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Thursday, 31 January 2013

The Asian Restaurant, Kota Kinabalu

Sobs! Sobs! after check-in to the hotel, I was tortured had to do my homework. Have 4 homework to complete.

But after completing half a page, Mamarazzi tummy was growling. Hence, I "escaped". Papa asked wanna makan outside or makan in the hotel. Mamarazzi was exhausted so we makan-ed in the hotel lor

 On the way to the restaurant, pass by this "bakery" . wow...40% off leh. Worth the buy. 

So many goodies leh

When tummy are hungry, everything also wanna eat la

 Papa bought some puddings and two pieces of cakes.

had the puddings while waiting for the food to arrive.

oppsie...the cake a bit "kemek" coz "Ter-shaked" the box but still taste delicious.

 Mmm...surprisingly the food here was not too expensive leh. Some more have extra 10% discount of is guests of the hotel.

 There is a "see through:" kitchen. I also wanna pretend to be Chef la

 My Wat Thar Hor. Fuiyoh,.....sedap....

Loaded with seafood. The fish slices was very fresh and so does the prawns.

 Mamarazzi had the Yong Chow Fried Rice. Looks pale but surprisingly have enough "wok hei".

 Next comes Papa's food

Char Keoy Teow. But can't finish coz ate too much already.

Certainly good place to makan-in if ones is too tired to go out food hunting.

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Feasting Up in The Sky

Went for a short trip last Friday. Straight after my class, Papa and Mamarazzi came and fetch me then we "makan-ed" and fly fly lor.

AirAsia seems to be having some sort of campaign  . The staffs were super friendly and all smiles.

 Finally time for boarding. I was very excited. Kept asking when can we go up the plane.

 Seat belt first.

Sibuk wanna read the "manual".

I was pretty hyper by then. Kept asking thousand and one question and talking nonstop.  I does that when am tired. 

It was gray skies when we took off

 I kept asking Mamarazzi when can I close the window as the captain said window shades must remain open when lift off.

I kept asking and asking and suddenly my battery flat liao.

Ten seconds before I was still talking and suddenly I started snoring....

 Woke up when Mamarazzi said food is served.

 Mmmmmm...Nasi Lemak...don't know why but I associated flying with Nasi Lemak. many things leh. Got anymore?

 It's a feast!

 Papa's Nasi Briyani.

 By then we were having clear skies.

 Made a friend with the lady behind me. 

 Errr....what else ah? finished my Nasi Lemak liao.

Oooo....the skies is turning pink pulak....funny.

time to play 

Playing games in Papa phone and later on my " baby computer"

so fast arrived. Kinda moody liao. Tired.

Saturday, 26 January 2013

I Love Nen Nen (Milk)

 Cham "nen nen"(milk) finished. Must buy some more. Some kids can go without "nen nen" and even refused to drink "nen nen". But "nen nen" cannot sleep leh.

 Been drinking this since I was in Mamarazzi's tummy. After I came out, the nurse gave me this too. From then I just continue on lor.

Then the other day Mamarazzi said am now going to be 5 years no more Anmum for me...she asked me go to the store and Anmum number 1,2,3 and 4...said 1 for 1 year old, 2 for 2 years old, 3 for 3 years old and 4 for 4 years old...but tarak 5 leh..... ah?

I fast fast asked the Kakak to take two big packs of Anmum 4 for me lor.

Just in case Mamarazzi refused to buy anymore for me.

 Yay...these should last me for one month gua....

 Errr...heavy la....

MMmm...drink liao "nen nen"(milk) sure nice to sleep. few days no post here....It's holiday time . Night night!

Friday, 25 January 2013

Detour-Down The Memory Lanes

Mamarazzi had taken thousands photos of me. From the early days till now. 

Well, today we are going to put up something different in the blog pulak. This is to answer the challenge of Twilight Anay. Who sparks of the "journey down the memory lanes" ? The earliest link I think would be Thambee SK

Then coincidentally, Mak Rempit also posted similar post. Check it out here. 

Okay here goes.....

One of the earliest photos. Mamarazzi still have the toy elephant and the dog toy . Well, at least she had them till she took out from storage and was destroyed by me. There! Me biting the doggy nose.

 Errr....this dumb dumb looking photo don't know how old. Photo taken by one of Mamarazzi's Uncles who was a photographer at that time.

This one was Kindergarten Concert photo. Don't know singing what song. Why only Mamarazzi and the boy were singing geh?

While digging ...she found her primary school report card with photo in it.

Ah Lian with Snake photo . *LOL* That was back in Form 4. By Form 6, the snake had reached the floor. here are Mamarazzi's photo. Twilight Anay, now you must keep your word okay...SHOW SHOW SHOW SHOW!!

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Lazy Brinjal Sambal

 Mamarazzi bought this ready to eat Sambal paste from our last trip to Tangjung Sepat. Have been wondering what to do with it till Kaw kaw mentioned that she used it to steam Brinjal. goes.....One brinjal.

 Cute into half then to pieces.

Put the paste on top. Then steam in the rice cooker when cooking rice.

 Jeng! Jeng! end result.

For me...I don't like. I preferred the "black" rice. Yup....Mamarazzi cooked Loh Mai Farn for me too.
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