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Saturday, 13 October 2012

Restaurant Yati Ayam Percik, Kota Bharu

On the way to Kota Bharu, Papa asked Mamarazzi to google where to eat good Nasi Kerabu. Found some blog recommended this restaurant.

Supposed to open at 12 noon but it was not. Mamarazzi asked the staff there and was told that "fish" yet to arrive. Maybe will open at 1pm

Hence we droved around some more. Papa and Kaw Kaw walked down the memories lane. Heard something about someone fell of  the bicycle or something like that.

Ahhh...finally open....what caught Mamarazzi eyes was the large varieties of Kuih Muih. All very colorful and nice looking.

Fuiyoh.....really smokes gets in my eyes.  
What is that? 

Fuiyoh!! Business must be very good for them to afford to cook this much of Gulai Kawah each day.

The "Kawah" was so big that I could easily fit inside of it with ample space left.

Large variety of dishes. Pening liao. Wanna see some of the food there? Head over to my Facebook.

Argh...cannot sit like an Ah Pek and eat ah?

Sit like this and eat with hand can or not?

Our drinks.

Papa ordered Sirap Limau Ice for Mamarazzi and me. Naughty Papa said got frog eggs inside. Not lah! Think I don't know meh!

Had some Kerabu Kaki Ayam.

Some Acar.

Some Gulai Kawah. Does not suit Mamarazi taste as she preferred the meat with stronger taste.

 Papa's plate of Nasi Kerabu. Hmmm...why no blue color geh?

 The famous Ayam Percik. It was delicious.

Stuffed Chilis but surprisingly it was stuffed with fish paste that have grate coconut. Something like Satar.

EEe...pedas leh...who says not spicy?

Grrr...gonna ketuk Mamarazzi's head.


Overall, the food here was okay lah. A bit sweet for our tastebuds. The most special dish is the Ayam Percik. The rest were pale in comparison to that dish. 


  1. Have food will travel? so where next? Ipoh? :)

  2. I would love to revisit Pasir Mas and Kota Baru. I was posted there to teach after my training.

  3. oh mai god! yummy > . < *gonna cook indomee goreng*

  4. Ayam percik! Had once only - my friend's wife very nice but I saw macam a lot of work. Ya, jalan2 cari makan....Sibu next? Or Kuching?

  5. morning!! Ayam percik, yummy stuff there. I see you've been doing quite a lot of traveling. :D hehe..

    NuffnangX is basically an application to be used on our iphone or android phones to read blogs. It auto pulls the blogs entry from our blogs and the blogs we follow into the app, in a fun interface. hehe :D

    1. Isaac

      Yup quite a bit of travelling la

      Since you changed to this Nuffnangx ...wanna access you blog using PC very slow la.

  6. wah mamarazzi purposely waiting for them to open ah?? that means really worth a try lah..

    1. no la...coz see the blog say this one very famous go all the way jor must die die wait and find out lo. The ayam percik was good la. The rest of the dish was ok but not really suit our taste buds.

  7. luckily didn't disappoint mamarazzi lah, all the food also nice right?? or else there will be lots of complaints already..

    1. The food okay la though not really suit our taste buds. Guess different state punya food taste differnt lo.

  8. hahahaha!! so cute lah this small kucing!! priceless expression on his "spicy-lization" face.. can really go and act already lah~~ :D

  9. but then in the end still eating so happily until posing with his V-sign what~~ hahahaha!! :D

  10. Small Kuching can take some spicy food, good la! My younger can take spicy, my elder can't

  11. I seldom eat with bare hands it's fun it's in nature in filipnos haha sometimes food tasted better if you eat it that way

  12. that sure is big haha scary

  13. have a great day and happy bloggin my friend god bless you and your lovely family

  14. Aunty Lina wants some satar!!!

    Small kucing didn't eat some ke?

  15. Haiyo... makan in Terengganu and Kelantan - sure sweet la, right?

    I cannot eat Zaini's grandma punya gulai ikan or curry. Sweet! o.O

  16. Acar is my favourite! My saliva is dropping as I read your blog post!

  17. ayam percik putih? wow! at the first glance, i thought it'd be white lol

    Latest: Best of Ramen

  18. Nasi kerabu! Yum, yum, yum! I also love Ayam Percik :)

  19. Drooling looking at the acar and Kerabu Kaki Ayam.

  20. This shop memang famous for its ayam percik. Someone I know will borong 20-30 pcs of the chicken back to KL whenever she goes to KB :-)


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