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Friday, 31 May 2013

TGIF, Subang Parade

Thank God It's Friday... yeah...another week had gone by. So fast one week school holiday had past. These two weeks had been an eventful week. Loads of things happened . Gosh, I wonder when Mamarazzi will have time to sort out all the photos and stuffs.

Can you believe it...My birthday was in February and only now Mamarazzi is posting up this mini celebration. Hmmm was it to celebrate my birthday or Papa's birthday ah? I have forgotten la.

 Mushroom soup to start it off. Hmmm ....nice but......hmmmm....feels like something was missing... don;t know what.

My kid's meal ...something something fingers with fries. I love the fries. This is when I learnt to like tomato sauce. I used to fear it coz it's red which i thought it's the same as Cili sauce.

 Hahaha..."noodles" which I shared with Papa. Interesting mix. 

Mamarazzi's  moo moo. 

This round we didn't tell the staffs that it's for birthday hence no singing. Just a quiet birthday. 

Nice place to be . Friendly staffs.

Meantime...happy weekend to everyone

Thursday, 30 May 2013

A Wet Thai Food Cafe (Revisited), Bandar Puteri Puchong

When was our last visit here ah? I have forgotten. But some of the staffs still remember my face.

Previously I had rice with some dishes here but this round I wanted "keoy Teow". Yeah....such big plate. Loads of gravy and seafood. I just had the Keoy Teow while papa and mamarazzi helped me to finish off the ingredients.

Papa and Mamarazzi had rice. Ordered Kerabu Mango(Mango salad) . Normally Papa doesn;t like to eat Mango salad. He doesn;t like sourish things. But surprisingly this round he ate this. Said he taste nice wor.

Mamarazzi had not had four angle beans for long time . Ordered this fried with garlic so that I can have it too. Said fried with belacan is nice but I don;t take spicy food.

But then Mamarazzi wanna have some spiciness with her rice so she asked for some cili with belacan...wah....fiery hot

But it's not as good as the dipping for the Grilled Sotong. Papa likes the sotong very much. This round it was fresh and thick.

I wonder if Uncle Arthur would wanna try out this restaurant too or not.

No.1, Grd Floor Jalan Puteri 2/5, Bandar Puteri, 47100 Puchong. Tel: 603 - 8060 5630.

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Fierce Curry House, Bangsar Utama Mamarazzi looking at this batch of photos, she can't recall whether she had posted about this makan place or not.

Getting all muddle up already coz too many post which shetoo lazy to draft have not post up.

As I recall, a moon or two moons ago, Papa's friend was in town and was staying in Midvalley. He is a Muslim and was keen to have some nice halal food but preferred some where nearby..

Papa found just the place. Fierce Curry House in Bangsar Utama. From outside it looks just like any other normal shoplot.

But inside....wa...decorated very nicely leh...cozy place.

 I didn't feel like eating much so I ordered Roti Canai with egg. Eat with sugar. Doesn't like Dhall and curry.

 Mamarazzi had their Banana Leaf rice. If not mistaken it was RM6 only but with so much vegetables!!!!

 Mamarazzi didn't know that they gives so many dishes when she ordered the Banana Leaf rice. Hence she ordered fried chicken. Alamak...too much leh...can;t finish. Papa had to help.

 Papa's friend had lamb Briyani. 

 Was surprised the rice came in a sealed bowl. 

The man opened the seal in front of us and .....

Jeng jeng!

 Ta! Da!

 Papa had, Chicken Briyani.

For me....I enjoyed my roti canai most though I could not finish it.

Hmmm...must bring Ah Mah to eat here some day coz she loves to have loads of vegetables. Certainly will suit her well.

Here is the address if you wish to try out for yourself the food here :

16, Jalan Kemuja, Bangsar Utama, Kuala Lumpur.

Tel : 019-383 0945

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Can You Guess The VIP?

Yesterday Mamarazzi blogged about VIP coming over, right? Can you guess who is the VIP? 
It's a Male and very generous ones too. Expert in food. Also can cook as good as a "Master Chef".

Gosh....really paiseh coz knowing that we missed the food over there, he brought along loads of goodies for us.

Here are the clues :-

Delicious Pork Belly Kompiah

which Papa immediately wallopped four 

Kolo Mee

Mee Poh for me

Super big siao bee for Papa

Masak Hitam

 Super spicy dried Cili for Mamarazzi.

And even a big tub of special Oink Oink which he cooked.

Mamarazzi heat up a chuck of it and we had it for dinner on Sunday. It was delicious. Love the gravy. Meat was tender and juicy.

 Still Cannot guess? Here is the final clue.

 Hmm....why not "I love  U" geh......? Really paiseh....Thank You Very much for treating us with so many goodies. Should say I love YOU coz you are so generous. You wanna know who is the person? Well, heads over to his BLOG to find out

Monday, 27 May 2013

VIP Coming! Food Panda To The Rescue!!!

Last Friday, Mamarazzi was super busy in the kitchen. She was up since 7 a.m. running around the kitchen preparing Bak Chang(dumplings).

 She had  said she will make Bak Chang (Dumplings) for VIP to taste. Poor Mamarazzi was running around like headless chicken coz this VIP is a food expert. He have very high expectation of what goes in his mouth.

Mamarazzi was sure her Bak Chang will not be up to expectation but at least must try her best so that won't "fail" so badly.

Papa had to go to work. Yup, Wesak Day stilln needs to work. What to do???

Breakfast, Mamarazzi "tapau-ed" Nasi Lemak for me. Lunch time, she just throw some rice into the rice cooker and bits of meat in to cook porridge.

 She was over ambitious. She was making Meat Dumpling PLUS Alkaline Dumplings. They took forever to boil coz Mamarazzi doesn't have those gigantic pots. She had to boil them batch by batch.

Finally done, by 5pm.

 I told her I am super-duper hungry but she said she is too exhausted to cook dinner. Papa not back yet. How?

Mamarazzi said okay lah okay la... She said she will order from FoodPanda. FoodPanda is an online food delivery service that caters for people in Klang Valley. She heard about it from Auntie Little Bird.

Auntie Little Bird said whenever she is lazy to cook, she will order from FoodPanda. It's easy, fuss free and the food arrive warm. There are more than 250 restaurants to choose from.

 Mamarazzi asked me what I would like to eat coz she also confused on what to eat when she saw the choices. Adoi....there are Chinese, Indian/Punjabi, Thai, Malay, Korean, Japanese, Middle Eastern fare and more to choose from.

I said I want to have hotdog. am in a crazy phase where I love hotdogs. But Mamarazzi said cannot. Must have a more balanced meal. Then she went and tick here tick there...budget less than RM50, Chinese cuisine, halal....this and that.

 Hmmm..that's narrow the choices down a bit but still....quite a lot to choose from....what shall I have.?

Errrr... I'll have "yellow rice" lah...a.k.a. Chicken Rice.

Okay...Mamarazzi saw The Chicken Rice is in the list.  Chicken Rice is fine with me.

She key-ed in the necessary details and as going to click "ENTER" went her phone rang. It was Papa. He said he had "tapau-ed" Chicken Rice and is on the way home.

Hence  "tak jadi" (didn't) order lah. But it's still good to know that we can have . Maybe next time we will need it.

Friday, 24 May 2013

Sports Day and Copy Cat Teacher's Day 2013

 This year my school's Sports Day falls on 22nd May 2013. We walked two by two to the field nearby. *miang mode* Hmm......Found myself holding hands with a girl girl.

 My Team. NGUAMMMM!!!

We even have a special Cheer.

Go! Go! Go!~
Jia Yoh! Jia Yoh! Jia Yoh!~
Boleh! Boleh! Boleh!~
Tiger pasti BOLEH! ~


 Our "stripes" Orange and Black.

 My event was the second event. Aiks...once again am one of the last to go..

 I can do IT! *run super fast*

Here is a video of me doing the bunny hop and running. Am fast aren't I? team won this event. Everyone had done a good job.

 Mamarazzi said boys will be boys....after my event, we little tiger cubs ran around while teachers were busy cheering for the next event.

 Alamak.......doing some "de-Contruction work" on my team camp. Kena Mamarazzi scold.

 This is one of my pals. Loan me his cap to wear for photo.

Once again we got roped in for the Parent & Kids event.

 Listening to Ms Chan's instruction.

This event, our legs tied together. Run to the chair. Mamarazzi had to eat 5 pieces of Tiger Biscuit *pengsan/faint" while I drink Yakult


Easy for me la coz I love Yakult while Mamarazzi had to choke in 5 biscuits. time one enough okay....

Needless to say we didn't win....LOL

After the event, we had small prize presentation in the school. Te best thing about it is everyone will get a small token of prize. No medals.  All in good sports.

Wah lau eh....really tiring day. After sports ...again off we went here and there the whole day .

By evening, Mamarazzi was half dead on her feet but then I said tomorrow's is Teacher's Day celebration in my school. Have to bring some food to share with teachers and friends.

I said my friends love sausages. Make sausages la.

 Off we went to get a packet of Ayamas Chicken Cocktail. 

In the morning, Mamarazzi just boiled the "sausages" and packed them for me to bring to school. Hmm...seems like good choice coz my friend loved it.

 Mamarazzi was puzzling what to get my teachers for Teacher's Day . Then she got idea from Yannie's blog and Mommy Ling's facebook.


Jeng! Jeng! Nice or not? Oranges and red pen. Adoi....Oranges easy to get but red pen....haiz...loooks like everyone is giving teachers red pen ya....out of stock. Had to go to the mini market further away to get,

Packaging looks plain.

Add some ribbons. What do you think? 

Looks A-Okay now ya....

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