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Saturday, 12 January 2013

What Happen to My Birdie?

The next morning I woke up early. The night before I kept reminding Mamarazzi to set alarm coz I wanted to go to the pool to look for the boy for morning swim.

 Mamarazzi woke me up early.

I went to the balcony to check is it morning yet. Yup! It's morning .

View from the balcony...a stone throw away from the hotel is the Dataran Pahlawan and Mahkota Parade.

 Brrrrrrr...the water is very coooooolllllddd

Alamak! what happen to my birdie? It's full of water liaoooooo....

 Must be too cold. Never mind...sun is up.

 Went exploring to the other side of the pool

Waited so long to the boy to come but he didn't appear. Haiz.....even play hide and seek under the coconut tree leh....can see my botak head or not?


  1. Ya...would be so much more fun if you had a friend. Quick! Quick! Ask papa and mama make little brother for you. Can bully one, yunno...very nice. Hehehehehehe!!!!

  2. wow, you really enjoy the pool! Great!

  3. eih, nice view from the hotel and so convenient lah, the Dataran Pahlawan and Mahkota Parade are just beside the hotel.. can go "gai gai" anytime~~

    1. small kucing still miss Rashid so much?? early morning already wanted to go to the pool to find him?? but he didn't appear woh, maybe he is afraid of small kucing so avoided meeting up, hahaha!!

    2. hahaha?? where is the birdie?? it is floating on the water?? can you spot it?? haha.. so funny lah this small kucing!!

    3. haiyoh, the photo too small lah, how to spot the botak head in the bushes?? even with the arrow also cannot see anything lah..

    4. Ya very near to shopping center. then besides that us the Formosa hill already.

      LOL.really called mamaAzzi to look at his birdie mah.

  4. Wah, so early morning excited to play in pool!

    No wonder birdie kecut! Muahaha

  5. The pool looks really nice la.

    Lots of people splashing around there ah?

  6. Glad your birdie is still there. haha..

    Hey, nice new picture up there. My, how you've grown.

  7. Small Kucing really does love swimming. So cold in the morning yet still so eager to swim. Good for him to have such passion!

  8. Birdie flew away to the kokonut nest or lost in water? Grrrr..not cool meh?

    1. Birdie masuk air P

      cold ah but wanna play water punya,pasal.

  9. Early morning go swimming, of course cold la! :p

  10. what a lovely view
    it just sop great to wake up in the morning with that kind on scenery

  11. at first i though that building was a church,
    or was it?

  12. it would be hard for me to see him on
    a coconut tree haha his bald head were like coconut haha his good thing mamarazzi draw an arrow

  13. anyways have a great day and happy bloggin small kucing
    take care and god bless always

  14. Aiyo! What birdie talk here? Small Kuching should post his birdie photo close up! All your HHBC hamsap aunties will get excited!


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