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Thursday, 28 June 2012

Warong Norazila 2, Bukit Kecik, Kuala Trengganu

Mamarazzi was looking for Nasi Minyak to eat again but the one that we usually go was not open and the one at Kuala Ibai also not opened.

Then she recalled that she saw on Warong Norazila near Ah Mah's house. And there we go food hunting again.

Mmm... they have this wonderful roti jala. Bet Uncle Arthur will like.

 What "kuih" is that?

I have no idea. Looks like fried shallots on top of the kuih.

 Kena Papa "wrestling"

Finally Nasi Minyak. I like it plain.

While Mamarazzi like to have it with moo moo. Unfortunately, they don't have moo moo in the morning.

They have chicken only. tasted good.

 My early morning cup of Milo Ice.

Daily, Mamarazzi put a lot of creme on my back. Not painful coz I was so engross with running here and there.

Here is the address if Warong Norazila 2, Jln kubor(bukit kecik), Kuala terengganu, Terengganu 21100

GPS : 5.317394333177648,103.13402123672314


  1. OMG... nasi minyak! Roti jala! OMG... auntie love this... die la... mana mau cari? Must ask auntie's mum make when she comes over soon!

  2. Ouchie! That looks like a pretty bad sunburn.

  3. Oooooooo....roti jala!!!! Yummmmm!!!! And what's that dish in the last photo? Baked lobster with mayonnaise kah? Muahahahahaha!!!!!

  4. aiyoh..why so red at the back? sunburn like mama?

  5. wah, roti with curry chicken good lah. Haven't tried the nasi minyak there.....

  6. is nasi minyak something like glutinous rice?

  7. Roti Jala...Nasi Minyak..YUMMMMM!!!!! Ha, ur boy is strong! Eventhough kena sunburn, he is still running here, running no body business. Send my regards to him!!!

  8. Oh dear! Poor small kucing.

    Roti Jala. Long time didnt eat this because I seldom go hunt for it in Malay kampung. Lol.

  9. The sun burn looks bad, but the wonderful trip and good food around certainly worth it.

  10. hahahaha roti jala reminds me of my fren whom ate 9 pieces sekali gus!

  11. Aiyo, smallkucing kena sunburn so bad ah. He really got thick skin lah. I kena sunburn a bit and it was really painful.

    P/S: I'm much better now. Thanks for your concern. Will update my blog soon. :)

  12. Despite of the sunburn, Small Kuching is still very fair. Thank God.

  13. poor baby kucing, you are still all read from that sunburn eh. next time use sunblock, ok?

  14. nasi minyak, roti jala.. wow, mamarazzi really know how to "tan" with good food ah~~

  15. what is that kuih?? i thought mamarazzi will sure buy to try?? you didn't?? so not mamarazzi lah like that~~ :D

  16. actually what is nasi minyak?? hahaha.. i have not heard nor eaten that before.. :D

  17. wah, a big creamy lobster to end up the meal?? hahahaha~~

  18. AUnite Cleff

    LOL......come come come eat

  19. Courtney

    it was . But now recovered

  20. claire

    coz of the pulau kapas trip la

  21. Choi Yen

    Its made of normal rice....or basmati rice

  22. Henry

    WHATTTT 9 pieces??? Gosh

  23. Yan

    now like Chung Mou Yin....front white back black

  24. Lawrence

    got use sunblock but stayed too long in the sun

  25. SK

    Nasi miyak is oil rice la la Mamarazzi also duno how to go malay shop and try la. nice


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