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Friday, 22 June 2012

Special Keropok Lekor B.T.B 2209 at Bukit Tok Beng, Kuala Trengganu

Each time "balik kampung"(go back home town) , Papa would look for one f his favourite snack. Keropok Lekor.

Keropok lekor is a kind of snack famous in Trengganu which is located in East Coast of Malaysia. It is made of mashed fish flesh, cornstarch and salt knead into rope like. Then boil in hot water.

Previously the most famous Keropok Lekor came from a place called Losong in Kuala Trengganu.

But in recently, Bukit Tok Beng had become a famous destination for Keropok Lekor.

The most famous shop in Bukit Tok Beng is Keropok Lekor B.T.B 2209.  The shop has so much business that you will need to take a number just to order the Keropok Lekor. 

Each number taken allows the customer to buy up to RM100 of Keropok Lekor only. Any extra, you will need to take new number.

It was Sunday when we went looking for the Keropok Lekor. In Trengganu, Sunday is a working day and not a weekend. However, it was school holidays. 

This is probably why when Papa went to take a number, Papa came back empty handed.

 Our number was 1171 and currently they were serving number 1015. That means there were 156 people ahead of us. 

Mamarazzi's friend laughed when she saw the message says "Please have a seat. You will be attended shortly".

While waiting for Papa to take a number..yup...have to queue up even to take number... Mamarazzi snapped some photos.

A lorry came in.

It was fully loaded with woods. Gosh! They really need a lot of wood to cook the Keropok Lekor.

All these waiting certainly tiring.

In the end, Papa decided not to wait. He ordered the Keropok Lekor and told the man that he will go and pick up the next day.

Meantime, Papa stop by a road side stall to buy some fried keropok lekor to satisfy his craving. Hmm...not nice. Can see from the look of it that its full of flour and very little fish.

 The next evening, we came back to the shop to pick up our order.

Apart from Keropok Lekor, they sells others related products like the sauce to dip the keropok lekor and various keropok(Crackers)

In the "kitchen", the keropok lekor were being vacuum packed. Cost extra 50sen for a pack of vacuum packed Keropok Lekor. It certainly makes it easier to store and carry.

Our two plastic full of Keropok Lekor. Ah Kung thought we were crazy to buy so much.

 Each packs have 10 pieces of keropok lekor. Papa bought 10 packs.

This is how the Vacuum packed Keropok lekor looked like. In the beginning Mamarazzi said it looked so "fake". But she certainly revised her opinion after eating it.

 Here is how you cut the keropok lekor.

Slice a bit in the middle so that when frying it would "open' more.

Fry the keropok lekor with a lot of oil. Must be very careful as if you happens to buy those Keropok lekor that is full of flour, it might "explode" and splash you with oil. Mamarazzi kena before.

Yummy..keropok lekor ready to be eaten.

Don't be deceived by the ugly look.  It taste very good.

Mamarazzi said taste especially good if dipped in this sweet and spicy sauce.

 But I like it better plain

You wanna try?

Here is the address (as printed on the plastic bag) of the stall should you wish to try the delicious Keropok Lekor.

Lot 8292, Kampung Bukit Tok Beng,
Seberang Takir
21300 Kuala Trengganu
Handset : 012-562 0748
019-913 0369
017-966 1209


  1. Keropok lekor goes high!

  2. wow..I hvn't taken that for a long long time already..

  3. omg mamarazzi keropok lekor!!! awhh lama tak makan keropok lekor terengganu nie.. nakkkkkkk

  4. Ya...keropok lekor, 0 marks for looks...100 for taste. Aiyor...burning all that wood! No wonder got haze!!!

  5. wow...this is really popular!!! reminds me of the hospital I went when i saw this number..always have to wait and wait...
    my malay colleague also used to buy back for us but then i dont think his is as nice as this... :)

  6. Wah..keropok lekor, one of my fave snacks.

    P/S: My mum told me I cannot eat beans.

  7. Yumm!!! Ohhh..You like the keropok leko!!! We can find the keropok leko here in KL, but a lot of the stalls in KL that seld keropok leko seem to have more flour but less fish (can look from the keropok leko itself)

  8. Hi There, Keropok Lekor must be very popular there --since it is hard to get. Glad your hubby finally got some though!!! Bet it is good with that special sauce.


  9. If auntie go there, auntie will surely stock up oso. That stall nid to Q up so long worr... if buy one or two packs, not worth the time to queue up la...if wanna just buy or two pack to makan to lepas gian only, might as well simply buy from anywhere tepi jalan, dun nid to waste time to queue up...furthermore the keropok lekor taste very nice...if auntie go, confirm will borong... silap silap, will borong more than u! =D

  10. in vacuum pack somemore! Canggih!

  11. Wah, first time I hear buying keropok lekor need to queue and take number. So high tech. Must be very sedap!

  12. Kathy,
    You have really messed up my mind!!!I love keropok lekor and I wouldn't mind waiting for it if the taste is really superb.Out of curiousity, how long kena tunggu tu?I've tried making once but not as nice...I think I've put too much fish.I've been looking for keropok lekor in Oz and here but tak jumpa-jumpa!!Meleleh air liur tengok yours.

  13. Keropok Lekor? ground fish with flour? is it the same with kikiam?

  14. After reading this post, I must go to pasar malam to buy keropok lekor this evening. So tempting.

  15. wah seh need take no. and queue for Keropok Lekor....

  16. OMG....kena ambil nombor ka.pengsan.

    But it certainly looks good.

  17. :D woah so kua cheong one! must try if i have the chance to kuala trg..

    Latest: BBQ with Wine

  18. I'm a fan of keropok but have never seen such type before. Looks thick & hard.

  19. I've never seen that, and you're right, it does look ugly. What does it taste like...salty?

  20. Wah this keropok lekor shop is quite cocky is so good until they limit the amount that you can buy! Hundred over people, I won't wait too. Luckily paparazzi is smart enough to collect the next day :) It looks so yummy!!

  21. it can be addictive, just like potato chips. even if you can finish eating the 10 pkts, i'm sure friends will appreciate them as gifts!

  22. ohooooo.... u make me craving for keropok lekor...

  23. wah, really scary lah!! buy lekor also need to take numbers..

  24. and somemore so long queue, more than 100 customers before you..

  25. wah, their lekor must be very very d*mn nice else people also don't bother to queue..

  26. anyway, i only like the thin crispy lekor, don't like those default thick ones..

  27. Pete

    now many are being vacumn packed liao

  28. Pete

    now many are being vacumn packed liao

  29. wennn

    These ones not like what we had in KL Ipoh

  30. wennn

    These ones not like what we had in KL Ipoh

  31. STP

    the haze from neighbouring country la

  32. Mummy Gwen

    speedy recovery to you

  33. Syahidah

    ya KL ones are full of flour. Not much fish

  34. Betsy

    ya only found in Trengganu/Kelantan

  35. Shereen

    come back la...then can eat puas puas

  36. Lawrence

    am not sure. I googled kikiam it seems to use pork and variaty of ingredient

  37. Vicky

    ya la....never seen before leh..

  38. Sonia

    ya without the sauce its not that tasty

  39. Shirley

    its not hard coz its not full of flour ...if full of flour will be hard

  40. Courtney

    yes, taste salty but very good if dip in the sauce

  41. Chloe

    not cocky la but maybe good demand so they had to limit how many ppl can buy

  42. SK

    yes, taste very goo this thick ones nicer coz can taste the meat. Some keropok lekor are real bad coz got small bones. These tarak

  43. KL not many places that do good keropok lekor hor.


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