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Thursday, 25 October 2012

My Crazy "Rectangle" (Keoy Teow) Noodle Phase

Many moons ago, I was crazy about "yellow" noodles

But now, I changed "taste". Now I like "Rectangle" (Keoy Teow) pulak. From the Char Keoy Teow to Kon Chow Hor.

Wat Tan Hor also like.
 Anything to do with that, I would say GOOD

But I don't like Papa's Wat Tan Hor with Beef . Not sure why. 

Another fruit that I like.....watermelon...Can't get enough of that.

You want some? Sure you want? Then later no more for me how?


  1. Your son is growing up! I haven't visited for a while; he is a cute as ever still! My kids love watermelon, too. It's very popular in California in the summer.
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my post this morning. I don't know what happened, but your comment didn't show up on my blog. Maybe a glitch. I wanted to let you know that I didn't remove it, and I appreciated your comment.

  2. I love watermelon with a bunch of salt on it:)

  3. i always like wah tan hor.. especially those which they put in a lot of egg :) yummy!


  4. These few days I have been eating wat tan hor too.. sometimes the urges come and go.. hahaha...

  5. My daughter only takes yellow noodles, yee mee and beehoon. She dislikes kueh teow. My son eats everything.

    1. On the other hand, I prefer kueh teow to yellow noodle :)

      So, always conflict when want to order - my girl can't finish a bowl but I like kueh teow... *sigh*

    2. I only started to eat koay teow when I dated my then BF now hubby. Last time didn't like it at all. ;p

    3. Some Kueh teow have weird taste la...

  6. My two girls also like Char Koey Teow and Wat Tan Hor. I like them eating variety food.

  7. Banyaknya makan watermelon. Nnt senang perut digest all the food and oopsie lagi tau! hehehe

  8. Meow,
    Tak buat ulam ke that watermelon? Terengganu people eat watermelon with nasi one. ;)

  9. Eih! How come this post of yours is not updated at my sidebar one ah?

  10. Happy growing up with the food... :) I love all kind of mee and currently I looking for hokkien me..hehe...

  11. For Wat Ton Hor, the best I've tasted is at Soo Kee at Imbi. Have you been there?

  12. hmmm soup! I could use one just about now. It's been cold and rainy here these past few days.

    Spanish Pinay


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