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Sunday, 24 June 2012

Sambal Empelam

During our trip back to home town, Mamarazzi found these young mangos in the market. She was very happy as it's hard to get these mangos in KL.

She bought 2kg of these fully intend to make pickled mango. She posted up the snap shot of these mango in her Facebook and Uncle Arthur commented that it would be great to make "Sambal Empelam".

Mamarazzi decided to try out the recipe from Uncle Arthur.

Ingredients consists of shredded Mango, cili(if you wish for a extra spicy, please add bird eyes cili), some belacan (shrimp paste) and optional dried shrimps or anchovies.

Pound the cili, dried shrimps and the belacan together till its mashed up. 

Then add the mango pound it a bit.

The end product. Add a bit of sugar to counter the sourness of the mango. Taste great. Mamarazzi ate two plates of rice with these.
For me, I said it's yucky. Surprising why she would wanna eat something that is spicy.

For me, I preferred my glass of Ice-Blended Durian drink.

It's durian season again. Mmmm....durian durian everywhere.


  1. OMG mamarazzi beliur mello tengok sambal empelam ni, lama tak makan macam ni... XD

  2. Are the mangoes ripe? Looks like a very sweet recipe.. Thanks for sharing...

  3. Yum! Yum! With that sambal emplam, sure will have second helping of rice one. So very nice!!! Slurpssss!!!!

  4. Erm.. Never heard of sambal empelam before this. Yeah, it's durian season everyone. But I not yet eat durian yet and all my friends keep posting in fb. :(

  5. Pandai kucing... I want to the durian drink too!

  6. durian blended drink? home made? never drink that before... but i go for the sambal empelam anytime! must be very appetizing!

  7. OMG! Habislah... tonite Auntie will serang Thai Fair for kerabu pelam la nampaknya. DROOLING!

  8. Yum, my kind of sambal all the way.

  9. I love sambal of this kind...real appetising leh:)

  10. Mmm....the sambal empelam is making me drool right now.

  11. yalor, these type of mangoes is so rare over here already..

  12. never tried this sambal empelam but definitely looks appetising..

  13. nice to make them into pickles or just eat them raw with the black sauce..

  14. hahaha, sure that would be too spicy for small kucing.. mamarazzi should have make another portion that is not spicy for him..

  15. wow, durian smoothies?? yuks for me, haha~~

  16. ice- blended durian, syioknya~

  17. Mell-o

    LOL....simple but nice meal

  18. Diana

    time to go for durian buffet

  19. Nava

    certainly delicious!!!!!!!

  20. Sk

    eat that raw? eee...cannot la...later the teeth will geli coz super sour.

    ya very hard to find coz not many plant it. People want sweet mango


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