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Thursday, 21 June 2012

Warong Katana, Jalan Kuala Hiliran, Kuala Trengganu (Revisited)


Hungry ah....

 Fresh Orange Juice and Watermelon Juice. The Orange juice was supposed to be for me but the Mamarazzi remembered that I was coughing. Cannot drink Orange Juice. me Sirap pulak *sulk*

What is it? Not Ribena

 Nothing to drink so forced to drink this la.

I was famished and I wanted to have noodles. Papa ordered Lakna for me.

After some time, this large dish of "mixed Vegetable" came. Papa said it's for the Lakna. Then we waited some more. ....and waited....and the guy going to bring me my noodle?

 Out of curiosity, Mamarazzi "dug" around the vegetable and discovered noodles under it.

Laaaaaaaaaa....all these time it was right under our noses and we didn't know it. The portion of noodle was a bit small. Probably coz Papa told the guy that it's for kid.

Excuse me, Mamarazzi. Not enough. I want some more.

 Papa ordered some more. Just the noodles only. Meanwhile, I finished up the noodles on my plate.

Here it comes.

Mmm,....the noodles was delicious. Chinese would say that it have enough "Wok Hei"(direct translated as heat from the Wok)

We also had RM2 of Keropok Lekor. Very fresh and fried to perfection.

 Once again, we had Soup Tulang. No more Soup Ekor.

Mamarazzi's favourite "Ikan Bakar" . Grilled Fish. Grilled to perfection.

Mamarazzi's plate of fried rice. She was so shocked to see that they were so generous with the Ikan Bilis. Not cheap leh the bilis nowadays.

Haiz....Mamarazzi told them them don't want Cili . Mamarazzi found this Bird eyes Chili in the fried rice. Hmmm....Lucky it was a whole piece hence it was not that spicy. But if chopped up then sure fire will come out from Mamarazzi's mouth.

Overall, it was nice to have makan here again.


  1. Lakna... yeah, i almost forgotten all about this... I have eaten it before in a malay stall but not as much vegetables as this!! so much.. :)

  2. Wah!!! So hard those people, cannot follow instructions one kah? Attention span short, limited memory space...very typical, I guess.

    Noodles? Come to Sibu better lah! You can have the kampua and all the noodles that you want. Yummmmm!!!!

  3. Nowadays the weather is so hot, the juice come in time, hehe...

  4. Nowadays the weather is so hot, the juice come in time, hehe...

  5. ha ha ha SK..auntie pun bila tengok dish tu ingatkan sayur campur...where is the mee?..kesian SK, dah lah lapar...kena tunggu mee yang dok menyorok rupanye....:)

  6. Their cooking style, every dish sure contain some spice or chili. When I order Nasi Goreng Cina, sure can found few cili padi inside.

  7. Ahh keropok lekor! I miss those! Very famous in Terengganu.. did you buy some back to fry at home? hehe..

  8. Those dishes certainly looks good.

  9. The lakna is really nice wo! So much veggie. I like it very much.

  10. I guess most of the meals at there sure put chillies one. At here KK, have to request to put chillies. Hahaha.. Terengganu is famous for keropok lekor.

  11. The fish looks really good.. I'm a great fan of noodles and i can see he is really enjoying it..

  12. Never heard of lakna before but looks like plenty of veges with a small amount of noodles. The ikan bakar and nasi goren looks truly authentic, spicy and yummy.

  13. I also never heard of Lakna, very similar to Cantonese fried? I like they added with a lot of veggie..

  14. hahaha, SK, u tell ur papa, when ordered ladna, sure mee and the veges come together one mah, where got served separately der?

    luckily ur mama clever enough pi dig dig the vege...else, u will hv to wait and wait and wait for the nvr coming

  15. Hi SK, I sure love those dishes....that ikan bakar especially.
    Noticed your boy has really grown, looks much different too....

  16. cough still drink ice? O.O"

  17. Claire

    lol...this one fully timbus by the vege

  18. STP

    LOL...maybe they biasa tangan already when cooking ...

  19. Marie

    biasa orang kata ada usang disebalik ada mee disebalik vege :P

  20. Lenglui witch

    yup borobg a lot home

  21. Yan

    yes, very generous amount of vege. Usually others wont be so generous

  22. Diana

    oo terbalik ya over there

  23. May

    he certainly was....coz very hungry

  24. Nava

    they gave small amount of noodle maybe because we told the man it's for kid. That might be kid portion

  25. Sonia

    ya ya similar to cantonese fried

  26. Wyson

    But this lakna the vege super a lot wor...timbus the noodles.

  27. Choi Yen

    die die also wanna drink ice


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