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Monday, 20 May 2013

I Love It When Mamarazzi Is Lazy...(Ming Xiang Restaurant)

Yeah....I love it when Mamarazzi is lazy. I get to "tapau" lunch or eat out.

Two months ago( was two months or more), Mamarazzi was lazy again. 
After class, we went to the Restaurant nearby to have lunch. 

 Ordered this something something bamboo something something taufu. Yeah...should have blogged about this earlier before she forgot the name.

 Then this Pork Chop. Surprisingly it was well marinated and very tender. I like it. Usually am lazy to "chew" meat hence I seldom eat meat. But then Mamarazzi cut his up into tiny pieces and I walloped nearly 2 piece of this.

 OOhhhh...another nice one...the Bittergourd Soup. Bluff you not. It was yummy.

 Sweet....not bitter at all. Maybe coz they put in those crabs stick? But Mamarazzi doesn't like Crab sticks.

While Papa and Mamarazzi had rice, I had noodle.

Noodle with the soup ...slurrrppp....

 I love it. .....

Here is the address of the restaurant if you wish to try their food. Not bad :-
No 2 Jalan Bulan BT U5/BT, Bandar Pinggiran Subang, Sek U5, 40150 Shah Alam, Selangor.
Tel : 03-7845 1257
H/p : 012-373 6393(Nikki)


  1. The food seems nice. Is it expensive?

  2. Yum yum... see how you lick the spoon?

  3. The 3rd picture, Small Kucing expression is so funny, hehe...

  4. When Mamarazzi not lazy that time, she will cook for you something, something, something :)

  5. I love your lazy mama too...cos I am also like that.. hahaha..

  6. Their pork chops look nice wor, with a lot of green onions on top. Today I also cook pork, but sweet and sour pork, hehehe..

  7. hahaha! How Small Kucing wishes Mamarazzi lazy all the times, so he gets to go out and eat all those nice food. hahah! Small Kucing is so obedient and not choosy eater. Always enjoying his food.

  8. Compared to the last one you blogged about, this looks like a great restaurant. All of the food looks so good. When the little guy woofed down all of those pork chops, I knew that had to have been a good meal. Thanks for sharing!!!

  9. mamarazzi is not lazy, giggle, just needs a break sometimes. giggle xo

  10. I'm a lazy mama as well. Always option for outside food. hehehe...

  11. The food there is good but a bit pricey considering dining in air conditioning room

  12. something something bamboo something something taufu?
    haha that's an interesting and funny namae hahaha
    anyway it seems great

    1. coz Mamarazzi had forgotten the name of the dish :p

  13. but then the pork chop seems better to me,
    and based on your description it is just the
    way i like it

    1. i must remember this ...just in case when you come over

  14. that's a funny shot by the way haha

  15. have a great day and happy blogging small kucing
    take the best of care and god bless

  16. Is that the noodles called wan tan mee??? Because it looks like it!!! =]


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