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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Restoran Penang Nyonya Food(formerly known as Restaurant Kim Heong), Sri Petaling

 It was a Saturday. Had to go to Sri Petaling area to do some banking matters last month. Yay...the Jie Jie in the bank gave me a gift and some yummy jelly treats.

 Was shocked to see the Restaurant Kim Heong no longer there.  Now changed to Restaurant Penang Nyonya Food.

We decided to drop by as we were curious.

 The new Menu...

 Look see look the dishes are similar to those of Restaurant Kim Heong. In fact the staffs there are the same staffs.

Maybe they just change name for some purposely only kot? Later we discovered even the receipt was still under the name of Restaurant Kim Heong.

 As Mamarazzi didn't feel like eating rice , we ordered a plate of Wat Tan Hor. (RM28).

 I like. Papa also like. 

 Full of big pieces of seafood. Fish....prawns....sotong.....

Also had their Fried Tang Hoon. Mamarazzi did not like it coz it was a bit too oily for her. I had a taste too. I like the Wat Tan Hor more.

So glad the shop is still here. Only changed name.

Monday, 29 April 2013

Original Penang Kayu Nasi Kandar, Kota Damansara

One rainy night Mamarazzi gone crazy. Say wanna have curry pulak. Where to find curry la.

Then Papa said  Okay Okay...let's go Nasi Kandar shop but don't be shock by the bill.

 Here we go.....curry this curry that 

Fish Curry

 Vege and sotong ah...

 Two pieces of Lamb was "chew" while the other was soft.

 Not sure what is this...complimentary kot? But it's spicy leh.

 Fried Sotong

Everything spicy....then I eat what? 

 Maggi Mee goreng lor.....

with Papadom

Ok least there is something for me to eat.....

Total bill comes up to RM80+ with drinks. Not bad la. No heart attack yet.

Here is the address :

Original Kayu Nasi Kandar – Kota Damansara
No. 1, Jalan PJU 5/12,
Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara,
47810 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan. Tel: (03) 6141 8771
Fax: (03) 6141 877

Friday, 26 April 2013

Cendol Bakar(Burnt??) Drive Thru in Assam Jawa, Kuala Selangor

 You have heard of McDonald Drive Thru, KFC Drive thru...but have you heard of Cendol Bakar(Burnt Cendol) drive thru???

Yup here is is....

Mamarazzi googled and found that it's called Cendol Bakar partly due to the owner's grandfather name is Abu Bakar Saidin and due to "burning" the brown sugar that makes the sweetening in the Cendol.

 Wah lau's normal working day leh...afternoon some more...long queue leh.....

 Hmm...not that pricey..Between RM2 to RM3.50.

Also a kind they will let OKU (disable person) and the poor , to enjoy the Cendol Bakar for Free.

 Tapau-ed 3 types of Cendol and two coconut jelly for me.

 I love the Coconut jelly very much.

 This is the normal Cendol.

This one is with glutinous rice...Taste? Not bad lah....better than some famous shop.

Don't know the exact address but this have direction on how to get to the Cendol Bakar Drive Thru

Thursday, 25 April 2013

My Lucky/Unlucky Day

 Last Friday I was supposed to go to PWTC for the Smart Kids Fair. Papa and Mamarazzi came to fetch me from the kiddie after class.

But halfway at Subang Airport, Papa noticed the temperture metre was dangerously high.

Abandon mission...go to workshop to check out the problem.

While the mechanics do their work,  off we went to Secret Recipe. Beef noodle for me with Vanilla Milk Shake.

 Mamarazzi's Fried Rice...a bit too peppery for her. Did not finish.

 Papa burger set.....Hmmmm not bad leh secret Recipe's set lunch RM17 including drinks.

The mechanics found the problem. The tank bocor.  Said will take an hour or two to fix. 

oh well, off we went to Baskin Robbins pulak. Have Ice Cream while I do my homework. I lucky or unlucky ah...didn't get to go to Smart Kids Fair but get to have Secret Recipe and Baskin Robbins.

 Ate too much...had to "download" a bit....Found this sign at the toilet.....

 Came home from the workshop found this book in the mailbox. WOW!! It's Shamini Flint's new book TEN.

It's a signed copy too!

Mamarazzi asked me to lend her this book. She finished that in one sitting. Certainly an interesting book.

On the outside it's about this little girl "Maya" who loves soccer and wish to be a soccer player when she grows up but people around her disapproved of her choice.

This book may seems simple but there are a few issues underneath the story. If you read properly you will be moved by it.

Learnt a few things about soccer from this book. Watch the Video and you'll know.

This is not a paid review but saja feel like sharing about this wonderful book with readers here.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

A Goat's Birthday Lunch, A Flasher in the Night & BIG BAD WOLF BOOKS Sale in KUANTAN

On the day of Mamarazzi's birthday, Papa and Mamarazzi came to fetch me after class. 

Off we went for lunch. I wanted to go to the "green shop"(Kah Hiong Chicken rice shop) but Papa said it's Mamarazz's birthday so she gets to choose.

Mamarazzi said wanna be goat....

 Jeng! Jeng! her "goat" lunch.  Grilled shrimp salad. Bek bek here and a bek bek there *LOL*

 Papa's Fajita meal

 Mamarazzi called it "popiah". thinks me like "popiah" more.

after that we went home. Me zzz for awhile before waking up to do my homework. As usual Thursday and Friday I have very heavy load of homework

Do do do ...see the clock...alamak......going to be 8pm liao lo......time for dinner pulak.

 So long never been to Yin Her Restaurant....ordered the Sizzling taufu. Looks ugly but taste really good. Seems that they added some salted fish to make this dish. Yummmz....

 Simple garlic fried Nai Pak Vegetable

 Was enjoying the meal ...that was when it happen. The lady at the next table stood up. Seems that they were celebrating birthday too.

Sitting down look elegant la...wearing one piece body hugging baju... but when she stood up...alamak.....the "skirt" barely cover her arse bum bum.

aiyo.....when she bend down to snap photo using her eye pad...the skirt hiked need buy number liao....the two Vietnamese waiters were treated with an eyeful. Mamarazzi can see that they were talking about that lady though they spoke in their other tongue.

When friends asked why tarak snap photo to let them see...mmm...Mamarazzi said too shocked... cultural shock gua... Mamarazzi too old fashion la....

 See crab oh see crabs..... salted eggs crabs. Don't you want some?

Wah....previously we went ..they did not give sweet dessert anymore but this round we got complimentary sweet dessert.

That night we went and buy a small cake for Mamarazzi...yup a small cake coz Mamarazzi said small one enough la.

Here is what I have chosen for Mamarazzi. Cute?

In another note....


Muhahahaha.....Yup! The BIG BAD WOLF BOOKS is going to Kuantan. Sale starts tomorrow for 5 days only!!

I heard Mamarazzi busy messaging Kor Kor Jon's Mummy help me grab some books and fridge magnets (if any).

Kor Kor Jon's mummy going to be there . If you see a lady bringing a GIGANTIC trolley bag, that would be her. Make sure to say "hello!". 

Those of you out there who have requested Mr Wolf to visit Kuantan  must go and show support, okay?. Spread the words to friends and family. Otherwise no sale volume how la for Mr Wolf to visit Kuantan again in the future, right?



Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Eat and Exercise Birthday Bash at Restaurant Syabu-Syabu

Last week was Mamarazzi's birthday. Her friends had organised a small makan-makan a day early. Mamarazzi can choose anything and they will be the "taukeh" picking up the bill. Fuiyoh...jangan Jealous. 

well, initially thought of makan at 100ºC Steamboat, Teppanyaki & BBQ Restaurant in Kuchai geh but then when we arrived...alamak...closed for renovation! What a bummer.

Lazy to go other place  so just hentam makan at Syabu Syabu restaurant which is 2-3 doors away from the100ºC Steamboat, Teppanyaki & BBQ Restaurant la. 

It's buffet type. RM32 or something per person. kena pay half price liao....

 Everything comes on a conveyor belt. 

 Kinda inconvenient la coz each time I wanna take something...sometimes Auntie Florence kena "rain" . Poor Auntie Florence.

They have crabs but you will have to go to the other side of the restaurant to take. Not from the conveyor belt. same goes for pork, beef and lamb meat. Maybe coz those things need to be in the fridge else it would go bad.

Goreng (Fried) stuffs , drinks, fruits, ice cream and sauce also have to take from another part of the restaurant.

Kinda troublesome and the person who is still at the end of the table will have to get up whenever the person sitting inside wanna go take anything.

Well, guess it's good exercise gua standing and sitting and moving like that. Good for digestion.

Good thing about this place is that they have individual pot of soup. 

 Me also very happy coz can eat unlimited amount of ice cream. Ate so much till I don't wanna eat anymore.

 As for least finished a kilo of the prawns. 

Thank you very much to Auntie Siew and Auntie Florence for the birthday treat.... makan....Auntie Florence's Birthday!
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