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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Chinatown, Kuala Trengganu Pre- CNY Eve -2013

Xin Lian Kuai Ler!!!

First of all, thousand apology for the poor photos quality. Snapped these photos using phone camera. Didn't expect need to use camera so Mamarazzi did not bring out her trusty camera ..**sure Thambee SK will be laughing at this statement**

That night , after Mamarazzi bath me and Papa ajak us go buy some Mandarin Oranges. Thought just pop by the  food court buy and go back to Ah Mah's home. Hence did not bring camera. Just purse and phone. 

 Was at the Food court at Kampung Cina to buy Mandarin Oranges when......

 I saw fireworks on the sky. Prattttt! Poom!!! Kaboom!!!  I wanna go nearer to see.

 Papa found a parking nearby the Chinatown and got down to walk around with us.

There  was a concert going on ...not Psy. Sorry-lah...don't ask the old dinosaur Mamarazzi who were the artists there. Mamarazzi outdated so tarak kenal.

 come on ...faster la....sibuk wanna snap photos...see no more fireworks liao!

 Wow...the place very "meriah"(Festive). 

Most shops were decorate very artistically.If not mistaken , this is an annual event. Every shop will put on decoration and there will be competition on which shop have the most interesting and best decorations.

 Kena Mamarazzi "forced" to pose with the decoration. Which smile is nicer? My PJ nicer or mine?.

 A few shops were giving out plastic full of duku to people.You just need to find a plastic bag. Mamarazzi took one plastic. Kiasu!

It's duku season now. Heard duku was selling in the pasar 10 kg for RM15 only!!!

 Is that real? The Lime Tree looked so real.

 some people were distributing poster and they gave me one...wondering what it meant...can anyone translate for me please...thank you thank you

 Got Batik Painting performance that the word "FOOK"?

Halfway walking bumped into my cousin

 She've got a real life snake with her....I was not afraid  to touch it. graduation photo pulak

 Hmmm ...if MEcoy and his cousin Blue Dreamer sees this they will sure  be interested to get upclose with these cosplay group

 Nyonya Baba theme

 This Auntie was making something

 Some Ah Peks  Uncles making Kuih Kapit(Love letters). This is how they make it during the old days.
A lot of work and tedious coz have to "jaga" the fire so that the love letters won't be "burnt".

It tasted nicer too . Not as thick as made using electric mould.

 Look the same or not? See my mouth...

 The rebuilt Temple

 Another forced pose

 This kid is terror....good at playing Yoyo. The kids were very talented. Can play all sorts of style.

Was syok-syok walking around and snapping photos when Mamarazzi got pushed.  Heard some people shouting called out "LALU! LALU! LALU!" . 

Thought what..look was a VIP arriving. time say la "Minta beri jalan untuk...."(Please make way for ..." ). Sound so rude la "lalu..lalu ...lalu"

 This year, YB MB of KT was there too visiting shops and distributing angpaus.

Then suddenly...Kaboom!!! Yay! Fireworks again!!!

Immediately I grabbed my phone Mamarazzi's old phone and start snapping photos too!

Near the end of the road, Mamarazzi saw God of Fortune. She pushed me to have my photo taken with him but can you see my face there?

I was pretty scared.Is he supposed to have so much facial hair? The ones in TV shows not that "hairy" wor.

Managed to grabbed collect 3 angpau from the MB. 

Quite surprised by the amount. Thought the Angpau would have greeting words only or the most RM2 but....Oh well....more $$ for my bicycle fund.


  1. Happy Chinese New Year to you and family. Hope this year will bring more happiness and good luck.

  2. Happy Lunar New Year to you and your family!!!

    The balloon cai shen is so cute...

  3. RM10 per angpau, not bad not bad! Anyways, gong xi fa cai to mamarazzi and small kucing! :D

  4. Very impressed with the picture esp the last one.. so Big Amount in the red packets? I wonder how much spent giving out.. wow!

  5. okay lah the photo looks good enough lah.. next time invest in a good phone then no need to bring camera all the time lah.. anytime can snap photo and then post online with the phone already, haha~~

    1. wah, really a lot of things to see in KT chinatown lah.. better than the chinatown in KL which majority sell fake branded stuffs lor.. haha!!

    2. yeah, i like the pyjamas lor, so cute!! looks like the blue M&M's chocolate, with a grin showing its teeth, haha!!

    3. 慈心能容人 修福不染塵 means something like that lah, but the true meaning can be very deep and zen, haha..

      a kind heart forgives others, it will help to accumulate happiness and blessings, avoiding yourself from all the bad things

    4. the God of Prosperity a bit too much facial hair, hahaha.. but who cares lah, you got 3 angpows with RM10 from the MB!! not bad huh, really quite a lot of money woh~~

    5. This new phone la...s3 ...baru one week old..LOL...mamarazzi duno how to do setting yet...use flash photo is ok..but those not using flash photo kaput....

      this chinatown decotation is once a year only. Ya the stuffs there is really chinese stuffs and sold by chinese

      ya a blogger fiend gave him this PJ

      thanks for the translation :)

      LOL...God of Properity really brings good fortune lor....:) aiya...regret didnt go take a few more angpau :p kekeke *kiasu mode*

  6. wow, you really got a real 'ang pow'. Most of the time, we get something else like a 4 digit number.

    1. Was expecting phamplets or good wishes in paper. Didn't expect got money. 4 digit are banned in trengganu. No lottery shpp yhere.

  7. Rm10 per ang pow not bad lol!!! =]

  8. well it was indeed a festive chinese new yera there huh
    a lot of events going on

    1. Ya Malaysia its one day of yhr important festival.

  9. the decors of each place was really interesting
    each place has it's own unique approach

  10. i never get to touch a snake not even once
    but this boy just did haha
    he was really brave to do so i mean for a kid of his age

  11. haha why only three this boy deserve
    more haha perhaps there's more to come
    i heard chinese new year is celebrated for
    a certain period of time there

  12. have a great day and happy blogging small kucing
    take the best of care and god bless you
    Gong hei fatt choi

  13. Not bad wor, RM10 ang pow for public!

  14. Wah!!! So much of activities organised for CNY, some more got ang pow. Btw, your pictures seem ok.

    1. thanks Nava

      ya they have a lot of activities there

  15. Wah! Jalan Petaling of KT kah? Your baju so cute one. Who gave you ang pao so much money? So good one! MB = Menteri Besar kah? Memang, lucky you met Chai Sern...terus dapat duit!

    1. somethibg like that la minus the foreigners. Menteri Besar

  16. wow so brave of him to hold that snake cheers

  17. Ewe snakes!!! Love all these pictures, the expressions on Kucing's face =) Happy Chinese New Year!

  18. i really want to have that back tail on my hair too.. I should have told the barber not to cut it out huhu...

  19. Wah, I feeling the CNY mood too! Thks for sharing your holiday shots with us!

    Here's wishing a Happy CNY & don't forget to enter my latest Valentine’s Day Giveaway: Win Hawaa Natural Soy Lotion Candles By Flen!! I'm giving out 10 candles that melt into a nice scented moisturizer!!

  20. I didn't know there are such activities in Kg Cina. I guess I have been away too long :)

  21. happy CNY..
    gong xi fat cai..
    wah seems to be very happening at KT chinatown. GOOD

    1. wow not bad got 3 angpows...
      I am sure lot of people will go again and again to collect the angpow..
      the MB so generous huh.. that is very good..

    2. the duku langsat is very cheap..
      my wife is the big fan of duku langsat

    3. thanks SP

      one of those people who go second round was Mamarazzi a :p

  22. I will run way from the snake!!! Am absolutely terrified of snakes!

    Gong Hei Fatt CHoy! Have a blessed year of the snake!

  23. Got cute eyes & 7 gigi on your PJ haha. What lah 'lalu lalu lalu' haiz.

  24. Wah! Sure looks festive lah.

    Auntie Lina see the photos also can feel the CNY feeling already. :)

  25. Happy Chinese New Year to you and your family, Small Kucing, May all of you enjoy lots of happiness, good health and prosperity this year and forever!

  26. Gong Xi Fa Cai! Really good fortunate to be at the right place at the right time to collect the 3 angpows with RM10. Small Kucing is really lucky!

  27. I didn't know that Kuala Terengganu China Town was so happening one.


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