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Saturday, 23 June 2012

Uncle Arthur's Prediction is Coming true

Earlier of this year, Uncle Arthur commented in jest that he hope the teachers won't leave one by one when Mamarazzi posted about my first day of school.

Looks like his prediction is coming true. From January to May, I have had three class teachers.

The first teacher was "promoted" to teach older kids after a month of teaching me.

This was replaced by a young girl whom Mamarazzi noticed as very dedicated to her job.

 Found some comments and "star" in my work books.


On and off Mamarazzi would noticed that some of my work books have stickers like these stuck to them after being "marked" by the teacher.

Sometimes, the teacher stamped words of encouragement in my books "much better...keep it up".

In at least 3 occasion, I brought home "prize" from my class teacher. Not big or expensive prizes. It's small prize which kids would treasure.

For example. This small "top".

At first Mamarazzi thought I "curi"(stole) or took my friend's toy. But it was a prize from the teacher because I read loud enough.

The week after that I got another "top" for singing.

Mamarazzi don't know what was the reason for this bracelet prize coz I refused to tell her. I said "Cikgu" (teacher) gave.

My former class teacher is an Indian hence whenever we have Chinese classes, another teacher would take over  and Mamarazzi noted that that teacher would also stamp the work book .

Mamarazzi don't think money for all these small items is provided by the Kiddie. Most likely it's directly out of the teacher's pocket.

Please don't misunderstand. Mamarazzi is not "greedy" for all these small prizes but don't you feel  that these small things is sort of show that the teacher cares about the students and made an effort in encouraging students to work better?

This is one of the homework that I have done under the second teacher before she left for greener pasture in May.

Now compare this homework given by the new teacher. The new teacher had wrote all alphabet in the page  while previous teacher wrote one line and let the student did the rest.

All I have to do now is to trace the same letter over what the new teacher had written.

What puzzled Mamarazzi is that we are doing the letter A, B, C...all over again with this new teacher instead of continue on with where the previous teacher left off.

During one of my conversation with Mamarazzi which goes like this :

Me : Today teacher tell me to do up down up down. It's fun!

Mamarazzi : what up down up down?

Me : put hands on my ear and up down up down lah.

Mamarazzi : ....*ketuk-ketampi?*(ear squat- punishment )...why up down up down?

Me : Coz cannot read chinese lah

Another day, Mamarazzi asked me whether I got do "up down" in school again. I told her no. This time stand up on chair only. Not me but my best friend coz didn't do work.

Hmm....Mamarazzi is still not sure what to think of this new teacher. Is she being strict because she wants the students to be discipline and do their best in class? Or is this just another job for her which she wish the students get out of her hair soonest possible? 


  1. It looks like you had fun in school...and different teachers. The toys are really nice to bring home

  2. Kindy teachers... Don't think they are trained and don't think they are p[aid very well, so they would leave as soon as they could get something better. daughter's going out to school for practicum this trimester...and she bought a whole lot of stickers and Sibu motivate the primary school kids. Hope they do not give her problems.

  3. Ketuk ketampi is fun? Ahaha...
    Didn't work for kids huh..
    Next time, tell teachers don't use this technic loh. It's fun, as said by Small Kucing. hehehe

  4. lol! Up down up down and stand on the chair, but I prefer strict teacher.

  5. Hmm, how come so inconsistent? I thought all kindies will provide their teachers with a standard teaching guideline. Ketuk-ketampi is still not too bad lah... at least better than kena ketuk on the head. But still, I think the teachers shouldn't punish the kids for not knowing how to read. Cannot read, just teach until can read.

  6. wow..nowadays the teacher using a sticker.... creative!!....

  7. Giving prizes are a good form of encourage & I do that all the time, even to my adult students. U can see the joy in their faces even tho' gifts are not expensive. Kudos to your teachers!

  8. Pandai... get so many hadiah... last time auntie ur age...dun get all these... :( Cikgu tak bagi... and auntie wasn't as smart as u.

  9. oh no, the new teacher seems too strict.. better keep a close eye on this.

    I also feel all those cute stuffs are really a big motivation for small kids :)

  10. the time is different and teachers have to be different also..

  11. last time kids very obedient to teachers.. now teachers have to "bribe" the students..

  12. last time parents respect teachers a lot.. now parents anyhow like to complain teachers..

  13. that is why, haha, teachers nowadays really need all the tricks to survive..

  14. STP

    kiddie techer got training one meh?

    Am sure the kids would love the stickers

  15. Yan

    it depends on how she teach. If kids are scred of her then how are they going to learn

  16. Chloe

    what to do? duno la...have to ask the principle

  17. Shirley

    gifts doesnt have to be expensive. Just something simple the kids would be happy . even a star in the books kids would be happy

  18. Auntie Clegfff

    kena do up down or not?

  19. Isaac

    strict is ok but the work is like not so right geh...why teach back abc...

  20. Sk

    LOL have to have survival kits


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