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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

The Zhang(Chinese Dumplings) Madness Season begins

If not mistaken 23rd of this month is the Duan Wu Jie Festival. 

Last week, Mamarazzi's Zhang making madness started. 

For me, TV marathon begins lor. Mamarazzi no time to layan(entertain) me.

Bought a box of Salted Eggs. 

50 eggs for RM34-50.

peeled away the black thingy

Aiyo!!! Mana tau..out of the 50...46 were rotten!!!

Mamarazzi was so mad that she went back to the shop and "show" the whole stinky box of rotten eggs to the Boss.

The Boss said he no longer take stock from that particular supplier and he replaced a new box of eggs for Mamarazzi.

This round only 1 was rotten.

Also bought the usual stuffs. Black eyes bean, dried shrimps and dried Crest nut.

 Soaked the beans in hot water overnight. She used hot water coz she was worried that the beans might grew roots overnight.

also soaked the Crest nut overnight. Then had to peel away the brown skin if any left.

the meat. Can use Chicken meat too. Marinated overnite with 5 spice powder, dark sauce, light sauce, salt and sugar.  

Dried Scallop and Dried Oyster.

 Sorry ya, Sifu. Used rafia string. The other type of string very easy to break coz Mamarazzi very ganas.

 A few hours later...jeng jeng!!! Not bad la for the first batch. Usually first batch that Mamarazzi makes is not that nice.
 Then Papa said he like Mung Beans better than Black Eye bean. There goes another round of Zhang making.

Then Mamarazzi saw Nyonya Zhang. Tried making Nyonya Zhang pulak. But hers is green instead of blue.

After Papa had three Nyonya Zhang, he suggested adding Mung Bean. There goes another round or Zhang making.

Then Papa said school holidays...jom go see Ah's another round of Zhang making...This round was Kan Shui(alkaline) Zhang.

That was how we end up with a freezer and fridge full of Zhangs.

Happy to say that now Mamarazzi had distributed all the Zhang. Now the freezer is free once again to store my Ais Krim Potong(Ice-Cream). Yipeee!!!!


  1. wow..yummy..I love zhang..

  2. Drooling over the Zhang... i like homemade zhang. Oh no... hungry already. Any left over?

  3. When is she going to make again? Festival end of the month...poslaju, dijamin sampai hari esok. LOL!!!

  4. I have never seen eggs like that. So they are not supposed to be black on the inside, but black on the outside?

  5. Next time can we make orders online? :) Now expert already, I can see!

  6. wah!!! cannot make it lah, 46 out of 50 are rotten eggs!! really cannot accept that lah..

  7. no wonder the boss also never take the eggs from that supplier again, sure kena shoot many times by his customers, haha!!

  8. oh, black eye pea or mung beans i also like, haha.. and the dumplings will also taste nice with chestnut inside..

  9. hahaha, so many rounds of making huh?? dumpling experts already lah mamarazzi..

  10. now freezer freed up, sure got another few more rounds to stock up for the dumpling festival again one.. :D

  11. yalah, on 23/6 because it's always 4 days after my lunar calendar birthday, hehehehe~~ :p

  12. U very li hai.. i do not know how to make...

  13. wow..alot of changs...can I have one too?.....wanna try lol..

  14. I like my bak zhang with lots of "liu", home-made is the best but really a lot of works involved >.<

  15. yummy eggs. I also craving for chang now.....yours so nice.

  16. I love Zhang, everytime I go pasar malam, sure buy them. But some of the best are available in Ipoh right?

  17. I love zhang too. Let me call my wife now and buy me some at Ipoh.

  18. walau...fridge macam kena bomb!!lol

    Delicious Zhang. TQVM for satisfying my craving

  19. Mamarazzi really rajin. We all love zhangs! How to place order online eh? :)

  20. What a early celebration.
    Look so yummy!

  21. Mamarazzi, you so 'sai lei'!! Can make so many zhang. Can order?

  22. many types of chang. Mamarazzi so geng. Someday I will try to make chang..think only lah.

  23. Oh Zhang my all time favorites, I can have it for my breakfast, lunch & dinner wahaha. You very good, I dun even know how to do a Zhang, makan tau lah hahaha

  24. It's interesting to this USA gal to learn more about the foods that you cook/eat there. They are so different from our foods... But--I'll bet they are always delicious... NOW--I'll know what Zhang is!!!!

  25. wo hoo.....time to eat favourite!

  26. Yeh, it's dumpling time! More salted egg yolk for me pleeeeeeeeese!

  27. TZ

    home made coz can suka suka put whaver in it

  28. Courtney

    The black thingy out side is to preserve the egg.

    Usually salted eggs is made of duck eggs and after being preserved for sometime, the egg yolk would harden and turn to golden orange colour

  29. Claire

    Order online can but have to come pick up

  30. SK

    ya angry

    think the boss rugi besar lor

    LOL...ya freezer can sumbat more things liao

  31. Sharon

    google sure can one. I also learn online

  32. Choi Yen

    ya homemade you can put as much liu as you want

  33. Thristhan

    oh in ipoh ya...i must go and find Claire

  34. Andrew

    wow you so lucky can ask wife buy for you

  35. Ling

    memang pun...sekejap nanti have to tumpang your fridge LOL

  36. Kitty

    make for family and friend aje. Not do biz

  37. Mummy Gwen

    can try. Start with Kansui Zhung la

  38. Vicky

    wah you like zhang so much ah? Mamamarazzi eat one or twi is enough liao

  39. Betsy

    you should try some. Bet you will like it

  40. SHirley

    cannot leh, salted eggs so mahal :(


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