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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

A Goat's Birthday Lunch, A Flasher in the Night & BIG BAD WOLF BOOKS Sale in KUANTAN

On the day of Mamarazzi's birthday, Papa and Mamarazzi came to fetch me after class. 

Off we went for lunch. I wanted to go to the "green shop"(Kah Hiong Chicken rice shop) but Papa said it's Mamarazz's birthday so she gets to choose.

Mamarazzi said wanna be goat....

 Jeng! Jeng! her "goat" lunch.  Grilled shrimp salad. Bek bek here and a bek bek there *LOL*

 Papa's Fajita meal

 Mamarazzi called it "popiah". thinks me like "popiah" more.

after that we went home. Me zzz for awhile before waking up to do my homework. As usual Thursday and Friday I have very heavy load of homework

Do do do ...see the clock...alamak......going to be 8pm liao lo......time for dinner pulak.

 So long never been to Yin Her Restaurant....ordered the Sizzling taufu. Looks ugly but taste really good. Seems that they added some salted fish to make this dish. Yummmz....

 Simple garlic fried Nai Pak Vegetable

 Was enjoying the meal ...that was when it happen. The lady at the next table stood up. Seems that they were celebrating birthday too.

Sitting down look elegant la...wearing one piece body hugging baju... but when she stood up...alamak.....the "skirt" barely cover her arse bum bum.

aiyo.....when she bend down to snap photo using her eye pad...the skirt hiked need buy number liao....the two Vietnamese waiters were treated with an eyeful. Mamarazzi can see that they were talking about that lady though they spoke in their other tongue.

When friends asked why tarak snap photo to let them see...mmm...Mamarazzi said too shocked... cultural shock gua... Mamarazzi too old fashion la....

 See crab oh see crabs..... salted eggs crabs. Don't you want some?

Wah....previously we went ..they did not give sweet dessert anymore but this round we got complimentary sweet dessert.

That night we went and buy a small cake for Mamarazzi...yup a small cake coz Mamarazzi said small one enough la.

Here is what I have chosen for Mamarazzi. Cute?

In another note....


Muhahahaha.....Yup! The BIG BAD WOLF BOOKS is going to Kuantan. Sale starts tomorrow for 5 days only!!

I heard Mamarazzi busy messaging Kor Kor Jon's Mummy help me grab some books and fridge magnets (if any).

Kor Kor Jon's mummy going to be there . If you see a lady bringing a GIGANTIC trolley bag, that would be her. Make sure to say "hello!". 

Those of you out there who have requested Mr Wolf to visit Kuantan  must go and show support, okay?. Spread the words to friends and family. Otherwise no sale volume how la for Mr Wolf to visit Kuantan again in the future, right?




  1. Wah, Small Kucing can sing so well. The small cake is so very cute. Mamarazzi must be very happy. What restaurant is that - for the birthday lunch meal?

  2. Yin Her ... Want to go there one day la! :)

  3. Haiyar!!!! Wish I were there...wanna see lady at the next table. Hehehehehehe!!!! Food looks good.

    1. Naughty naughty suituapui, whahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.....

    2. later tarak win lottery susah leh

  4. hahaha, why mamarazzi wanna be a goat on her birthday?? why cannot be a cow?? moo moo moo, hahaha!! maybe a goat likes to eat Chili but a cow doesn't like to?? :p

    1. got influence by that kuku bird eat vege lor...getting old already digestion not so more vege lor

  5. hey, small kucing didn't tell the waiter or waitress that it was mamarazzi's birthday that night?? like that they will arrange everyone to sing a birthday song for mamarazzi, and she will be given a piece of very nice brownies woh~~

  6. hmmm.. i think this small kucing always prefer things plain huh?? he likes noodles and veggie more right?? unlike other kids, never like veggie and always like meat only..

  7. aiyoh choy choy choy!! mamarazzi saw something that make her can't buy lottery for two weeks?? next time must quickly go to pasar malam to buy pomelo leaves to "wash" your eyes.. hehehehe!! but then no photo to show all the aunties and uncles here like what Uncle Anay always does~~

  8. very cute cake with that little tiger and the yellow flower.. but how come got a flag there?? 1Malaysia cake ah?? hahahaha~~ aiyoyo, uncle was watching that video clip.. SO SWEET!!!! mamarazzi sure sweet until the bottom of her heart lah.. :)

  9. Wah food porn!!

    The sizzling taufu looks good to me, not ugly la!

  10. The little cake is very, very cute!! And you are a good singer! Oh the poor woman at the other table! Happy Birthday to Mamarazzi!

  11. Happy birthday to MAmarazzi ya....May she stays pretty always.

  12. Happy Happy Belated Birthday, Mamarazzi! Whoa, what an eyefull that must have been. I dare not imagine. LOL.

    I would also prefer small cake, coz big one nobody can finish, in the end go to waste only.

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    Twitter @bloggerladyg


  13. the foods were very scrumptious but that Fajita meal and popiah
    caught my attention the most!

  14. the crabs looks great too, is that the type
    of dish that you can eat the shell too?
    i have tried once and it was yummy

  15. that's a lovely cake! and that's a sweet bday song haha
    nice one!
    anyway another bbws huh, does it have different books?

    1. Books depend on shipment. Hope this shipment hv nice books la

  16. have a great day and happy blogging small kucing
    take care always and god bless you

  17. Hey Small Kucing - You mummy is going to Kuantan to buy books??? I won't be surprised as this book worm can wriggle anywhere!!!

    1. Your mummy's birthday got marathon makan spree!! How come she cannot get fat for eating so much??? I think Kaldip is damn heavy like a rolling pin.

    2. The birthday is definitely very cute and nice..!!! Anay like!

  18. happy belated birthday :D

    so you chose chilies? i can tell by looking at the table.

    is the papa's meal nice? going to try that. usually eat lamb there.

  19. Nice. Its a good try out and the dishes are lovable which I can't say no.

  20. Did he wore sarung? hehe.. So sweet, singing birthday song to mama. =)

  21. Happy Birthday to your Mamarazzi! Many Happy Returns!


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