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Sunday, 30 September 2012

Play & Learn Discovery Exhibition, World of Kids Education cum Chocolate & Candy Fair at MidValley Exhibition Centre

Is today Mooncake Festival? Mamarazzi just realised it. No wonder last Friday, Cikgu give us each one a piggy biscuit.

Happy Mid-Autumn Festiveal to everyone!

Last Thursday, Mamarazzi saw an advertisement about "Playland" exhibition at Midvalley Exhibition Centre. Hence on Friday, we zoom-ed to Midvalley straight after my class.

 Main "target" the big "Playland" there. Free of charge but have to wear socks. Alamak..I did not have socks.


But no worries. They selling it there at RM5 a pair.

Papa asked the girl there why require kids to wear socks as it's dangerous. Socks are slippery and kids may injured themselves when they run here and there.

The girl said it's for hygiene purposes.

Hmm....but won't socks gather more dust and ahem ahem...kinda defeat the purpose, won't it?

Well, rules are rules. Got a pair of socks for me.

 Big rotating Bear.

 I wanna go up the Octopus!


 Climb up the Octopus head?

"Chilling" with a girl girl.

 But too soon, Papa said enough. Then walk walk other place pulak.

Saw this "measure tape". Hmm...120cm...cannot get free food anymore from certain restaurants that gives Free Kiddy Meal based on heights.

 Trying to make cute face "YEEHAW!!"

There were all sorts of toys, books, food, food supplements and programmes targeted on Children educations.
 Saw this set up which interest me very much. Something like Lego and it can move one.

 Why this "car" doesn't move?

 The lady taught me to put my finger on this switch and the windmill and penguin would move.

 Saw Astro having a booth there. Many mommies and kids doing art.

The Uncle asked me wanna take photo with Mamarazzi. But Mamarazzi said just me alone enough la.  At first I was nervous.

Opsie...wrong balloon. Go Astro booth must use back their Balloon mah.

 Must use Auntie Claire's trademark "V"

 Like this pulak.....

 Am I doing fine?

 What is this? a number for my photo? 

 Now time to do art pulak

 That Uncle is funny.

 He also have "EKOR" (tail) but his tail is fake one.

Which color to use ah?

 While I was "drawing", the Kor Kor gave Mamarazzi my photo. Nice or not?

 Another Kor Kor gave me some "Buttons" and tag.

After finished "drawing" I get to bring my art work home. 

But am still not satisfied. I wanna play one more round.

 "Have you pay money?", I asked. I thought have to pay money but Mamarazzi said just now pay money coz have to buy sock. but now I have socks already, no need to pay money.Can just play.

 Just now I didn't play the slide. Hmm...not fun geh. No challenge for me.

 I wanna play The Revolving Octopus.  I think I can climb on my own.

 Yay! I've made it! Just like the "WIPEOUT" challenge show.

Then a Jie Jie asked me whether I can throw balls or not. If I managed to get one ball into the Angry Bird hole, I would get a prize. Three attempts.

I the beginning I walked right up to the hole and "throw/push" the ball through the hole. But The Jie Jie said cannot. Have to stand behind the line.

After that, I was apprehensive. I eksyen a lot. Pose like this and like that to throw the ball. Making people laugh.

 Yay! Managed to get a black Angry Bird toy!

 Back to the "Playland" . Got punching bags. 

*punch*punch* super kick*

 Finally got the chance to play the "car slide". Weeeee!!!!!!

True to what Papa predicted. I slipped and fell when I tried to cross the track coz the socks were slippery. But no worries padding on the floor.

Play for nearly an hour and Mamarazzi said time to move on.

Walk walk walk...saw this company that does analysis of my brain potential based on my thumb print. Eeerrr.... said am a very easy going kid and can make a lot of friends. But sometimes too easy going that I tend to go with the flow rather than offending friends.

 Do I have this at home?

 No worries about thirsty and hungry coz everywhere I walk people give me drinks and food to try out.

 Wah...ada gaya like professional food critic or not?

Saw this "Bicycle" RM349 oh....but funny thing why no pedal one? The lady said it's for kids to learn balancing.

At the Chocolate Fair Very syok. Everywhere I went, got pretty girls offering me chocolates and candy  to eat.

Wah....just like I have been dropped in "Candy Land " in Enid Blyton Faraway Tree book.

Pretty soon, my tummy full already. I cannot eat another bite anymore. Even when Mamarazzi offered to buy me Ice Cream , I also did not want anymore.

 Got sexy girl offer me drinks I also say "No, Thanks".

 Halway walking, one of my balloons popped. Where is the Tong Sampah(Rubbish Bin)?

Found one. Cannot be a litter bug. 

 As we were going off, Mamarazzi said one last photo...I was frustrated. Enough la. Me tired liao lor.

But when I was in the car, I told Papa I wanna go again. But then no such chance la since the fair is ending on 30th Sept.


  1. Meow, today is mid-autumn festival lah, hahaha!! happy mid-autumn to you and family~~

    1. that's why la. Still ngong ngong thought Mid autumn still long way to go. baru aje habis ghost festival

  2. wah, so happening at MV ah?? got so many exhibition at one time?? hahahaha, shyiok for the kids lah..

  3. yalor, why need to wear socks ah?? for hygienic purpose?? i don't see wearing socks is a guarantee for hygiene also woh.. some parents may just be too lazy to wash the socks also, hahahaha~~

    1. It's the same as shoes stores asking you to wear socks before you try sports shoes mah... Not hygienic purpose for you but for their EQUIPMENT!

    2. Garu kepala...why for their equipment? Later if children fell and hurt themselves, they kan kena trouble?

  4. i agree with paparazzi lah.. wearing socks is more dangerous lah, because it's slippery, unless they have every precaution steps taken for their equipments and accessories lah..

    1. Hygiene purpose so your dirty feet won't soil the play area!

      Later all mats and play things hitam already! xD

    2. eh socks also will dirty one mah....then add with the sweaty feet...ahem ahem

  5. wah, so many huge patung to play with.. and so many free sampling to try.. even trying all the free samples also kenyang already won't buy those merchandize la.. hahahaha~~

    1. hahaha....but still people will buy la coz cheaper than in the store lor

  6. wow..J must be enjoying himself tremendously! so much fun!

  7. Wah! So fun!

    Anak kucing get to play everywhere after class. So syiok! :)

  8. Anak kucing, saw one photo of you with a little girl. Is that you GF? ;p

  9. Walau eh you had a very eventful and fun day boy! I never had so much good childhood fun like you.

    1. Now everywhere also have these roadshow. Last time where got leh, TM

  10. Small Kucing friend friend with Mickey Mouse..not bad an idea..

  11. This is the type of play yard my kids would really love to visit..I can see he had a great time..

  12. I was enjoying each one of the pics you have shared. Nice and awesome, amazing fun for your little one. Great parenting skills you have, taking your little one for this activity.

    1. Thanks, Nava

      Nah...not parenting skill la. Just wanna have some fun

  13. That place looks like a kid's dreamland! My kids would have so much fun there - and probably not want to leave either! He is so totally adorable in all of the pictures - I especially like the one of him in the cowboy cutout!!!!

    1. Christina

      Ya...wish Mamarazzi can become a kid again and play there too

  14. seems pretty cool place i must say

  15. i would love to bring my siblings there

    1. Youy will have a headache seeing them running everywhere, Mecoy

  16. faber castle is very nice i love it you that is very recommendable

  17. happy blogging and have a great day small congrats for toping sk comment chart again

  18. so great, FOC playland, why I don;t know about this T_T

  19. So many fun things to do and play there! It was in this exhibition (last year) that Chloe discovered Kids e-World and asked us to bring her there for her birthday.

    1. Lili...the boy still dumb dumb yet...didn't ask us to bring anywhere :P

  20. Come to Ipoh to taste the wat tan hor at the Loe Wong same row.. best!

    1. Wei Wei Wei...commenting wring post la. week its a date.

  21. I like to see how your boy walk and talk with confident. Not shy shy..

    1. He ni shy shy punya...only shy shy for like five mins..then engine warm up already...LOL.

  22. dam I should went this XD *curi coklat milk and drink*


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