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Thursday, 1 November 2012

method laundry detergent with smartclean technology™ & method to the rescue! Contest

I was given this bottle of method laundry detergent with smartclean technology™ to use and review.

method is not a new company. Its products can be found in more than 40,000 retail locations throughout North America, Europe, Australia and Asia. The company was founded in 2000 and is pioneer of planet-friendly and design driven home, laundry and hand wash products. It is a privately owned company founded by Eric Ryan and AdamLowry, two former roommates-turned-entrepreneurs. They believes that it is important to "put the hurt on dirt" without doing any harm to people, creatures or the planet.

Currently method lovers includes Stella McCartney, Gwyneth Paltrow, Brad Pitt, Laura Bailey, Lauren Bush, Donna Air, Rachel Bilson, Leonardo DiCaprio, Kirsty Gallacher and Erin O’Connor.

method laundry detergent with smartclean technology™ is a revolutionary product which is enviromentally friendly as it uses 95% plant-based formula that seeks out dirt and stains to get clothes cleaner. Its plant based formula uses 95% renewable ingredients which is naturally derived and non toxic.

What's more is that it is biodegradable, hypo-allergenic and never tested on animals.

The method laundry detergent with smartclean technology™ comes in a recyclable bottle which is made from 50% post-consumer recycled bottle

Initially, I was not convinced. 4 pumps = 1 load??

But according to the video,method laundry detergent with smartclean technology™ is ultra concentrated (8x) .  Just need to put 1/4 dose as compared to regular detergent brands.

My first thoughts was no harm trying this new product. If it does not deliver, I can always revert back to my usual detergent.

I must say that I find the bottle very convenient to use. It's small and compact. Doesn't takes up much floor space unlike regular detergent .

Check out the video clip above. 

I also find it very easy to use. Just four squirts into the washing machine and wash. Suitable for both front loading and side loading washing machine. However, top loading washing machine uses more water one extra squirt is needed for heavy loads(9kg and above).

Initially I was surprised as there was no "bubbles". I have always associate that the more "bubbles" the detergent produced, the cleaner the clothes are.

You might have noticed that last week we had plenty of rain in Klang Valley. It was just so hard to get clothes to dry properly and coming out smelling fresh. But after washing  them with )method laundry detergent with smartclean technology™ , my clothes smells fresh and feels clean even though in rainy weather. It's true for me. Am not praising this because I was given method laundry detergent to review.

For those of you who are interested to try this product, it is available at all Ace Hardware, Village Grocer and Jaya Grocer outlets, as well as Carrefour (Mid Valley), Isetan (KLCC) and selected Tesco outlets.

As mentioned above, method does not only makes laundry detergent but they have others cleaning products too for people who want a better way to clean. These method’s “green” cleaning products are available at Cold Storage, Tesco outlets (Mutiara Ampang, Puchong, Shah Alam, Klang and Tanjung Penang), Carrefour (Mid Valley), Village Grocer, Jaya Grocer, Isetan (KLCC),and Ace Hardware.

Okay, here is an exciting news for you. The company is sponsoring "method to the rescue! Contest" in this blog. It is an easy contest to win. Here is how :-

1) readers can join Contest by submitting a short story on someone
whom they think deserves a method product sent to them as a surprise gift by leaving a comment in this  blog post.

You can check out  their Facebook at to learn about method’s household and personal care products you would like your friend to have.

Tell us why your friend needs to be ‘rescued’ – does she have piles of extremely dirty laundry
and children with sensitive skin? Does she want a cleaner that’s as smart as she is? Does she
want a cleaner that good and works hard, just like she does? Is he sick of his house smelling like
hospital cleaner? Does her kid like to lick stuff off the floors, thereby licking floor cleaners as

2) Readers may submit as many comments as they like about different friends.

3) Five (5) readers who wrote the winning short stories will be sent a selection of method household and personal care items worth over RM80.

4) Your friend, the stars of the short stories, will each be sent the full-sized method product as
described in the short story.

5) This Contest is only Open to Residents of Malaysia with a Malaysia delivery address for the sponsor to courier the prize.

6)  Contest begins 1st November 2012 & ends at 11.59pm on 7 November 2012.

7) Winners will have 48 hours to acknowledge their winnings in the comment box, or another winner will be selected.

Well, let's not waste time and get right on commenting. The more comments you leave, the higher chances your comments will be chosen!


  1. new method? that's nice if only my mum can get to use it. She doesn't believe in detergent as she only uses soap powder.

    1. Mamarazzi used to think that too. No bubbles thought not clean

  2. Hope you win mamarazzi.. :) good luck with the contest!!

  3. A nice contest for a fine product. I invite you to add this giveaway to my Win It page xo

  4. Contest kah? Have to do this, do that kah? Malas lah...want to read... Maybe will come back later...see how. Hehehehehehe!!!!

    1. No need do many thibgs. Just write short story will be enouhg

  5. Been hearing about these products for a while now, but since I don't do the laundry at home, I can't say too much about how it's being done :P

    That said, I would like for my mum to try these out - life is too short to stick to the same things all the time, I say ;)

  6. OK, wait till I am really FREE then I will put in my sad story about being a slave to the house.. :)

  7. Thanks for sharing. Good luck to all participants!

  8. Meow, short story is how short? I will try to brain storm now. Thanks for the contest.

  9. Cool! Thanks for sharing the info Meow!

  10. love to try this product..especially if it can preserve the freshness our clothes.

  11. I hope I could win this contest so that a bottle of METHOD laundry detergent will be sent to rescue my MOM! She is currently using a front load washing machine and have always complained that the washing machine didn't let enough water flow in to clean away the detergent's bubble aka not clean!! And she had went on a manual mode to flush in water thru the detergent dispenser every time she washes clothes!!

    Can you imagined she had changed 2 washing machine just because the washing machine didn't have enough water flow? Sadly after 2 different machines, she is still not satisfied with the 3rd one!!

    I hope with this METHOD laundry detergent with smart clean concept, it can ease of her washing burden!

  12. I am tempted after reading your review, esp the no smell during rainy days. Let me current detergent finish off and will try to get one of this. Also seems very economical.

  13. I want to win this for myself can ar? :p Being a clean freak, I'm always on the lookout for good cleaning products to try out. I will value this kind of "rescue" to cheer me up once in a while haha.

    1. Try write a short story then . Maybe can win for yourself?

  14. I welcome anything that put good smells on my clothes. Can't wait to sample it.

  15. I think my mum deserves a mothed product sent to her as she's been cleaning our household laundry for so many years and haven't found a great cleaning product that suite her well......

  16. wow i hope you win small iam rooting for you alright?

    1. Thanks, Mecoy but this one is contest for the readers

  17. im not fussy when it comes to what Detergents to be used but this seems interesting to me

  18. but unfortunately i dont go shopping i dont even know if we have that kind of brand here

  19. anyways have a great day small kucing have a great great day and happy blogging

  20. Short story? Oh no. I'm no good in this type of contest. hehehe. Hopefully you'll win. You can pick me as someone who needs to be 'rescued'. LOL!

  21. Hi ! I have been your silent reader for some time.

    I am very happy to read about this method laundry detergent.

    My sister stays in apartment building and she have very sensitive skin. Recent weeks she had been telling me that her clothes could not dry properly due to the rainy season and have damp smell. It makes her skin itchy when wear the clothes.

    I hope method laundry detergent would come to her rescue soon.

  22. When my kids come home with their dirty laundry, I will check through their clothing to separate the "stains" and "no stains" clothing... and next, I will soak the "stains" one separately and scrub like a mad woman in the bathroom. After that I will only dump them into the washing machine. How I wish there is some effective detergent to lessen my manual washing! After reading your post, I think I would like to give the Method detergent a trial... and if it works, I will also love to get one for my sister who is also complaining of scrubbing his son's white uniform every each day! I am sure she will be very delightful to have this as well.

  23. My daughter believes that the only way to really get a floor clean is to get down on hands & knees and scrub. She literally spends hours scrubbing and wiping to make every inch of the house spotless. Hope to win Method product for my daughter so she can finally say goodbye to dirt & stains and hello to sparkling clean floors!

  24. I'm overwhelmed with this contest.

    My boyfriend has extremely high pile of dirty and smelly clothes before decide to throw them in the washing machine. He is staying in a hostel. The washing machine in his place is so old that I don't think his clothes clean enough. So I would try to go over his place as often as possible to wash his clothes for 2 cycle to make sure it is clean. He needs to dry clothes indoor so his clothes would smell musky which is very inconvenient because I have extremely sensitive nose!! He definitely needs Method to the rescue.

  25. Absolutely mess free! Unlike the normal laundry caps which cause a wastage too.


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