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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Uncle Cheng Special Beef Noodles at SS2, Petaling Jaya

Mamarazzi read Nikel Khor's post about Uncle Cheng's Special Beef noodle not long ago. From the post, the Beef Noodles looks wonderful.

Hence, she dragged Papa and me to go and try out. 

 Sleepy nice to sleep as it was a rainy day and I just have my McD Mc Flurry. I didn't wanna eat so Mamarazzi said share with her la the Beef noodle.

Papa had the Kon Low(dried) Lai Fun Beef Noodle. MMmm.... generous portion of meat and spare parts.

They do not have Yellow noodle coz the Boss said yellow noodle have alkaline. That's why Mamamarazzi ordered Bihun Soup Beef Noodle for herself and me.

Mamarazzi likes it very mych coz of the generous portion of beef. The beef was also tender and juicy. The soup was a bit salty but that is understandable as by the time we arrived, it was very near to closing time. Soup have been boiled for many hours

Noticed a unique sign. "Patience is not about how long one can wait, but how well one behaves while waiting".

 Mamarazzi had forgotten to note down the address however found the address stated in Nikel's blog . Here is the address :

54, Jalan SS2/4A,
 47300 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Opens : 9am to 4.30pm
Closed on Wednesday


  1. Aww...yummy beef noodles. I love the quote. We need to be really patient especially when it comes to good foods :)

  2. Very true... Agree 100% of the sign. Still longing for KK's ngui chap... Best in the world.

  3. that is a very cute notice. hehehe!! Must be for those impatient customers.

  4. Next time if you come to Ipoh, i will take you to Buntong beef noodles.. but remind me of this place when you do.. :)

  5. how's your back baby kucing? no more sunburns?

  6. Hi SK, wow! I have always loved beef noodles. Here we get Vietnamese Pho, and really fantastic.....that dish pic looks sinfully delicious!
    Have fun,

  7. I love beef noodles. When are you going take me there? hehe

  8. STP

    Sometimes hungry cannot wait lo


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