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Sunday, 10 March 2013

A Helping Hand In Penang Shan Children’s Home Association

Third Guest post by Auntie Little Bird

Penang Shan Children’s Home (PSCH) began as a dream and initiative of Dr. S Balakrishnan in the year 2005. 

This is a non-religious and a non-profit, non-governmental organization catering to the needs of orphans, neglected children, dysfunctional families and single parents. 

The home was built and officially launched on 14th December 2008 by Madam Chan Siew Har. PSCH’s mission is to maximize the attractive opportunities that are stored in the children; to make something happen; to change the ways that things are and to create something that no one else has ever created before for the children, to explore for opportunities; to provide guidance and course correction; maintaining focus on being consistent and persistent. 

The objectives are both short and on a long term basis. 

The short term objective is to provide all the children with a safe and supportive environment. The focus will be on the development of physical, mental, emotional, educational, social and recreational skills that will create awareness to structure and mould the child’s future. 

The longer term development includes the options that are available for the child’s future, supporting them to complete the tertiary education preferably to University level. For those who are unable to complete the basic education, they would be trained in developing their skills by educating them in skill training centers. Through home visits and working with parents, they would like to ensure that eventually the child is reunited with his/her family thus becoming the backbone of the family.

How to help Penang Shan Children’s Home Association?

1. Adopt-A-Child Program
The average monthly expenditure per child amounts to RM400. This includes lodging, education, meals, transportation and pocket money. Interested members of the public can contact the home.

2. Donation
The home solely depends on donation to meet the relatively high running cost. They would be very grateful members of the public or private companies can step forward to contribute a one-off or monthly fixed donation. Interested entity can contact the home.

Other Information:
Penang Shan Children’s Home Association
679-D, Jalan Mount Erskine, Tanjung Tokong, 10470 Pulau Pinang
Tel: 04-2292186 / 016-4127711
Fax: 04-2292186


  1. well they were some of the people that were most need of help
    good thing there was this orphanages that was willing to keep them safe

  2. they have the right to have a family
    to be happy and to feel loved

  3. I just hope some good couple or anyone was reading this post now
    and do adopt a child or donate on the charity at least

    1. yes if they cant adopt maybe can give donation in cash or food

  4. have a great and god blessed day small kucing
    take care always and happy blogging

  5. So many. They should make it easier for people to adopt them. I know many who would be interested.

    1. ya they should do that. Have to see income tax this and that..manyak susah...maybe that is why illegal adoption is happening.

  6. Good to know about this!

    Have a great Sunday ya!

  7. Adopt maybe seems impossible for me to do so but I will try to donate if I can. Hope there are more people willing to help those unfortunate people.

    1. ya even if cant adopt maybe just donate or spread the word

  8. what a wonderful example for all of us to see!

  9. Thank you for the information. This will enable those who like to donate to make a donation.

  10. What a noble deed and salute to that. I do the same always but never intended to share on my blog because I rather do it quietly.

    1. just helping to spread the word coz was contacted by the organiser asking help to highlight about Penang Shan Children’s Home Association.

  11. Great post and sharing. Some children really need our help and support.

  12. It's always nice to see the warm hearts and help from others around the world:)


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