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Sunday, 16 December 2012

Dinner at Restaurant Kim Heong, Seri Petaling

Another basi post. Went to have a big makan at Restaurant Kim Heong Sri Petaling coz Papa said the chairs there are comfortable.

Everyone's favourite, "Four Heavenly Kings". Unfortunately no Petai....

Deep Fried Pork Ribs. Rather Yummy

Green vegetable Taufu. Delicious. According to the man there, this is their "Chiew pai" dish.

So many dishes liao and it's still coming.

Yum Basket...Hmmmm duno why the guy too scissors and cut the basket . Taste good.

Salted Eggs prawns. Mamarazzi is still wondering how they make the "pink " flower. Is it radish with red food dye? It was beautiful

The complimentary dessert.....errr...this round the honey not given in the mini "teapot" but in ketchup container....LOL.

Overall was a satisfying meal and thank you very much to Uncle Patrick and Auntie Florence for the treat.


  1. I always pass by this restaurant but have never eaten there. Seems like can go and try it by looking at the dishes shown here.

  2. Definitely will come here if happens I'm around this area.

  3. Yeah the pink 'flower' is lovely. I wonder 'how' also. Just like a corsage. hehe

  4. Green vegetable Taufu, never try before...

  5. Yeah, YUM basket is more like it! haha.. The veg taufu reminds me of that green Malay kueh. Seri Muka, I think it's called.

    Some restaurants reduce one heavenly king in the dish and still call it Four Heavenly Kings like arithmetic doesn't count.

  6. Goodness! You lucky boy! Always eat yummy food at fancy restaurants. Your mama and papa really enjoy good life with good food.

    All the dishes in the photos are my favorites!

    1. come come we go makan there and you belanja :p

  7. Ohh I remember that tofu with vege on top! At one point, almost every Chinese restaurant I went to early this year seemed to sell that. It's really delicious!

  8. The yam ring looks messy with all the ingredients falling out~

  9. Ooo..the green tofu. Like agar agar.

  10. Mini teapot for honey looks classier than that ketchup container lah! LOL

  11. Ooo, quite near my place~ mybe can go try try ~

  12. The green taufu looks very original:)

  13. four heavenly kings looks heavenly to me!!

  14. Yummy! Where is this restaurant exactly located?

  15. yummy! the green vegetable Taufu looks delicious. a mouthwatering post baby kucing

    Colors and Grays

  16. the place is not bad one :) i visited there during my dad's birthday last year..

    Latest: Thanks for being here in 2012!

  17. Happy new year to you and family mamarazzi... =) I miss you... and miss reading your blog...


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