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Friday, 14 December 2012

Big Bad Wolf Books Sale Second Round is LikeThe Magical Faraway Tree

Mamarazzi was not satisfied with the hoard at the Preview Day. Too little time to cover every section. Hence Mamarazzi choose a "good day" to go again. Yup! it was 12.12.2012

Yup...again she "ditched" me. 

First stop! Go hunting for the BBW Merchandise stall. Located at the TOO PRECIOUS COUNTER after the cashiers counter.

Grabbed a T-shirt for herself, paid  and immediately heads over to the Ladies and changed. Super love the T-shirt.

She bought one for me too. But mine doesn't have the cape. Me too big boy liao for that.

Hmmm...why didn't buy the same design like Mamarazzi's T Shirt geh? Which design do you like the most?

Saw the Red Readerhood Christmas Tree is getting taller. Don't forget to pick a buy a book to donate to the orphans ya while you were there.

Mamarazzi arrived there around 11.30am and left around 7pm. There were a lot of people but no need to become "sardines" coz the aisles were wide. Cooling too.

This round it was very comfortable to browse around. Noticed that there are plenty of books which she did not see on the Preview Day.

For Mamarazzi, the place is like "The Magic Faraway Tree" like in the Enid Blyton book, which incidentally is also being sold at the BBWBS.

There are books for all ages. The toilets were nearby.

Some readers have been asking Mamarazzi whether it will be worth it going there for 2nd or 3rd round coz they are not sure whether there will be new books or not.

Well, Mamarazzi spied from upstairs and saw these at their storage area. Her guess is there will sure to be new titles especially this coming weekend. So better prepare yourselves for the second wave of mad book shopping .

On Mezzanine floor there is a Playland there for kids. Parents can "drop" their kids here and go shopping. Kids can have fun here under the staffs supervision.

 Also a "food Court" . 

Quite large variety of food to be had. Chinese Muslim food, KFC, Pizza, sushi, nasi lemak, Chicken Rice, Noodles and etc.

 Gosh! There is even a Baskin Robbins stall ! Who wanna treat me to Baskin Robbins?

 If you are thirsty, there are fruit juices, soft drinks, mineral water and for those sleepyheads...there are coffee too.

Mamarazzi really had great fun there. After lunch, walked around some more.

Then Teatime with her besties who purposely took off day for the sale and meet up. Sorry ah...they are "blog" shy .

After a very good chat, they walked around some more before going home.

 Paid for the purchases. Got two BBWBS collectibles bookmarks

Then heads on to TOO PRECIOUS COUNTER to shop some more. Mamarazzi didn't know about this section on Preview Day thus did not "reserved" some energy to walk around here.

It's really a wonderful section where they place all those fragile books such as Pop-up books, Puzzles, Games, books that comes with toys, Baking books with baking kits, CD , greeting cards and things like that. Mamarazzi managed to grab a lot of nice stuffs from here.

Do you know what Mamarazzi REGRETTED about this second visit to BBWBS? 

She regretted that she did not grab more copies of these. Came home found that these are terrific as gifts and very informative too.

 These books with "projectors and slides". RM10 only!

 Came with a mini projector (battery included) with slides.

 The book is a pop up book with pages explaining about Spaces and Nature; depending which book you take.

 Also these puzzles books. RM12.

 There are 5 puzzles in the book with information about the animals. If not mistaken there were 3 or 4 titles. Mamarazzi bought The Endangered Animals.

 And this mini"pink" gadget. is not exactly great for boys but....RM8 only wor and it's "educational".

 Each gadget comes with stickers, some cards and a stylus pen. 

There are 6 modes and kids can choose what game they wanted. It's questions and answer games.

Should she go again? After all they have announce that this weekend they will be holding another 60 hours non-stop sale again this weekend starting 9a.m. Friday( 14 December 2012) right up to 9 p.m. Sunday (16 December 2012)!!!

Wanna check out what Mamarazzi got for this second round of shopping? Head over to my Facebook and drooooooooolllll...muhahahahahaha


  1. Your mama's t-shirt is nice. Jahat dia! Buy nicer one for herself. Hehehehehe!!!!

  2. 60 hours sale again!! Yes, your shopping loot make everyone drooling, hehe.

  3. Looks like so much fun! I love both t-shirts =)

  4. The restock better than preview or not? Auntie was quite disappointed during the preview. Wanted to go again but dono if shud go again or not. :(

    1. go their website and see. They have posted new photos

  5. You spent 8 hours in there? Am so envy you! If I were you, I would do the same. Send my daughter to my husband to babysit her and go wild by myself. ahaha...
    The little pink gadget is so cute...

  6. I love SK shirt! its like I am a Wolf man with the big W

  7. Guess most likely you will go again this weekend, keke...

  8. BBWBS - always worth another visit and another. Thanks for the extra info. Nice tshirts, both of them. Yours is just right for a cute kiddo like yourself.

  9. Really drooooooling.. must take bib first.. hahahaa....

  10. 11.30 to 7pm???????? Very "keng"!!!

    I was there last weekend and really liked the concept of the kids play area. I "deposited" the kids there (with maid) and at least can shop in peace :)

  11. hahaha, only the second visit?? i thought third time already?? haiyoh, i really wonder how many visit mamarazzi needs to pay BBWS before she can really cover all the sections??

    1. already 4th time visit la...but not enough time to blog about it so saja posted up in FB aje LOL

  12. never mind lah small kucing, better mamarazzi ditch you and go to BBWS herself.. cos you sure will be bored there seeing mountains of books and mamarazzi will only concentrate on her books instead of you.. better still, relax relax without her and she sure will bring back lots of goodies for you to compensate, hahaha!!

    1. Yup....bought so much for him till he said dont buy anymore books for him. he wants go playland aje

  13. so this weekend is mamarazzi going to camp 60 hours there?? hey, just do it!! this will be like once in a lifetime experience lah.. i support mamarazzi going to camp there, haha!!

  14. LOVE your new T- shirt!

    Warm Aloha from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral
    ~ > < } } ( ° >

    > < 3 3 3 ( ' >

    ><}}(°> ~

  15. I prefer Mamarazzi's T-shirt :)

  16. wow those t shirts were really cool small kucing,
    I love it, It may be some sort of precious collectible

  17. so how much did mamarazzi got this time huh?
    i bet another ton of books isn't?

  18. those toys reminds me of what my father always gave us
    some thing with eductaional thing,
    that projector was the coolest

  19. wow its very clever to put a play area there,
    i mean it was perfcet for shopper like you,

    kids get to enjoy themselves too

    1. area and food area. can rest n shop again

  20. have a great day and happy blogging small kucing
    god bless you all most especially your boy,
    take the best of care always:)

  21. Mamarazzi must go for the 24 hours book shopping experience since she is a big fan of this BBWBS but don't think Small Kucing can tahan 24 hours in Playland alone. Have fun there again!

  22. Mamarazzi, you went to BBW until you didn't come by my blog, I have blogged about our gathering. Once again, thanks for the books and chocolate for my girls. I have passed Yvonne's share to her. No worries.

    1. SP said it right. You invest in wisdom, thumbs up for you. Nice to meet up with you too, you are such a friendly and humble person.

    2. No worries..will go read backlogs blog post when I hvtime. lol...bbwws is for limited time only. must sapu when hv the chance.

  23. Oh, got playland for Sam, I can go liao!!! But is it free admission? lol

    1. Free admission to the sale but playlanf have to pay. Rm10 first hr. subsequent hr Rm5. Whole day Rm30.

  24. Wah you spent so many hours there? Salute!
    The shirt is nice~

  25. I'm kinda disappointed with my visit cos I was looking for all those books with toys (like the projector and pink gadget) but couldn't find any. I already combed every corner aisle by aisle and repeated few rounds... also didn't find any Enid Blyton books... ended up with a small loot only. Not satisfied at all haha..

    1. Those toy books were at Too Precious Section. it's behind the cashiers.

      Aiyo....there are tonnes of Enid blyton books at young adult section since day one. still have quite a lot last night.

  26. Your T shirt is nicer than your mama's one lah. I no bluff you one. Uncle Anay has creative eyes.

    I wonder how your mama could tahan 7 hours walking inside there? Was she tidying all the books or eating them?? Uncle Anay nearly fainted and got dizzy in less than 2 hours!

  27. Wahh....lots of good buy! Salute you!! I like your new shirt!


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