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Sunday, 1 July 2012

They Left Me For A & W

Naughty Papa and Mamarazzi left me again while at Ah Mah's place. They went to A & W  without me. Sneaked out while I was sleeping.

 During that time, A & W was having these cute bear keychain promotion for each Beary Meal purchased.

After having so much of others burger, Mamarazzi felt good having A & W Mozza Burger. See how nicely they wrapped the burger.

 Just need to pull out the top.

 An it's ready to be eaten. No messy hands.

Papa's Coney Dog.

Mamarazzi said it's nice to have something different. 

Anyway, Mamarazzi got me the Beary Toy Keychain. It's a keychain and also double up as a torchlight.


  1. Aiyor...they are so bad!!! Come, come...uncle take you to my restaurant - A & W mah!!!! LOL!!!

  2. there are always other times..don't worry..

  3. mamarazzi so noty lah hahaha... lil boy kena make up some more with red lipstick so cute!!!!

  4. I remember when I was a teenager, Ipoh had their first A&W before McD and KFC was born... going to A&W was a privilege those days! Love their beer and coney dogs!

  5. aiyoh, how can that be??? ditched small kucing for "two people world" at A&W??!!

  6. that day mamarazzi went BookXcess and didn't get any books for small kucing..

  7. this time round ditched small kucing while he's asleep at ah ma's house and went paktoh with paparazzi~~

  8. oh, A&W!! i normally just order their coney dog or fried chicken only, it's like very default and no need to think one, haha!!

  9. aiyoh, got the cute cute bear bear keychain with LED torchlight?? interesting..

  10. small kucing don be sad eh~
    sometime you need to give you papa and mamarazzi a break...

  11. miss A & W, no more A & W in Singapore...

  12. coney dog! :) me likey. i think small kucing finds it very yummy too

    Latest: Legendary Menu of Dragon

  13. I have never even heard of A&W so i do not even know what i am missing!

  14. I love A & W! Do they still do their root beer floats?

  15. I like to send u a postcard..pls email me yr home address.

  16. Suddenly feels like eating A&W :P

  17. Mell-o

    not lipstick la...heaty

  18. Claire

    now A & W seems to be vanishing

  19. SK

    next time tumpang to your house let u bbsit :p

  20. Sharon

    over here also vanishing

  21. Annmarie

    ooo...over here there are a few outlet. Its vanishing

  22. Courtney

    ya they still have float but we didnt get

  23. Wenn

    thanks will email u shortly

  24. what long eyelashes your boy has. jealoussss.


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