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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Emperor's Delight Restaurant, Kota Kinabalu

 After checking-out from the hotel, we went for lunch. Thought of having Beef noodles but then was too lazy to go far.

It was a very sunny day. Even with the air-cond full blast in the car....we were sweating.

Well, die die must find a restaurant with air-conditioning la. Saw this restaurant highly recommended in some website.

As it was lunch time, parking was hard to come by. had to wait and wait and wait.....anyway, finally got a parking space right in front of the restaurant.

 First thing....ordered drinks .....3 Layered Tea for Mamarazzi... yumz...

 Pandan Ice Lemon Tea for me.

Uiks..... got tiny "balls" in the glass. Taste....refreshing.

 Mamarazzi was famished at that time. Ordered Yong Chow Fried Rice for herself. Loaded with healthy vegetables and ingredients.  Enough "wok hei" though she would have liked her rice a bit more dry.

 *Piak* wanna snap photo again ah?

 Okay okay....for me plain La Mian.

Ah...a bliss.....finally got to eat my La Mian

 Mamarazzi saw this yummy pork....beh tahan ...ordered a small plate.  Fuiyoh...really good. Melt in your mouth....slurppppppps......

 Papa ordered Xiao Loong Pau (a sort of meat dumplings with soup in it)

Actually Mamarazzi not really fond of Xiao Loong Pau but these are a bit different. The meat filings inside was not grind till mushy. Can feel the "bouncy" meat.

The soup was pretty sweet. Yums.

Knowing Mamarazzi's love for dumplings, he ordered some steamed spinach dumplings. Was it spinach dumplings? I think so gua.....this is the result from not blogging about it immediately la.

Well, it was a missed for Mamarazzi. She still preferred the normal type of dumplings.

Food here certainly suit our taste  except for the spinach dumplings. Service was good and friendly too. We did not have to wait long for the food.

Here is the address if you wanna try out the food here:

No.6, Ground Floor, Jalan Pantai,
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.

 Came out from the restaurant, found this parking ticket one the windscreen. Not "saman". 

Funny thing about parking over there is you park the car and the meter lady/man will come and leave a ticket on the windscreen. You are supposed to find the ticket booth to pay or alternatively you can pay to the parking meter lady/man.

We waited in the car for the parking meter lady/man to come around. One pass by our car but didn't heard us calling. Then papa decided drive around the block to find the lady/man. 

Found one. Paid 40sens. Yup it was that cheap.  Made one more round to wait for her to issue a receipt coz worried that the lady may just take the 40sens and masuk pocket. It was a rented car. Don't wanna have problems later on.



  1. well the drinks specially that pandan ice lemon tea sure
    looks really refreshin just a prefect thing to have i a one hot
    summer day

  2. the pork dish was kinda tempting
    but since it's holy week our seniors here said it was not advisable
    to eat such meat during this season

  3. steamed spinach dumpling seems
    yummy and healthy at the same time huh

  4. well i know nothing about parking rules
    as i dont own and drive a car haha

  5. have a great and enjoyable day ahead small kucing
    take care always and god bless you

  6. Small Kucing really likes to eat pan mien. Just look at his happy face slurping the noodle.

  7. They use this parking fee system in Penang too. Not here, not anymore.

    1. ya kinda troublesome...better have coupon or the machine

  8. See the Xiao Long Bao makes me crave for it, lol

  9. I haven't try this restaurant yet. Erm...should find someday go with family or boyfriend =S

  10. i actually find those mug for your milk tea very interesting!! i find them in Daiso with a cover actually, and i thought it was meant for storage purpose and not as mugs for drinking.. anyway, i like that, cos it means there are more amount of drinks served with this mug~~ :D

    1. aiyoh, pandan ice lemon tea?? where is the tea?? i think it's just colorings and flavorings only right?? hmmm, not really appealing to me lah.. better drink plain ice lemon tea or maybe lemon water only lah, more healthy~~ :D

    2. the fried rice looks good.. but yeah, i agree with mamarazzi, it looks a little moist lah.. i like my fried rice to be more dry, and the rice must be all separated and does not come in lumps..

    3. wah, plain la mien that was?? but also comes with lots of veggie and an egg leh, not bad at all huh?? and the dumplings, fuyoh, looks so delicious lah.. i wouldn't want to try that pork anyway, so fattening, i don't have quota for that but mamarazzi have, hahaha~~

    4. wah 40 sen parking fees?? that is so cheap!! that 40 sen was for how long?? one hour?? aiyoh, and they still have it the manual way?? haha, if the parking man/woman didn't come, does that mean you can secretly leave without paying?? :p

    5. I think many restaurant uses this tyoe of fancy cup...can see portion bigger too

      opsss...pandan lemon drink not tea...typo....tu lah draft post midnight

      yups same like you drier rice and separated grain nicer

      ya a lot of liu....the oink oink certainly yumz leh.....

      ya lor surprisingly cheap over there...nope...cant secretly leave coz they have a copy of the parking if not paid within certain days will kena fine. I thinks its double work la for them . Much better put machine or coupon. Kesian see the lady walking the same few block round and round

  11. Love all the dishes, especially the fried rice! hehe

    1. hahaha if you back in Malaysian and in KK then can try out this shop

  12. the spinach dumplings look good..

  13. Parking also an issue in KK? Love that spinach steamed pau. Interesting and seems like people in KK are creative lots.

  14. Hmmm..pretty interestin green gyoza! Also the pandan lemon tea, so refreshing.

  15. So nice of you all.. if others, I think they just throw away the car park receipt.. hahaha...
    By the way, the small dragon dumpling looks good leh..

    1. but if throwaway then kena saman then susah lo

  16. I just came back from work and so hungry.

    I just feel like killing anyone who post food picture. LOL just kidding.

    The fried rice and the drinks are so tempting!!!! Helpppp

  17. Xiao loong pau is very popular in China. You can find this in every corner you go! It's very cheap too...can u imagine, a basket of 9 average-sized pcs costs only rm3!

  18. how la...I live in KK also never visited this restaurant..hihihi~ malu!!!!

  19. I tried the 3 layered tea in KL and it was so geli. I believe that yours tasted better.

  20. Thanks for reminding me to write down Xiao loong Pau in my food list for Shanghai trip. I really forgot that they have famous ones.

    The most scary sized ones were sold in Xian. So big like apples! How to eat?

  21. Fried rice looks good, dumpling looks good, la mien looks good, Xiao long Pao looks good too,... you make me really hungry now.

  22. Didn't know you come visit KK. If not for banking reasons, we hardly go to Jalan Pantai and Jalan Gaya in KK, it is true that hard to find a parking there even at night. Honestly speaking I have never tried this restaurant though we live in KK and I never pay my parking ticket also...

  23. Didn't know to come to KK. If not for banking reason, we hardly drive down to Jalan Pantai and Jalan Gaya in KK. It is true that hard to find a parking even at night. Honestly speaking I have never tried this restaurant before even we live in KK and I never pay the parking ticket also...


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