paparazzi had two glasses of syrup??

    1. syrup is Mamarazzi and mine...we had coconut and the syrup

  17. the popcorn sotong (haha!!) looks good woh, with the dip sure lagi more appetizing right?? and the fish, fulamak, see also can drool lor, look at those lavish sambal on top..

  18. but that fish very scary lah!! mamarazzi somemore want to put a big photo showing those scary teeth!! so big, really looks like human teeth for the top part, and the bottom ones are fangs from tigers!! @_@"

  19. RM80 in total consider okay lah.. and how much has been given to that smart little kitty which pats on mamarazzi's lap?? hehe~~ :p

  20. I love to eat cockle!!! =]

  21. Aiyo, the James Bond gigi very scary leh!

  22. yer...the gross photo of the teeth ~~~

  23. Cockles ... I like to eat that too
    I like it big n add some nice sambal damn nice

  24. Nowadays the weather is so hot, coconut drinks come in time, hehe...

  25. Ohhh!!! James Bond surely lived up to the name. That sambal punch I can't let go lah.

  26. we used to take cockles those days.
    not anymore as they say cockles are contaminated with toxins.
    not healthy..

  27. omg. the teeth is super scary! looks exactly like human!

  28. the fried sotong and coconut.. now i'm so hungry :(

  29. This ikan jebong is also known as ikan ayam (chicken fish) as they say the flesh taste like chicken. So does it taste like chicken?

    1. ikan ayam meh...The one that Mamaazzi buy frm pasar doesnt have these sharp teeth wor

  30. The fish teeth look scary la.

  31. james bond = jebong? smart! maybe malaysian version of 007! :P Hi, i'm bong, mat jebong! xD

  32. All dishes looks yummy. Happy Mother's Day to you .

  33. Wah... the fish really looks scary!

  34. Hahha! James Bond fish! I will order this fish next time. Lol!

    Btw, Mamarazzi, you have an award from me today! Do check it out, ya! Happy Mother's Day to you!


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