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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Eat Mommy Ling's Taufu?

 The title piqued your interest? LOL.... Oppss...sorry...I was busy opening Pressie from Kakak Lydia.

On Papa birthday, Mamarazzi cooked a taufu dish.Ever since she tasted the Taufu dish that Mommy Ling gave her some time ago, she had tried to duplicate it but....*sigh*

Here are the ingredients she used. A packet of Taufu Pok, minced meat, diced mushroom, spring onions, carrot and some garlic (for frying)

 Mixed everything together. Add a bit of white pepper, corn flour and salt(taste)

 Poke a hole in the taufu pok and stuffed everything in till it's "pui-pui"(Fat). At the very last minute, Mamarazzi decided to stuff in a piece of fresh scallop each.

 Then "fry" them with a bit of oil in her HCP.

then cook it  again in the wok with some garlic, water and oyster sauce. This round tasted better but it's still by far inferior to what Mommy Ling had given her before.

Ah Mah felt it's still too hard. Hmm...maybe next time should add some diced prawns to make the meat smoother?.

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Chap Goh Meh Dinner at Kok Thai Restaurant, Ipoh

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Too bad I don't have the vouchers not eligible lor.....


Guess where did I go for Chap Goh Meh dinner? No big surprise if you are a reader of Auntie Claire's Blog. Yup...we went to Restaurant Kok Thai, Ipoh.

It was kinda last minute decision to go to Ipoh. We went to visit a relative who is hospitalised.

Only start journey around 1pm plus as Ah Mah and Ah Kong have lunch appointment.  Arrived Ipoh around 4pm and immediately went to hunt for my lunch at Woolley Food Court. I walloped a huge bowl of Beef noodles and was still hungry but Mamarazzi said must keep some space in the tummy for dinner.

Then we head over to the hospital which is just opposite the road from Woolley Food Court.

Afterward, Auntie Claire came to the hospital to meet us. Alamak....don't know what happen to Maxis Line. Poor Auntie Claire tried calling Mamarazzi phone for 5 times and it said "not in service".

Papa called Mamarazzi's line was ok. But Auntie Claire and Auntie Elin called her line cannot. Mamarazzi line can call out pulak. weird weird weird.....wondering what is happening to Maxis.

At the restaurant I pretend to be Maths Teacher. Give them "homework" to do but mana tau all the adults said they never go to school before.

 ARgh!!! some more don't wanna do "homework" properly coz busy taking photos pulak....waste my time....

When I wanna continue the lesson, the food arrived pulak...Aiyo why this restaurant service so fast one?

First dish to arrive...steaming hot claypot seafood goodies.....yummm....I love the gravy....Though Auntie Claire said this dish usually taste better on normal days but to Mamarazzi this is good enough already.

I guess this dish is specially ordered for me? Beancurd with angle gourd.

Everyone seems to love the angle gourd very much..hmm...mext time must ask the restaurant to just cook the angle gourd instead of with beancurd la. Nevermind, me and Papa walloped the beancurd.

Wah...everyone loves this dish leh. Suits for those who are health conscious and those who are not. Mamarazzi said the slices of pork belly dipped into the special sauce was heavenly.

Underneath the pork belly was generous heaping of jellyfish. Great for those who are afraid of high cholesterol as the jellyfish have next to zero % of's 99% water . Some more good for skin liao can stay young and pretty leh.

 This is the special sauce for dipping the pork belly.

Another auspicious dish...Lotus roots with macadamia nuts. Yummmmm....Papa certainly loves this dish. He loves every vegetables and nuts in the dishes.

We are certainly very lucky to have Auntie Claire and Auntie Elin treating us to this scrumptious dinner in this restaurant. Food was good. Thank you very much Auntie Claire and Auntie Elin

Not only that leh....go home also with so many "hand letters". They gave me so many stuffs leh....Really paiseh.....

The next morning, Mamarazzi asked me whether I wanna bring these muffins to school and I said don't want . I was grumpy coz not enough sleep.

Mamarazzi had these freshly homemade fresh cranberry muffin by Auntie Elin for breakfast

While Papa had the yummy pies for teatime. 

 Once again , thank you to Auntie Claire and Auntie Elin for the treats and everything under the sun ....*kiss kiss*

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Celebration at Restaurant 88, Kuchai Lama

The celebration continues one Saturday on with Ah Mah, Ah Kong, Auntie Siew, Uncle Patrick and Auntie Florence. Every year they also arrange birthday "makan " for me. This round they practically belanja me makan besar.

Guess what they gave me on top of that? Wow.....I was so excitedddddddd.....

As we sat down and wanted to order our food, the staffs there discovered that they had given us the wrong table though we have made booking earlier.

Ding~dong~ding~dong~ here and there, following the staff looking for our...finally found our table and nearly lost me...The place was huge..I was walking in front of Auntie Florence following the staff. Then some how..I lost the gang.

But I was a clever boy coz I went back to the original table and waited.

When they adults realised I was missing, they came back searching for me. I "scolded" Papa "Where were you!". not scare leh...can scold people some more. But when came back to the correct table, I "cried". Dramatic a bit ma.....

Well, what did we had ah...The first and only Yee Sang this year....with additional Pomelo which Ah Mah brought all the way from Trengganu

Higher ah......People say auspicious things when tossing the Yee Sang like "Happy New Year" "Prosperous New Year"...etc...but we "terbalik"...We sang Happy Birthday! *LOL*

errrrr...Can you all eat faster? Am very excited leh...I wanna go home and the new play train set

Abalone mushroom dish. This dish tasted good.

TeoChew Steamed Talapia Fish. Taste okay la though Mamarazzi said the fish not sweet. Could be her taste bud gone crazy due to ulcer.

The same goes for the Prawns. It was Butter Prawns

This is an auspicious dish. Lotus roots with "kacang"

MMmmmm...this delicious steamed Chicken

Finished or not ....Time to cut cake yet?

Yup...Mamarazzi bought us a cake...this cake ah...Mamarazzi went 3 bakery to find le...It's at Subang Jaya...there are 3 cake houses in same row...Tong Kee, Cake Sense and RT ....all have very beautiful cakes....don't know which one to choose so she choose this one coz she heard from HHBC that RT's cakes very sedap.

Happy Birthday to us.......Hehehe...the guys from the next table also sang Happy Birthday to us. So I gave them a piece of the cake. Ah Mah was surprised and asked many times why I give them cake? Kenal them ka? Hehehe...she don't know I am a generous boy leh *self praising*. Yup...I can be stingy and I can be generous when I want to.

Cut cake lor......

You noticed anything missing from the cake??

Can you guess what's in my mouth?

 Mmm...this cake really delicious. Papa said it's too creamy for him. Fast fast eat...then go home.

 Went home aje..I bodek Papa to help me with the train track. Thank you very much to Auntie Siew, Uncle Patrick and Auntie Florence for the birthday treats.

Monday, 25 February 2013

Papa and Mine Louisiana Birthday was your weekend? Mine was great. As most of you know, Papa's birthday was on 22nd and mine was 23rd. The celebration started on 21st .*kiasu syndrome*

For Papa birthday lunch, Mamarazzi cooked a simple lunch. Some stuffed Taufu(geee....really can't duplicate the delicious taufu dish by Mommy Ling's Mama), Broccoli with pacific clam and scallop, sweet sour prawns, steamed eggs and old cucumber soup.

 For dinner, Papa brought us to Louisiana by the Lake...errrrr....the one in Kelana Jaya la....

Wow...service today is much much much better than on Valentine Day. The staffs were very attentive and nice.

Papa ordered Ribena Lemon drink for me. favourite!

Mamarazzi's Honey Lemon also not bad.

 Mamarazzi said am getting more and more like Papa. Papa also always makes this gesture.

And this one too though he wouldn't admit it

 While waiting for the food....take some wacky photos first.

 Here comes the chips!

 Really can't stop munching the chips.Very addictive.

I kid you not leh...Take photo also wanna munch

Kena "force" stop by Papa and Mamarazzi. My "trademark" forced smile .

 My "noodle" . Kids eats for Free. I opt for Tom & Jerry meal which consist of spaghetti. much sausages.

 Portion may look small but there was actually a lot on the plate.

Mamarazzi's Red Snapper meal...which by the way I helped to finish...Delicious

Papa's Lamb something something...

 Papa, you tie wrongly la your "bib". Not like that...Let me show you.

 There! it's like this!

 The Kor Kor came and asked my name and how old am I. I told him 5 and I wanted 5 candles.

 The Kor Kor said no...can also have one candle as 5 candles cannot fit in the cake. Why not??? that ah....

Am weird la...closing my ears like that when people singing for shy shy mah....

After the Birthday song they sang for me and Papa...we ate the Choc "cake" with Ice cream and cherry on top!

Errrrr...i didn't eat the cherry la...coz I don't like Cherry.

Overall it has been a great day. Love those place. Service was good last Friday. Food was a bit slow but it's most probably due to they took time to prepare perfect meal for us.

Here is the address should you wish to pay a visit to this restaurant. :-

Secret of Louisiana @ Plaza Kelana Jaya (PKJ)  

D-01-01, Jalan SS7/13A, Plaza Kelana Jaya, 47301 PJ


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