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Friday, 31 August 2012

Ah Loy's Curry Mee at Overseas Union Garden, Old Klang Road.

Today is our National Independence Day.

Yestrday in school, Cikgu taught us how to make our National Flag.

 See !

 Selamat Hari Kemerdekaan to all Malaysian!

If you ask Mamarazzi which one is the best Curry Mee, she would certainly reply "Ah Loy's Curry Mee". About taste it's very subjective as some may agree or disagree.

She likes this curry mee probably because she have been having it since she was a kid. In the old days their Asam Laksa is very famous in the neighbourhood. But as time goes by, don't know what happen, they became famous with Curry Mee pulak. Probably from all the interviews by the newspaper.

Apart from Curry Mee(Noodles) and Asam Laksa, they have diversify and added quite a lot of other kind of food over the years. One of which is economy noodles and Yong Tau Foo.

Hmmm....For Mamarazzi, this shop certainly is "a class of its own" as it brings back many happy memories.

She used to cycle to this shop to buy their Asam Laksa.

The other day, we had to go to Overseas Union Garden Area to do something and Mamarazzi said let's drop by Ah Loy's Curry Mee place to have Curry Mee.

What!! Curry Mee?? I don't like to eat spicy food leh.

She got me this plate of economy noodle. Looks like economy is good now as the price had increased to RM2 a plate.

MMm......splendid! Looks "messy" but you know la, Mamarazzi does  not know how to take nice photo. But for her this bowl of curry mee was certainly very good already. This round she opt for Curry Chicken Curry Mee.

This shop also have pork curry mee and seafood curry mee. Papa likes pork curry mee. Mamarazzi had the Seafood curry mee before but she still like the Chicken Curry Mee the best.

Hmmm....eating economy noodles where got enough for me one. After curry mee, we went to PJ pulak. Kanna Curry House to have roti canai. Me...I got my ice-cream and coconut water. Nice and cooling.

Here is the address for Ah Loy's Curry Mee if you wish to have a try :

Restaurant Ah Loy
No 11, 13 Jalan Hujan Rahmat 3
Taman Overseas Union
Off Jalan Kelang Lama , Kuala Lumpur

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Ah Sang Bak-Kut-Teh at Sungei Way(Non-halal)

Mamarazzi had read many blogs that praise this Ah Sang Bak-Kut-Teh but only recently did we managed to "venture" to that area to find the shop.

Went there on a Saturday afternoon. Hmmm....quite lucky as we were the last customers of the day. Nothing much left. No intestine or stomach anymore.

If want, then have to come earlier.

Piping hot bowl of BKT! ...errrr.....why put "Sawi"? Kinda weird for Mamaraazzi as she had grown accoustome to BKT cames with "Yau Mak" vegetable instead of Sawi.

But the soup was really "thick" in taste. We sure like it very much. Love the "thick" herbal taste.

I think Auntie CC will love this.

Also ordered Vinegar Pork Trotter pot, portion for a single person. Mamarazzi was surprised at the big portion that they gave. Really a lot of meat there!

But still she preferred the ones at Ka Ka BKT in Kepong as they add dried Chili whereas Papa was okay with this version.

Here is the address of Ah Sang BKT if you would like to try out :

No.531, Jalan SS9A/12
Seri Setia, Sungei Way
Petaling Jaya

It's right behind an Indian temple

Wednesday, 29 August 2012


Every parents would be guessing what their child would grow up to be. A lawyer? an architect? a doctor?

Mamarazzi can't help wondering if I would grow up to be a mechanic. Why? Coz I like to play with cars and then I Like to "dismantle" them to see how they works.

Saw in the Car workshop here is how they change tyre.

Jack up the car.


There! ready to change tyre liao.

All these I learn very fast but when comes to reading and writing........rotan mali.

Well,  whatever a chinese proverb that say "Every profession will also have a genius".

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Lovely Lunch at Shokudo Restaurant, Armada Hotel Petaling Jaya

In May we went to Armada Hotel, PJ for Mother's Day celebration. Mamarazzi joined the Sushi making contest and won the contest. Among the goodies was a Free Complimentary Voucher of Bento Sets for Two at Restaurant Shokudo, Armada Hotel.

Finally went and "utilise" the voucher earlier this month. Hmmm....a small restaurant. Quaint and suitable for business meeting.
 Comfy. What do they have here?

 Good service. Sat down and the lady served us green tea. I want with some ice. 9 sets to choose from. Got noodle or not?

Papa helped me to order "Inanniwa Udon" (RM20) but got 50% discount.

ngek..ngek ..ngek...nice nice bouncy noodle.

 Papa had the Unagi set whlile Mamarazzi who is less adventurous had the Beef Teppayaki set.

Both came with this "taufu fa". It's actually steamed egg but to me it looked like Taufu Fa

 This one I "shared" with Mamarazzi.

You want some? It's nice. There were mushroom and prawns in it.

 The set also came with a bowl of soup. Mamarazzi did not like it coz it have seaweeds but Papa like it.

Mamarazzi's Beef teppayaki set(RM40). Taste good. Papa kept "curi"(Steal) the fried garlic from Mamarazzi's plate.

Papa's Unagi set(RM38). Very cute looking. Papa like it but Mamarazzi didn't like it.

Both sets also comes with sweet fruit dessert. Yummy.

Overall...not bad la...Paid RM11.60 for the meal and RM4 for the parking. 

Monday, 27 August 2012

One of the Best Tiramisu Ever

Lucky me. On Saturday, Mamarazzi's phone "beeped" and moment later a huge tray of Tiramisu appeared. I think you know who is the maker. She will be posting about it soon, I think.

Oppsss...sorry ya. The photo looked terrible coz Mamarazzi used spoon to "cut" it instead of proper knife. Supposed to "cut" a scoop only and snap photo of it but then it was too delicious.

One taste and she was "gone". By my meaning of "gone' is that she walloped half the tray of Tiramisu. while Papa and me walloped some more. Then look see look see, only 1/4 of it is left.That's why the ugly looking photo lor.

Super yummy and very generous "dash" of Rum.

MMmm.....nice nice to sleep after the yummy tiramisu cake. Thank you very much ya, Mommy Ling for the delicious Tiramisu.

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Boom Boom Friday Night!

Friday night I got ditched again by Mamarazzi. She went to watch Drum of Tao without me. 

 6pm supposed to collect the tickets but the queue was ah~la~la~la~la~long.  

Finally got the tickets. Supposed to get Category B tickets but surprisingly the lady gave her Category A tickets. What a nice surprise upgrade.

 Had light dinner at Pelita Nasi Kandar nearby. I ordered Roti Canai and Milo O Ice all by myself.

But when I saw Uncle Patrick and Papa eat Chapati, I also want. Papa gave me one Chapati.

I know how to eat Chapati. Pull it with my thumb and middle finger then push with forefinger. 

Mmm.... it's good. Auntie Florence loves the Curry.

Mamarazzi had Maggi Goreng. She was too excited and could not finish it so I "helped" her to polish off the plate of Maggi Goreng.

 Near show time.  The drums are in place.

Mamarazzi went to watch the show with Auntie Florence while I went gai-gai with Uncle Patrick and Papa.

Mamarazzi said lucky I did not go coz if not all her pots and pans will become "victim" when I get home. But then again maybe I should join in the show to work off all my excess energy as Mamarazzi said the show was really energetic. Amazing.  The beating of the drums were pretty intense.

The instrument that they used was not confined to drums solely. There were Shamisen, flute and others instruments which Mamarazzi doesn't know the name.

The guy with the Shamisen was pretty awesome and so were the girls with bamboo flutes.

 (photo credits to Twilight Man)

The enjoyment heightens with the performance of these performers. 

They are the "jokers" in the show. Really steal the limelights. She can't help laughing like mad at their antics.

Here they are taking a bow at the end of the show.

  (photo credits to Twilight Man)

All the performers taking a bow at the end of the show. Good show!

 As for me...I syok syok tidur lo after running around the whole day. Got a surprise from Twilight Man. A Doremon coin box.

Next morning, I discovered apart from the coin box there were a few more items in the "goodies bag" from Twilight Man. Thank you very much TM.

She said it was nice meeting SK and also see Auntie Little Bird again. Yoh! Auntie Little Bird, your birthday coming soon. When wanna belanja me makan? :p

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Where Did You Go for Hari Raya?

Hi ya! Guess everyone is back from Raya? Going to the in-law house this weekend?

During this Raya, I didn't go anywhere...well, at least not outstation lah. But I went to KFC with Mamarazzi and visited my "relative"

These are Tom, Dick and Harry. As you can see, Harry is the black sheep cat of the family.

Hi ya guys! wanna play with me? What you wanna eat?

They said they are full already. Don't want anything

For me, Mamarazzi ordered the Breakfast Egg Tart set. MMmm...not bad la the egg tarts.
Mamarazzi brought along the book that she was reading. Said very "kan Cheong", stopped at the part where they were going to reveal who is the murderer. She wanna find out who is the murderer.

While Mamarazzi settle down with a good book and her cup of coffee, I chill out with the "guys". Not bad eh? Relaxing Raya.

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