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Friday, 13 July 2012

WeChat, a free, fun multimedia communication app

Come...come nearer, let me tell you something...

Mamarazzi managed to get Papa to buy her a smartphone for her birthday a couple of months ago, and she's been quite an addict ever since. These days, Mamarazzi use her smartphone for a lot of things. She not only use it to to send sms and make phone calls, but she also use it to online and read her emails.

Mamarazzi is not always tech-savvy, but ever since she heard that she can keep in touch with everyone for free by using various phone apps, she started to scout around for the perfect free app for her to use so that she can communicate with family and friends for free.

Not long ago, Mamarazzi was told that a smartphone app known as WeChat was launched in Zouk, Kuala Lumpur.

(Photo taken from

WeChat is a FREE multimedia communication app. It's originated from China and developed by Tencent, China's largest Internet service provider.
Among the features of this cool apps are:
  • Text messaging
  • Hold to talk voice messaging
  • Broadcast messaging with extensive range of emoticon
  • Photo/video sharing
  • Location sharing
  • Contact information exchange
  • "Look Around", "Shake" and "Drift Bottle" function to discover new friends
WeChat is a pretty cool multimedia communication app, and it's really fun to use.

Mamarazzi likes it because it's free and she can use it to contact her friends from all over the world any time without getting charged a cent for it, while me, I love the drift function on the phone where I can write a virtual message and throw it out into the virtual sea of this apps and wait for someone to pick it up and make friends with me.

But there is just a tiny hiccup in this. My phone is not a smart phone. I had to "borrow" Mamarazzi phone to use We Chat. Christmas is coming soon. I wonder if Santa would bring me a smart phone, preferably Samsung SIII or its "relatives".

Are you interested in trying this apps out? WeChat is free to download and is available on various smartphone platforms.

Like WeChat Malaysia Fb Page to get exciting news and updates on WeChat Malaysia.


  1. i've heard about this apps before, but have not tried that lah..

  2. and people have been quite crazy about this app also.. haha!!

  3. errr, i still using Whatsapp, quite sufficient for me as for now, haha!!

    1. me also baru start using explore WeChat pulak

  4. omg, i feel so outdated~
    since i am nt using smartphone.With all the apps available, really tempted to get 1, but too expensive ><

  5. Thanks for sharing, mamarazzi.

  6. My old antique handphone, can or not?

  7. Saw someone posted about this too but not yet try to download this apps. May your wishes come true during this yr X'mas, Small Kucing =D

  8. Interesting apps! make chatting easier.

  9. Ahhh! WeChat! Auntie oso using WeChat...very interesting apps to use...come come, add auntie inside... =D

  10. Sound very interesting and now going to check it out.

  11. I also out dated never know this application, will check out later.

  12. I hv yet to get a smart phone..

  13. The location sharing part sounds interesting, interesting application.

  14. The location sharing part sounds interesting, interesting application.


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