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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Satay Celup McQuek, Malacca

Super-duper tired already as I have been up before 7am and now it's nearly 11pm. Whole day did not sleep.

And yet we managed to drag ourselves McQuek's Satay celup for a light supper.

 Jeng! Jeng! MH747 landed at McQuek's.....

Hmmm....not much choice left. Maybe they are closing for the day? Saw worker washing the back portion of the restaurant.

Taste of the food was okay lah.

How to eat? well, just dip the sticks of Satay into the pot of gravy. Wait till the meat is warm/cooked, then we can eat already. 

 Refreshing cup of Lime Tea.

Kena Mamarazzi and Papa scolded and "grounded" to sit still. Each time I am over tired, I tend to run here and there. Knocking onto things.

Here is the address of the shop if you wish to try out the food :

231 Jalan Parameswara, 75000 Bandar Hilir, Melaka


  1. I don't really fancy about Satay Celup in Malacca :p

  2. Papa and mama must bring along rotan when taking you out. Hehehehehe!!!! I love satay celup...the ones with plain boiling water and you dip into satay gravy served in a bowl to eat.

    This boiling peanut gravy in the middle reminds me of the bubbling volcanic mud pools in Rotorua, NZ...or something else. Eyewwww!!!!!

  3. Poor Joshua.. not your fault, eh... not enough rest ma.. sure fidgeting.. normal... normal... :)

  4. Don't know much about your meal --but it looks delicious. I especially would love the Lime Tea!!!! YUM...


  5. I love satay celup. Small kucing got no chance to nap in the car?

  6. wah, what a long day!! woke up before 7am and then still loitering after 11pm?? haha, so exhausting lah~~

  7. aiyah, mamarazzi don't scold small kucing lah.. such a long day he sure so tired mah, must be understanding and considerate and fair to small kucing mah..

  8. 11pm already sure late lah, people already finished selling.. in fact people start to queue up like around 6pm already leh..

  9. you make me want to eat satay celup lor mamarazzi.. so long i've not been to malacca already.. i think the last time was 4 years ago~~

  10. I love satai, I always make sure to go to the Malaysian Restaurant that is located in Quiapo, Manila here in the Philippines

  11. and baby kucing, don't stay up too late into the night. my mom use to tell me that when you don't sleep early, you will not grow as much. do you want to be midget?

  12. haven't tried a lime tea before, what's it taste like?

  13. Somehow when I was in Malacca, the thought of wanting to try the satay celup did not come to my mine. I think it was such a waste because I like to explore food all the more.

    Looks not too bad either.

  14. Wah new one? Never heard of this satay celup shop :O

  15. Like a mini fondue, huh. Looks good:)

  16. I have no chance to try this stay celup because kids tag along.

  17. Wonder if this is the place bloggers were talking about when I was there. No chance to try :<

  18. Want to try Capitol, but it's always an uphill task. Heard about McQuek too, perhaps should try one day! :)

  19. TZ

    Ooo nevermind, Melaka is another food haven/ Can always makan other things

  20. STP

    different states have different way of eating lo....

  21. Betsy

    yes, the lime tea certainly refreshing

  22. Mummy Gwen

    not enough cat nap lo

  23. Lawrence

    Really ah? then must sleep more

  24. Nava

    think 2-3 days is not enough to sample all the food. Must stay at least a week

  25. Hilda

    Not new. Been around quite long already

  26. Courtney

    ya that's it ...except that this is spicy instead of sweet

  27. Vicky

    oo the kids dont tak spicy food ya?


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