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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Restaurant Vicchuda or Waneeda?

The other day Mamarazzi was thinking of having some spicy food. Tomyan and Kerabu Mangga cames to mind.

 Hmmm....very long time have not been to Restaurant Vicchuda which is next to Sunway Giza.


Why name changed to Restaurant Waneeda??? Everything looks the same even down to the staffs. Only the name  noted to have change.

Hmmm...wondering why... change of management?

Anyway, here is the Kerabu Mango that Mamarazzi likes. Taste yummy except for the peanuts which had a bit of oil smell. But overall edible.

 Auntie Little Bird will kill for this Fried Sotong. Very bouncy and very yummy.

 Mixed Vegetables. Nice but Mamarazzi likes the ones at Warong Katana better.

Seafood Tomyam without Cili Padi . Do I heard somebody laughing out there? It was Mamarazzi who requested them not to put Cili Padi. No worries. It;s still a bit spicy. Just nice for Mamarazzi.

 Jumbo Juice. What can I say ....nice to have these while having spicy food.

Hey...can we eat now? Enough of snapping photos lah.


  1. Thai food in Europe is rather expensive..we only had it once..

  2. LOL @ enough of snapping photos.. Meanwhile my husband is a great fan of sea food. And this one I see here looks really delicious..

  3. Waneeda... Sounds like the name of a dangdut singer!!! Papakucing would be an expert in this. Hehehehehehe!!!!

  4. You make me crave for tom yam now...the food looks delicious!

  5. lol at the first glance, i thought both vicchuda and waneeda are indian mamak restaurant >< but it sounds like the previous management serves better food there

    Latest: A Trip to Hunan

  6. the fried sotong looks good! yumzzz! I didnt notice this place was somewhere near giza! hahaha

  7. The food looks nice! HAHA and I like the caption of the last photo :P

  8. lol .. tomyam without chili padi...
    Me too cannot eat too spicy but I still go for it ..
    at the end I will ai ai ooshh oossh.. whole head sweating.. kakakakaka

  9. there is once that I went to this curry noddles shop..
    this woman order curry noodles and he told the guy .. I dont want spicy..
    I was like ?????
    at the end they give her a soup noodles .. kakakakakaka

  10. emm I love Thai food. The tomyam look nice.

  11. hahaha.. maybe changed owner already lor.. Vicchuda and Waneeda, err, both don't sound a big difference to me lah~~ :D

  12. Vicchuda more Indian, Waneeda more Malay.. maybe next time it will change its name to Ah Keong Restaurant!! haha~~

  13. oh, the squid looks good woh!! haha, bouncy?? really can bounce?? how tall it can bounce??

  14. ok woh, tomyum without chili padi, haha!! if too spicy also cannot taste the real tomyum taste mah, so i think it's ok woh~~

  15. jumbo juice!! hahahaha, is it the juice too jumbo or the dishes too mini?? how many litres of juices you have in that jumbo cup??

  16. hahaha, your meow meow still not used to his mother snapping photos before he can makan meh?? :D

  17. *drool*

    But eh! Where got fun eat without cili padi! ;p

  18. This evening I went for Nyonya food.. mango kerabu.. :)
    I also kept snapping pictures till they said, enough la!

  19. Guess, it changed the management. :)

  20. Oh my, what a spread of dishes, from the tomyam to the kerabu mango.

    I am back Kathy and what about Monday for us to meet.

  21. I've heard of this restaurant. Have yet to try eating there. Shall take note of the dishes that you have posted! :D

  22. May

    I think he sure will like it

  23. Henry

    It behind a chicjen rice shop

  24. SP
    cannot la...their cili padi is sooooo edas one leh...even plain tomyam its already spicy without the cili padi...hmm maybe they just take away the cili padi kot

  25. Vicky

    the waitress also write in thai

  26. SK

    duno wor but food still good la. Boucny translation from chinese lOL

  27. Lina

    cili its still ok but cili padi u can kill me now la


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