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Friday, 30 November 2012

Sweaty Pineapple Project

Did I tell you Mamarazzi redeemed a Mini Oven from the Bank?  It's just a very tiny weeny oven but at least this one have tempreture control

Her first project involves Pineapple. The funny thing is ...she HATES Pineapples.

Bought a few Pineapples from Selayang  Market. Very cheap. Around RM1.40 a Pineapple.

 Hate the smell and hate the tedious "cutting" the Pineapple.

 Gotta "cut" off the "eyes"  

 Takes a lot of work.

 Then she manually chopped the pineapple up. She could have used the blender but she likes the "jam" to be more "chunky".

All the while her nose was sweating non-stop. Really hates the smell of pineapples.

 Finally all chopped up and into the pot they went. Papa dranked the extra pineapple juice.

added a bit of "rempah" and sugar into the pot.

Cook till golden brown. Then let it cool down. The next day, Mamarazzi started her project. Guess you know by now what the project is.....

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Big Bad Wolf Books Sale : Mission 63! Great news!

I had a great day yesterday. Can you guess?


Yup!! got our most coveted Preview Pass to the BIG BAD WOLF BOOKS SALES! Mamarazzi better  lock it the Safe as the Pass is hard to come by. Later I "terconteng" or "terkoyak" , sure I would be skinned alive by Mamarazzi.

Guess this year the sale will be super-duper big.

Mamarazzi nearly had an heart attack when they announced that " the Sale is opening with a BANG. A 63 HOUR LONG bang!! We'll be open for 63 HOURS STRAIGHT - yes, that's right, your eyes aren't playing tricks on you!"

Omigosh!!!!!! Can camp there already...Just nice..Friday or Saturday night can go Mines watch midnight show. Then supper at mamak and heads over to the sale. Camp there.

Papa...apa macam? The next morning can heads over to Port Dickson and Sendayan Valley. This school holiday I haven't been to anywhere yet wor.....

After putting the Preview Pass at a safe place, we went gai-gai lor. I went gai-gai to Sunway Pyramid.

Wow...the Christmas decorations are up already. 

Went to a bookshop to get some stationery for me but Mamarazzi spotted this book.'s the final book of The Inheritance series.

Price finally come down to RM36-90. Still a bit high for Mamarazzi but 'beh tahan' coz she have been waiting for more than a year for the price of this book to come down. 

I say it would be "padan muka"(serves her right) if next week she happens to chance upon this book at the Big Bad Wolf Books Sale! 

Gosh...really wondering what book would they have at the Preview. Saw in their websites there were just too many books that Mamarazzi wish to have. The trouble is, whether the stock would be show cased on the day that she goes coz Mamarazzi estimated that they will replenish stock very often and each time new titles will be out.

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RRP 82.11 RRP 153.55 RRP 143.50 RRP 123.00 RRP 53.20

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Tick! Tock! Tick! Tick! SEVEN days to the sale!!!

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