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Thursday, 5 July 2012

The Viceroy, The Elders and The People

Once upon a time, there is an Emperor. He had a vast expansion of land.

One day the Emperor decided that he wish to expand his horizon.  Go travelling. Go to become a monk up the Himalayan Mountain. But what about his existing kingdom?

The Emperor had an idea, why not let the people self rule. But then, the trouble is the people have no experience. How? Then he had another idea, why not appoint his viceroy (J) to help the people to ensure everything in the Kingdom to operate smoothly.

The people in the Kingdom also elected a group of Village Elders to "communicate" with J and some did not speak the same language as J.

One day, the people in the Kingdom was shocked to received a notice from their Elders. It states that they had held a meeting with J and that J had decided to stop the people from using the community "well".

Apparently, it was discovered that the "well" had not received the "Certificate of Fitness" from the relevant authorities since the inception.

The people were puzzled as all their houses had received "Certificate of Fitness" when they moved in and surely whoever who built the "well" would have obtained "Certificate of Fitness" for the "well" too.

Okay, that is still not too bad. Let the expert come and check the "well". At least it's to the safety of the people.

There were notice of temporary closure of the "well" all over the place. The people took notice.

But then on the date of the temporary closure, the people were shocked at the drastic act taken by J and their people.


 The "well" is not only "deactivated" but also hideously defaced with wood nailed upon its walls. 

It seems a bit extreme aren't it? Cutting power to the mechanisme that pump the water from the well would have been good enough, right? Why did J and their people had to "Vandalise" the well hence making the view become ugly?

The people is unavoidably suspicious why did Viceroy J go to such extreme as to NAILING shut the well as pasting up a notice and deactivating the "Well" would have been more than ample to deter people from using the "well".

Aren't the money to purchase the wood and bails came from the taxes that the people paid? In which shop or whose shop did the Viceroy purchase the nails and the wood? How much does it cost?

The people were not given a proper accounting on the money spend each year, unlike other Kingdoms. In another Kingdom not far away, the ir people were given proper "Profit & Loss, and Balance Sheet"  annually but not in this Kingdom.

One of the people there contacted the two Elders in the earlier notice. One of them replied saying that they are not J. J is given the trust to take care of the properties in the Kingdom while the Elders' job is to ensure that J is does it.

However, the Elders does not have voice loud enough to counter J's decision as they are week and not many people joined the Elders Counsel.

 It seems that the Elders are is powerless to goes against the tyranical  Viceroy J.

The said Elder member also inadvertently revealed that actually three of the 7 communities "well" already have "Certificate of Fitness". Only Viceroy J "omitted" to renew it.

The people is puzzled why then Viceroy J did not just admit the mistake and not hide behind crafty wordings.  The people is not stupid.

Another Elder also replied sayng that it's J's decision and not theirs.The people finally got fed-up and replied "It's time to change the Management".
As the situation about the "wells" continued, the whole Kingdom then declared that the Euro 2012 fever is not yet over. They will continue on playing ball. Hence the Viceroy, the Elders and the people continued playing Football on their own. 

I wonder the ball now landed at whose court now.


  1. Sobs....kicking the ball here & there

  2. Oh nooooooo!!!!! Which floor are you? Poooor Papakucing!!!! Haiyor...go stay in a hotel and send the bill top the Viceroy!!!

  3. I know this is an story, but is there a connection in real life to someone or to a group of people? I find it fascinating thought.

  4. Ling

    Grrrrrrrrrrr...kick ball is one thing but WHY go and NAIL it shut???

    Deactivate the thing not enough ka? No power people will know not to use it. Why need to nail it like that. Later when take out the nail the wall will have ugly crack

    Then the Viceroy sure give reason tp "repair" the wall. Money out again

  5. STP

    Unable to avoid thinking its another scam to make money for certain people by nailing the thing shut like that.

  6. Lawrence

    sigh.....some groups likes to play football too much

  7. Tunjuk power....

    Some people like to do that.

    Change is good.

  8. Lina

    tunjuk power ke masuk duit dalam kocek sendiri on top of not doing job properly

  9. We have our chance to make it right during the next election and its all about who we chose.

  10. Lot of hanky panky going on.. and the ones who suffer are the tenants.. sigh... hope this issue will be over soon...


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