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Thursday, 5 July 2012

Claypot Glass Noodles at Restaurant Khunthai, Petaling Garden, Petaling Jaya

Mamarazzi was on crazy mode again. This round say wanna eat Khuntai Steamfish pulak.

 I don't wanna eat rice leh.

 Can go other place to eat or not. Mamarazzi said not.

 Ordered on GIANT mug of Lime with Asamboi Juice to be share with me.

When the waiter asked what would we like to order. I told him I want "noodle"

He recommended their house speciality "Claypot Glass Noodle".

Papa ordered a small pot for me .

Here it is. dark geh.....Taste so-so only lah for us. Maybe coz there was too much dark sauce? However, the prawns given were very big and fresh.

Mamarazzi's had their "Thai Steam Fish". Taste very good. Service was pretty good too that day. The Waiter saw the "soup" nearly dried up coz there was charcoal under the plate and he offerred to top up the "soup" for us. The soup goes well with rice.

 We also had Kerabu Sotong. Unfortunately the sotong was not that "bouncy" that evening.

Fish Cake. Thought order for me but Papa and Mamarazzi had forgotten that they put Chili in the Fish Cake. Mamarazzi had a bite and felt its too spicy for her. Papa finished off the rest and you can see him "raining" all over .

To cool off the spiciness, we had this terrific dessert. 

Overall, Papa would go for their rice and some dishes as the food there is delicious but not really keen on the Claypot Glass Noodle.

Here is the address of the restaurant  No 6 Jalan 5/44, Petaling Garden, Off Jalan Gasing, 46000 Peatling Jaya, Selangor


  1. had a wonderful dinner at khunthai recently. can't wait to go back there and omnomnom!

  2. Seems that th food is ur fav... But minus the chili

  3. I like th food too...
    But I seldom eat th food in malaysia..
    Last time I use to travel to th at least 1x/mth
    There I grew to love th food

  4. Hi There, I'm like Small Kucing.. I am not a huge rice fan... I like it--but not too often.

    Glad you enjoyed your food there even if the Claypot Glass Noodles weren't your favorites.


  5. Ooooo...that very expensive Thai place. Got two branches in Penang. But pricey, never mind - as long as it is good. I love Thai food.... Yum! Yum!

  6. Thai food...I like it. I'm going to pamper myself with Thai food on my Thailand trip next week. hahahaha

  7. looks like mamarazzi is so addicted to jumbo juices leh wei~~ :D

  8. the kerabu sotong looks good woh.. not "bouncy" enough ah?? this time can only bounce 5cm and not 15cm?? :D

  9. good woh the service.. no more soup they will add the soup for you.. i think only this restaurant gives extra soup lor..

    1. SK

      thats why Mmarazzi like it here. Friendly service

  10. hahahaha!! so meow meow only ate the so-so claypot glass noodles since all other dishes were spicy??

  11. looks like this is a recommended restaurant woh.. paparazzi also want to go there again~~

  12. claypot glass noodles? sounds good..

  13. The soup of the steamed fish can refill? That's very nice!

  14. Expensive or not? the dessert looks good!

  15. Kerabu sotong that looks delicious!! umph!!!

  16. The dessert looks good to me. May be I am a dessert person.

  17. glass noddle in claypot... never have it b4. The kerabu sotong look nice.

  18. Oh~ Extra rice for me. I sure would love the Thai steamed fish, and I no enjoy noodles.


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