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Friday, 13 July 2012

Late Lunch at Restaurant Tepi Sungai, Kuala Sepetang

After "bird watching" at Lake Garden, we proceed to Kuala Sepetang to have our late lunch.

It's a small town and some road were so narrow that our car had to pass by people's front door. 

Got lost but there was a very helpful boy who helped us to find the restaurant. Auntie Claire tried to give the boy some money for being so helpful but the boy refused to take. Hmm...that's small tow hospitality for you . So nice.

Mamarazzi was very puzzled as she saw nearly every house there have a BIG oil tank or is it water tank beside their house. But the mystery was resolved when we reached the restaurant.

Finally....the place that we were looking for.

Parking was a problem ....reverse reverse....

The opening hours of the Restaurant

The ground floor of the restaurant is the place for fishermen to unload their catch of the day.

Upstairs, we were greeted by fresh seafood.

Some underaged "shrimps" and "crabs"


Mantis prawns so BIG

Which and what to eat ah?

Proceed to the makan area.

 Amazing view....Hmmm no wonder there are tanks outside each house. Must be to store petrol for the boats.

 Here here...come here.

 See the lovely view from here.

 Refreshing Coconut water

Papa favourite but don't know why Papa did not eat much of these that day. Maybe too tired driving? Very BIG and tempting .

 Fried "spiders"

 Opps...not spiders ah? Baby crabs. Very crunchy. I "geli" wanna eat but the adults had it and said nice.

 These golden Mantou tasted great with the Crabs.

 Flowers Crabs but surprisingly very meaty.

 Not neglecting seafood noodles for me. They were really generous with the seafood there.

But I picked and ate the noodles only wor...

 Seong Thong(Superior Soup) Lala but surprisingly they gave too much soup. The Lala was fresh but the soup was a bit plain. It would be nice if they added a bit Gei Zhi and Chinese Cooking wine into the soup.

 Our Late lunch!

 Opps... nearly forgot.....Vege too. Very fresh too.

 A bit more view of the fishing village from the restaurant.

Some fishing boats coming in.

Can you guess how much is the meal for 5 adults and 1 kids? Keen to find out? Then head on to Auntie Claire's blog to find out.


  1. Aiyor!!! Why do they need to store so much petrol? Hoarding kah? Eeeee...dangerous lah!!!

    1. for their boat la....think its petrol gua...but we pass by tarak smell of petrol pulak...maybe water? but thennnnnn next to sungai wor

  2. so many seafood there ya?? and the view is nice though.. :)

  3. I hvn't tried the small crabs before. They must be yummy!

  4. Hehehe...... yummy la the foods!!! The photos was great!!! Fresh seafood!!!

  5. What a simple name for a restaurant..haha. The seafood looks fresh.

  6. I have yet to meet Clarie yet, hehe...

  7. Fresh and delicious seafood at a riverside restaurant with a great view... what better way to enjoy seafood!

  8. I really love sea food especially if they are all serve fresh from the aquarium like this

    1. I think most are fresh from the boat too coz downstair is where the bring in all the fishes

  9. I love the mini crabs the most.. i remember there was a store near from our place before that sells dried foods and crackers and the crab crackers are my favorite

    1. next time we wanna try the mini prawns pulak

  10. sometime you could smell petrol coz of the boats..

  11. small kucing is good potential in parking attendance.. LOL..
    the seafood is very fresh..

  12. this is a indeed very nice restaurant, I will visit it one day.

  13. Gosh, I haven't tried cockles for ages........

  14. Wah..the mantis prawn are sooo big!!

  15. I was here too for my lunch on the way back to KL from Taiping :)

  16. wah, those seafood looks really really "sang mang" and fresh leh!!

  17. giant mantis prawns!! as huge as those i saw in HK!!

  18. wah, you never tried the mantis prawns meh?? hahaha, too big so too scary for you?? :D

  19. but then other seafood also looks good lah.. no quota for so many right??

  20. i like the seong tong lala actually, hehehehe!! love this way of cooking the lala~~

  21. Those round ones are very likely to be diesel tanks.....not so many vents....I was in some of the coastal fishing village this week to inspect some new petrol and diesel to eat nice seafood!

    1. Pete

      Ooo like that ah.

      Wei went are you going to blog more of your quickie meal ah?


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