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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Almost Nyonya Kitchen

The other day, Mamarazzi saw some very good looking Okra/Ladies Fingers in the Pasar Malam(night Market).

These are the big and thick ones. Usually taste sweet and crunchy.

Papa likes to eat blanched Okras but Mamarazzi thought it's too plain. Then she recalls the delicious "Kerabu Bendi" that we had at Restaurant Makko, Malacca.  

Googled and found the recipe for it. Some "belacan", dried shrimps, Dried chili, fresh chili and lime. But she forgot to buy lime. found half a lemon in the fridge. Hentam aje la.

almost forgotten shallots. No shallots. Replaced with one onion. 

Blend everything together and added the lemon juice plus a bit of sugar.

Jeng! Jeng! Kerabu Bendi....taste not as good as the ones in Makko Restaurant coz the  sambal does not have lime and cili padi(birds eyes cili) but it will do la.

 Fried some Cincaluk eggs for me. Three eggs . Some pepper and salt.

A big table spoon of cincaluk

Add a bit of diced Onion and prawns. Fry. Then ready to eat.

My lunch for the day.

But why the eggs a bit Pedas(spicy) ah? .....Mamarazzi put spicy cincaluk is it? But then Papa said no taste of cincaluk pulak.

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Over Ordered at Restaurant Khunthai, Petaling Garden

Another basi(stale) post. Happen ...oh...about a month ago? Ya...around that time lah...when Mamarazzi bought me the masak masak set.

Auntie Florence was free that evening and she wanted to have some nice Thai Food. She heard we mentioned Khunthai before and asked us wanna makan there or not.

Well, I brought a long my cooking set just in case the Chef is busy.

Mamarazzi wanted to have their Thai Steamed Fish. Loved the "soup".

Said can eat two plate of rice with the "soup" wor.

Papa and Auntie Florence wollapped majority portion of the seafood tomyam.

Kerabu Manga(Mango salad?) . Hmmm...that night was not as good as usual due to the ikan bilis too big and not crunchy enough.

Pandan Chicken. Not bad. 

When This dish came, Mamarazzi thought we ordered mixed Vegetable. But then think think think...hmmmm....we didn't order wor...

Dug around and found that it's my Wat Tan Hor Noodle drown in vegetable and seafood. Wow...very surprised at the generous portion of vegetables and seafood. if not mistaken , it was RM6 or RM8 only.

Don;t know why I was so hungry that day. I finished all the noodles on the plate(the vege and seafood  eaten by adults) and I wanted some more. Ordered one more plate of this.

Mamarazzi also ordered Kailan. She ate some and said it was a bit old but Auntie Florence said it was fine with her. Different people different taste.

Fried Tauhu . Of course Papa's favourite.

Overall, Auntie Florence seems satisfied with the food here. Hmm...maybe next time when Uncle Patrick is available, we can come again.

Meantime, here is the address again if you wanna try out their food... No 6 Jalan 5/44, Petaling Garden, Off Jalan Gasing, 46000 Peatling Jaya, Selangor

Monday, 29 October 2012

Plan B at Bangsar Village 1

 Heard so much about this place but finally went there for breakfast earlier this month.

 Hhmmm....good. Sat down and they straight away set down a jug of water and two glasses. Why two?

Coz Papa and Mamarazzi ditched me at school lor. Went "kick table legs" without me.

 Cappuccino and a glass of fresh orange juice with the breakfast.

 Really BIG breakfast. Plan B Breakfast Platter RM26. Consist of two eggs served in any style (but not gangnam style) , Toast with grilled turkey bacon, golden hash brown, smoked chicken sausage, baked beans, sauteed mushrooms and cherry tomatoes.

These mushrooms may not looked pretty but Mamarazzi said they sure taste great. Wondering they sauteed the mushroom with what coz the mushroom tasted a bit like shrimps to her.

Everything on the plate tasted good to her except from the tomatoes. Not surprising as she doesn't like to eat tomatoes.

Well, I have got their address here.....just in case Papa wanna bring me there too. 

Plan B Bangsar Village 1
G5, Ground Floor
No. 1, Jalan Telawi Satu
Bangsar Baru
59100 Kuala Lumpur

ahem ahem : Mamarazzi spotted The Big Bad Wolf there too.....but it was not The Big Bad Wolf Sale .....

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Delicious at Midvalley

Sleepy.......Mamarazzi with Auntie Florence shopping whole day leh. Nice to shop when not many people around. Finally come to rest feet at Delicious.

This is mine...Ribena with Lemon


Papa's cucumber or apple or something la...forgotten what.

Macadamia Cheesecake. Mamarazzi like the Macadamia Nuts but not the cheesecake. She don't like Cheese.

Sushi....errr....from Jusco ...seludup masuk. 

For me..."Cheese Baked 'my car ronnie'". Usually I don't like Cheese.

but hungry ah...whatever also wallop la.

Ceaser Salad(doh! as if people duno) . Mamarazzi likes the beef bacon but still feels the one at Chili's suit her taste more.

And me....I've got a new Rapper Boy baju from Mamarazzi lor.

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Am a "Syiling-aire"

The other day Papa dug out all the "syiling"(coins) to count. many of them. Two tray full and counting.

 I think I can I think I can.

Yes! One bag full of 50sen coins.

Papa put into the Bank for me. Now I have to start saving again lor. ...10sen..20 sen....

Friday, 26 October 2012

Restaurant Ayam Penyet at Summit USJ

Order ~order~ what do you wanna eat? 

Of course must order drinks first. We had Lemon Juice (RM3), Iced Lemon Tea (RM3) and Sirap Bandung (RM2.90).

Mamarazzi had the IGA Penyet Set. Said the beef taste ok though it was a bit dry.(RM16.50)

Papa had the Ayam Penyet Set (RM11). It was okay too though the chicken was a bit dry.

The set came with "a mini soup". Mamarazzi said it was ok but I did not like it as the taste was a bit sourish.

Papa ordered something called "sayur asem". As per its name, it tasted sourish also. 

For me, I preferred the white rice with the sprinkles that that put on top of Mamarazzi's  IGA Penyet Sey and papa's Ayam Penyet set.
It was awesome! Taste just like crunchy Chicken floss.

Thursday, 25 October 2012

My Crazy "Rectangle" (Keoy Teow) Noodle Phase

Many moons ago, I was crazy about "yellow" noodles

But now, I changed "taste". Now I like "Rectangle" (Keoy Teow) pulak. From the Char Keoy Teow to Kon Chow Hor.

Wat Tan Hor also like.
 Anything to do with that, I would say GOOD

But I don't like Papa's Wat Tan Hor with Beef . Not sure why. 

Another fruit that I like.....watermelon...Can't get enough of that.

You want some? Sure you want? Then later no more for me how?

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