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Saturday, 30 March 2013

Chasing The Big Bad Wolf Books Sale in Penang!

Hi ya! I know I know...not supposed to have blog post on a Saturday but am too excited.

Just got back from Penang....chasing The Big Bad Wolf Books Sale and a short makan trip in Penang and Ipoh.

Went to the sale on Thursday...Faster la...I wanna go in and see.

Am not sure about Mamarazzi but I sure LOVE the Penang BBWBS !. Looks like they have new shipment and there were loads of terrific Children Books here. Hmmm.....even better than last sale.

Wait one moment ah....I can't decide which book I want...just too many nice ones.

 Fuiyoh...They even have special fridge magnet and Button Badges. 

 Errrr....Helppppp...too heavy...cannot carry......really Baa baa black sheep have you any books...Yes sir yes sir THREE bags full....ahem....and this is just the first round......Went there twice!

 The Jie Jie at the counter gave me these special edition bookmarks.

 Bought 3 fridge magnets and 6 buttons badges. Nice eh?

 Wanna know another good news? Mamarazzi heard from Mr Wolf's mouth that he and the team are on the prowl and we know which state they will be visiting next month end!

I am sure the people there would be very happy coz I saw many people from there requesting Mr Wolf and the team to pay them a visit and now their dream will be coming true.

 For me...Am also happy la....Early in the morning straight start work on the activities books that Mamarazzi bought for me.

Scary or not this hand? Mamarazzi bought for me from the sale. Wanna know what books we saw at the sale and what we bought? Well, head over to my Facebook .

Drooling yet? If you are in Penang or nearby area, you still have time to check out the sale. Tomorrow 31st March 2013 will be the last day of the sale at Penang. Sure there will be something special going on there tomorrow. Venue is Penang Times Square. Time 9am to 9pm......errrr....not sure if they have extended hours or not.

Friday, 29 March 2013

Papa Drove More Than 400km on Monday(Cont')

 Muhahaha....after dinner must have dessert mah....*bodek* Managed to"bodek" Papa to buy me Baskin Robbins Ice Cream...

Yum...Mamarazzi love the Orange flavor....I love the Yam...Papa love the "toothpaste" ...

 Brrrrr.....very "challenging" to eat Ice Cream in this cold climate.

Saw a sad thing while buying the Ice Cream....a man was bring pushed in a stretcher by Police and Medical Personel. His hand was on his heart. mamarazzi thinks maybe he was having a heart attack...hope he is ok .

Time a blink of an eye it's time to go back....The queue at the cable car station was not as bad as in the afternoon. But still there was a queue lah.

Half way in the Cable Car, I wanted to miang sit with Papa friend's pretty wife pulak

It was quite late when we arrived Kuala Lumpur. Most of the shop would have been closed or closing. Hence we made haste to Wadi Al-Nile Restaurant

I ordered Carrot Milk for myself while the rest had the mint tea.

 Papa had Mandy Chicken Rice.

 Hummus to be shared

 Mamarazzi shared her Hanith Chicken Rice with me while Papa's friend had Kabsah Lamb. Thank goodness this shop was still open and we managed to feed our hunger.

Finished makan, it was time to go around KL to snap some night scene. Mamarazzi didn't snap any photos la. Just follow only.

Went to Titiwangsa Lake and to Twin Towers.

The friend was wondering what is there in Bukit Bintang so off we went to Bukit Bintang area

My goodness....midnight still have traffic jam??? in the end found out they were having some road works...traffic from three lanes channel to one wonder la...

Hmm....Mamarazzi felt kinda worried coz saw all kinds of characters around BB plaza area.

I was tired we went to Putrajaya...thought wanna see the colourful Seri Wawasan Bridge that Wenn posted before but too bad we were too late. The lights were turn off. Oh well, maybe next time.

 Speaking of which.....

Thank you very much Wenn for this lovely Meow Meow Keychain!!! Love it!!

 Look what Papa's friend brought us.  Yummy...ikan bilis and peanuts keropok. A big bag full of these.

 Then the Kuih Lapis Bogor. It's famous over there.

Don't you just drool at the cheese toppings?

Mamarazzi had a piece. scrapped off the Cheese as she doesn't like cheese. Found that the cake was a bit too sweet for her. Then she tasted a bit of the cake WITH the cheese. Surprisingly it taste very good. The saltiness of the cake offset well with the cake sweetness. Yums!!!!

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Papa Drove More Than 400km on Monday

Hi ya! You know where I went on Monday, right? there and everywhere...

Papa's friends dropped by while on their way for vacation in another country. Off we went to the airport to pick them up. From there, off we went to Genting Highland.

Huh Huh Huh... no more free cable car rides for me. Am over 90cm ...

AIyak...forgotten school holiday. There as a long wait at the cable car station.

In front of us was a bus load of elderly tourists from China and also a Malay couple with their children. It was certainly funny to see tourists' face when they discovered that the Malay couple have 8 children(7 boys and a girl).

One man even went as far as requesting to snap their photos.Could their amazement due to the China's One Child Policy ?

Oh well...the look on their face certainly helps  to pass time while waiting our turn to be on the cable car.

Wooohooo...initially I was rather nervous...grabbed hold of Papa's hand tightly. 

But later on I started to "eksyen". 

Papa's friend took out his big big camera to snap photos. I also "eksyen" la...I asked Mamarazzi for my Tough Camera....snap snap...

Finally arrived....this one is for Auntie Claire...Caring Is Not Only Sharing ...Share <3 Happy!

Dig dig dig...where is my "whirly"(Curly) fries? Hunrgy....

Walk walk walk...found this Good Friends Restaurant .... We ate first while Papa's friends went "roaming" and snap photos by themselves.

Mmm....Chinese tea very nice la...Even Papa who is not really into Chinese Tea also says the tea very fragrant. *paiseh* Mamarazzi pour the whole pot of tea into my water bottle before we went off.

Watercrest Soup...yummm....

But funny ..why they added these beans? Mamarazzi saw usually these beans are put into soup or Chinese Medicine for those who are having cough....

Papa and me had Hakka noodle. RM5.80 only.... very cheap considering that we were in Genting Highland.

Me super hungry...

Mamarazzi gila babi crazy about pork...hence when saw got Bak Kut Teh, she also ordered la. Nice to eat this on cold weather.

*Raba - raba* Papa asked me what I was looking for....

And I said no la....just hugging the Lion only lah.

Next ...where did we go....oh be continued tomorrow.

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Emperor's Delight Restaurant, Kota Kinabalu

 After checking-out from the hotel, we went for lunch. Thought of having Beef noodles but then was too lazy to go far.

It was a very sunny day. Even with the air-cond full blast in the car....we were sweating.

Well, die die must find a restaurant with air-conditioning la. Saw this restaurant highly recommended in some website.

As it was lunch time, parking was hard to come by. had to wait and wait and wait.....anyway, finally got a parking space right in front of the restaurant.

 First thing....ordered drinks .....3 Layered Tea for Mamarazzi... yumz...

 Pandan Ice Lemon Tea for me.

Uiks..... got tiny "balls" in the glass. Taste....refreshing.

 Mamarazzi was famished at that time. Ordered Yong Chow Fried Rice for herself. Loaded with healthy vegetables and ingredients.  Enough "wok hei" though she would have liked her rice a bit more dry.

 *Piak* wanna snap photo again ah?

 Okay okay....for me plain La Mian.

Ah...a bliss.....finally got to eat my La Mian

 Mamarazzi saw this yummy pork....beh tahan ...ordered a small plate.  Fuiyoh...really good. Melt in your mouth....slurppppppps......

 Papa ordered Xiao Loong Pau (a sort of meat dumplings with soup in it)

Actually Mamarazzi not really fond of Xiao Loong Pau but these are a bit different. The meat filings inside was not grind till mushy. Can feel the "bouncy" meat.

The soup was pretty sweet. Yums.

Knowing Mamarazzi's love for dumplings, he ordered some steamed spinach dumplings. Was it spinach dumplings? I think so gua.....this is the result from not blogging about it immediately la.

Well, it was a missed for Mamarazzi. She still preferred the normal type of dumplings.

Food here certainly suit our taste  except for the spinach dumplings. Service was good and friendly too. We did not have to wait long for the food.

Here is the address if you wanna try out the food here:

No.6, Ground Floor, Jalan Pantai,
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.

 Came out from the restaurant, found this parking ticket one the windscreen. Not "saman". 

Funny thing about parking over there is you park the car and the meter lady/man will come and leave a ticket on the windscreen. You are supposed to find the ticket booth to pay or alternatively you can pay to the parking meter lady/man.

We waited in the car for the parking meter lady/man to come around. One pass by our car but didn't heard us calling. Then papa decided drive around the block to find the lady/man. 

Found one. Paid 40sens. Yup it was that cheap.  Made one more round to wait for her to issue a receipt coz worried that the lady may just take the 40sens and masuk pocket. It was a rented car. Don't wanna have problems later on.


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