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Thursday, 28 June 2012

We Won Luxury Haven's Giveaway: Luxurious Stay For 2 Worth RM1,000 At Casa Del Rio, Melaka!

Yipee!!! We received good news this afternoon.

Yup! we have won Luxury Haven's Giveaway: Luxurious Stay For 2 Worth RM1,000 At Casa Del Rio, Melaka!

Guess, we'll be going to Melaka again some time within the next 6 months period.

Thank you very much to Auntie Little Bird, Mommy Ling and Kylie who tagged Mamarazzi in Facebook to notify us of the said. Auntie Little Bird have even gone out to call Mamarazzi about it as there is a time frame which we had to respond to the announcement. so looking forward to it ......


  1. Congratulation, Small Kucing & Mamarazzi. Going to have a luxury relax at Malacca soon. =D

  2. Congrats !!!! Enjoy the luxury stay :)

  3. wow!! congratulations mamarazzi!!

  4. so nice lah.. you are going to malacca again!!

  5. but if free one, go where also can lah right?? :D

  6. Congrats congrats....errr, little Pete can tag along or not? he he he

  7. Congrats....mesti use revenge the toilet kao kao..Ooops..that's me.

  8. Congrats! Enjoy your holidays and yummy Melaka food!

  9. Congratulation and have a nice holiday!

  10. Congrats!!! Shiok!!! Another holiday.

  11. Whoa, congratulations to you Kathy! I'm not lucky enough to win anything. Hope you're going to have load of fun there in Melaka.

  12. Congrats. So lucky... But you just went to Malacca that day leh? If you don't want, can give to me... Hehehehehehe!!!!

  13. Congrats again! I'm so happy for u :) Have u entered in my next Giveaway: Lemon & Orange Flavoured NuStevia Liquids x 4 Winners? Good luck!

  14. Diana excited. The biggest win ever

  15. SK

    Free stay only....makan minum jalan jalan will still have to pay leh....

    mamarazzi wanna go makan ikan bakar

  16. Little Pete

    Can boot still have place LOL

  17. Ling

    wakakaka...wan me to dismantle the toilet and bring back to you ka?

  18. Shirley

    thanks :)

    yes, just entered :)


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